In a Vase on Monday: Surreal?

I grew these Apple Blossom Antirrhinums from seed (a bit late) and some are struggling in the heat, so I have snipped off the flowers to help them out.

So pretty.

Still influenced by the surrealism at West Dean college I made mini topiary with poppy seed heads

Is the heat getting to me too?


The little stained glass trees are made by TaylaMadeGlass

Joining Cathy for her wonderful In a Vase on Monday meme.



24 responses to “In a Vase on Monday: Surreal?

  1. I too love your “vase on Monday” – I seem to recall that some places in the UK have rain, hope your place soon cools down and the rain falls upon the land…

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    • Yes, the rain has come in patches all over the UK but so far has skirted round us.
      There was a little overnight and there is more forecast, so hopefully the maize crops will be saved and the cows will have food for the winter.


  2. krispeterson100

    Very clever, Sandra! My own snapdragons collapsed almost 2 months ago so I think you’re doing well with yours.

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  3. And your bit of ‘rust’, I remember you saying how you found beauty in ‘objet trouvé rouillé’. You have inspired me to try harder with what may be left in my garden next week. A beautiful assembly/still life with flower. Enjoy your week.

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  4. Oh Sandra – your creativity never fails to amaze and impress me! What a glorious contribution to IAVOM – your topiary is a triumph and I love the different settings you have played around with 😀 At one time you could buy seed of separate colours of these Twinny antirrhinums which I grew successfully, but now it’s only the Appleblossom that seems to be available – and I have one that has returned for a few years

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    • So glad you enjoyed my playing around – I felt joyfully about 7 years old as I was doing it.
      Good to know your antirrhinums have returned, I have all sorts of colours seeding themselves here and there. I love them.

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  5. Snappy, snappy! Love those poppy heads.

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  6. I love the name of the apple blossom snapdragons, and they are perfectly delicate and blossomy – who says snapdragons are ordinary? The poppy seed head topiarys are great, and the glass trees – a real tiny wonderland forest!

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  7. The poppies look like a small group of gossiping people an art gallery 😀

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  8. Love the topiary! 😉 Stay cool!

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  9. I love the poppy seed heads. What did you paint them with?

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