Silly Saturday: Kelp!

This happened on a day on Climping Beach, West Sussex, during the Land Art Course I was on at West Dean College

All that seaweed – couldn’t resist!


19 responses to “Silly Saturday: Kelp!

  1. You did have a great time. Oddly that beach was the first one we took our son Mr T too as a baby. It was pretty cold, I had a lovely warm meal for him of which we were most envious as we had cold sandwiches, and his smelt so good.

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  2. You look amazing even if “wilded” and “sea worthy” – love…

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  3. Oh Sandra, how wonderful – whatever next! 😁

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  4. Haha! What fun! Simply love that first photo!

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  5. That looks like fun, but also rather chilly and sandy! The things we do for our art…

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    • Yes indeed it was fun!
      One of the others on the group was quite shocked that I didn’t want to protect my hair from the weed, but it was surprisingly clean, odour free and really quite a sensual experience.

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    • I was lucky to have the wonderful Dan Lobb there to support my idea, cover me in seaweed and then take the photos. Something I couldn’t do alone. Yes it was fun – we giggled a lot!


  6. Very striking images. One made me think of a seaside sphinx and the other looked ticklish. The sacrifices one makes for art! It’s funny how our eyes still see the last two as hair, having been primed for that.

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