A Crochet Along called ‘Virtue’

I do love to join in with a crochet along, and Helen Shrimpton patterns are always so trustworthy and easy to follow with brilliant video tutorials.

You get a new part to follow each week.

This is Part 3 completed

I am making it for my niece. I absolutely love choosing colours with the person whom the blanket is for. It means I use colour combinations I would never have chosen otherwise.

S sent me a photo of her sitting room and I noticed this cushion on the sofa. We decided to base our colour palette loosely on the flamingoes and foliage.

Using Stylecraft Special DK and a 4.5mm hook the circle currently measures 27.5 inches or 70 cm diameter.

In Round 36 made each of the last popcorns independently in Spice (orange) so that the zigzag pattern in Spice and Tomato was more defined.

You can see a list of the colours in this post and I have now added Petrol and Cypress.


20 responses to “A Crochet Along called ‘Virtue’

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  2. That’s going to work brilliantly

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  4. love it even more…

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  5. I do love watching your CAL projects grow!

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  6. What a lovely crochet along

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  7. Murtagh's Meadow

    I agree beautiful choice of colours

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  8. You are so good at choosing colours Sandra. Lovely combinations with those peachy colours and blue-greens. πŸ˜ƒ

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  9. Always good to have someone to make for. Allows you to make more blankets that way. Very pretty in your colours but then you always make good choices.

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  10. I forgot how to crochet…but embroidery, that’s fun. Wonder if anyone does that anymore.😊


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