In a Vase on Monday: Party Time

My wonderful daughter, A, my ‘bright morning star’, created the most perfect party for me a couple of weekends ago.

I picked flowers from my garden to help her decorate the hall.

I fear it is a sad reminder of climate change that I have so many flowers blooming, but they make for a cheery sight.

The calendula, having not flowered all summer are putting on a glorious show right now.

The jug is a favourite of mine, given to me by my Mum (becuase I like bright colours), and found on a market stall. Made in the former Yugoslavia.

Joining Cathy for In a Vase on Monday.

I put little jam jars of flowers in the loos and on the tables, but in the rush to get things ready, I forgot to take photos of them.

But there are some here on the magnificent banquet table that my talented daughter created – doesn’t it look sumptuous! Two varieties of homemade humous and my favourite cheese, Cornish Yarg, are included.

It is a family tradition that we have to have a pineapple present at any big celebration
We were not permitted to put anything on the walls and the ceiling was too hight to hang mandalas from, but I had to include them somewhere. A couple went in the entrance hall on frames I got from Hobbycraft.

I had intended to do something with the netting-waste ribbons, but time ran out.

I left them there for colour and a bit of surrealness

The surreal theme continued on the top of the wine cooler

and for the children, it wouldn’t be a Granny Party if we didn’t have sausages!

A huge thank you to my family and friends for making it such a special time: to my daughter for organising it (with all the many ups and downs along the way) and creating a such fabulous feast; for son 2 for a really funny and lovely speech; and son 1 for being the Mojive king of the night.

   I am still on Cloud 9  


31 responses to “In a Vase on Monday: Party Time

  1. krispeterson100

    A belated happy birthday, Sandra! It looks like your family did things up right. I love the arrangement in the orange vase, especially the combination of the Calendula and the pink flowers, which aren’t familiar to me. The display on top of the wine cooler is impressive too.

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  2. I hope you kept the pineapple top and planted it? It may take root, a new plant will grow and in due course it could produce another fruit. They are very easy to grow, and while they need warmth, they’ll do OK inside the house in a sunny spot during the winter.

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  3. What a truly wonderful feast! So glad you had a happy time.

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  4. Great party and a great spread! Love the photo of you and the grands.

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  5. What a lovely family you have, Sandra! 😊 And what glorious displays you had at the party – are those painted poppy heads on the cupboard? What a great idea, and what a lovely montage of artefacts. Your hesperantha and calendula do you proud – is that just an ordinary pot marigold? One of these days might you be prevailed upon to tell us the story of the pineapple…?

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    • Thank you Cathy, I feel so very blessed with my family. ❤
      Yes, I painted the poppy heads with white Gesso followed by acrylic paint. I think I will add more next year.
      I don't know about the calendula, they seed themselves in my garden each year.


    • Ah – the pineapple – well for many years now I have tried only to buy seasonal fruit, local fruit and sometimes fruit that comes from no further than Europe, (bananas were they only exception), but when my kids were small, as a special treat I bought a pineapple to have at Christmas and since then it became a ‘thing’ and pineapples have appeared on special occasions ever since. 🙂


  6. A very Happy Birthday to you, and I can completely understand that the Cloud 9 feeling is still lingering, and may it do so for a long time. That party was so you with all the coloured flowers.

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  7. Happy Birthday!! looks like a wonderful celebration.

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  8. My gosh, what a wonderful spread! Looks both beautiful and inviting. Again, happy birthday.

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  9. Your vase is so full of colour it is hard to believe it is November! Looks like your party was a huge hit with all the extra decorations and that table laden with food. 😃👍

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  10. Going Batty in Wales


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  11. ThingsHelenLoves

    It’s all full of colour and fabulous! Belated Happy Birthday from me.

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