In a Vase on Monday: Snapdragons, Eucalyptus & Crochet


It’s been a while hasn’t it.

I have been wihout my computer since 22.August which has been pretty stressful! I have had a shocking time with Apple, which I won’t go into now, as it will raise my blood pressure.

So to celebrate being back, here is a two-for-the-price-of-one post.

I am joining Cathy and her merry band of gardeners with In a Vase on Monday today. Her post is gloriously autumnal. Mine looks more like summer, but my late sown antirrhinums have been such good value from late summer til now – and the colours go so beautifully with my latest crochet project.

I am following Helen Shrimpton’s 2022 Crochet Along (CAL). The pattern is called Virtue. I love her patterns as they are so well tested and totally reliable. They come with video tutorials and there is a supportive Facebook group as well.

The colours have been inspired by flamingoes, a favourite of my niece whom the blanket is for.

The snapdragons in the vase have been teamed with fronds of eucalyptus.I love this combination of shapes and colours.

In both projects.

I am using a 4.5mm hook and Stylecraft Special DK

Starting from the centre:

Spice, Tomato, Vintage Peach, Blush, Parchment, Lincoln, Storm, Duck Egg, Cream, White, Clematis, Soft Peach, Buttermilk, Stone.

Gosh – 14 colours!  I didn’t realise I had used so many.

I will be adding more in future rounds.

The photo shows Part 1 and Part2 of the CAL.

❤ It’s good to be back! 



34 responses to “In a Vase on Monday: Snapdragons, Eucalyptus & Crochet

  1. Your snapdragons are lovely Sandra, and your blanket is just gorgeous! I’m having a look at the websites you mentioned as I would love to learn. I have a little grandson and I quilted some fabric to make a mat, but he is just learning to walk now and a trip out in the pushchair is a favourite thing for us both. He needs a nice warm blanket over his knees. Thanks for the inspiration. All the best. Karen


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  3. My excuse is not computer related – just life in the way!

    Love the crochet pattern and the colors you’ve put into…

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  4. The colors on the snap dragons are so delicate, perfect with your new project! Glad you are back!

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  5. Gorgeous! And the colours of the vase coordinate perfectly with your blanket! I love the Eucalyptus for foliage. 😃

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  6. Lovely to hear from you again. What pretty flowers and blanket, great colours. I still have snapdragons in flower but not as gorgeous as yours.

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  7. So pretty and lovely colors too.

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  8. krispeterson100

    I’m dumbfounded to see snapdragons at this time of year as they’re spring blooms in my part of the world. They’re beautiful, though, and they couldn’t do a better job in complementing your lovely blanket.

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  9. Murtagh's Meadow

    Beautiful vase, beautiful crochet 🙂

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  10. Gosh, what a great result from your late sowing, Sandra! I made a late sowing too, but with a view to overwintering them for stronger plants next year (hopefully) and with no expectations of flowers this year. Along with the eucalyptus, yours match the crotchet project beautifully. Hope you are well, apart from the laptop frustration

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  11. Lucky niece, and a lovely item to cherish and remember you by. Your snapdragons will also go through to next spring now, but they were well worth using with the blue green foliage to celebrate your return to In a Vase on Monday.

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    • Yes, some have over-wintered well here. I struggle to find plants that thrive in my cold, wet, clay garden, but snapdragons seem to seed themselves in all sorts of places and there are usually one or two in flower for most of the year. I am trying to increase the number I have. I love the variety of colours, they are so cheerful.


  12. I love the flowers and the project. Great job

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  13. I have been thinking about you. Sorry to read that you have been having troubles with your computer. How essential they have become! Lovely, lovely flowers and blanket. Both do remind me of summer.

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  14. such pretty colours & texture

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  15. You have used a lot of colours already, you must have lots of yarn. Pretty blanket and colour arrangement.

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