Bench Marks

Continuing the story of the ‘Bench of Gratitude’ Installation at West Dean College.

As I sat on the bench and looked out across the park, the focus of my gaze became the clump of trees in the middle distance.Dan, our tutor, would come round and chat with each of us about what we were creating. He asked if I was thinking of creating something under those trees to link to two places. Hmm … I wandered up there to have a look.

Near to the trees and just behind them is an installation by Andy Goldsworthy ( whom I have found inspiring for a very long time). It is a chalk boulder, surrounded by small chalk stones. You can just see a white dot under the branches of the clump.

This is a photo of the Chalk Boulder I took in December 2021 when I went on a Helen Turner, Wabi Sabi art course.

I picked up a small chalk stone and went back under the clump of trees to look back towards the bench and ponder the next step.

As I stood there it became clear to me that a) I did not want to create something under these trees and b) I could invite others to add to what I was doing at the bench if they would like to.

I do love creative collaboration.

When I got back to the bench, I still had the piece of chalk in my hand and wrote MEMORY        GRATITUDE       CONNECTION


9 responses to “Bench Marks

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  2. I must think about this subject of land art again – I noticed that my crazy but rather old grapevine that produced no fruit this year, has been knocked to the ground…my lawncare guy is a bit odd. It either needs a smart cut back or I need to make it a feature with some coloured thread…

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  3. Going Batty in Wales

    I too like the idea of ephemeral art – you aren’t left with something to dust or store!

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  4. I’m with you. I wouldn’t have put anything there either… One of the things I love about Andy Goldsworthy’s art is his willingness to embrace the inherently ephemeral nature of some of his work. Leaves and water and wet rock all pass. Thank heavens we still have the photos!

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  5. Interesting to follow your process. I am a huge fan of Andy Goldsworthy.

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