Land Art at West Dean College

I am at West Dean College this week doing a Land Art course with Dan Lobb

There are four students including me

Top left is Dan, then C who has been to West Dean many times, bottom right is T an Architect from the US. He has flown over especially for this course and bottom left A, an installation artist.

On Friday evening we gathered for a presentation by Dan, of his work and examples from other ephemeral artists working with natural elememts, like Andy Goldsworthy and Chris Drury.

This is the view from the window where the group meets

As you can see, we are currently experiencing a drought in the UK

West Dean was established by Edward James, a friend of Salvador Dali, and is a fascinating, enriching place to be.

Note the carpet: Edward James’s wife was a ballet dancer and as she ran from the bathroom with wet feet, Edward noticed her footprints and wanted them immortalised in carpet design

The gardens are glorious

and there are so many fascinating details to notice

It promises to be a spectacularly creative week on so many levels – I am in heaven!


13 responses to “Land Art at West Dean College

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  3. ThingsHelenLoves

    The stair carpet- what a beautiful idea!

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  5. West Dean is indirectly responsible for my divorce. Well it was a pivotal turning point 😄 I’ve still not been there in person but done a few of their online courses now. I hope you’re soaking it up, even in the heat!

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    • Fascinating! Of course I am curious to know more.
      I was there for a week, the weather was perfect and not this hot. I am home now.
      West Dean is the most wonderful place to be, surrounded by other creative minds. Fabulous accommodation and delicious food. Go there if you can, it is very special.

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  6. I agree the stair carpet is interesting, as is the rest of the place…

    I”m a fan girl of Andy Goldsworthy

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  7. So up your street – and I love that stair carpet!!

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  8. Going Batty in Wales

    It sounds wonderful! Do tell us more when the course finishes and I shall look forward to seeing what your creative response is.

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