Californian Nutmeg Tree

Unrelated to the true Nutmeg, this Yew had dropped its needles on the path.

Apparently (from searching the internet) the seeds are purple and the kernel is edible after cooking, tasting somewhat like peanuts. They were highly prized by Native Americans.

Material just asking for a second meandering path

I thought of getting a brush to sweep the line of the path clear, but decided to leave the subtlety of the path left by the rake.


10 responses to “Californian Nutmeg Tree

  1. more sharing of you laidback (semi) as you were creating time with Land Art

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  2. Who knew what you could do with a rake… πŸ˜‰

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  3. Like the sweep and swoosh.

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  4. That bark is marvellous!

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