A Week of Flowers: planting combo

Again from West Dean in July, I love this planting combination

And I am on the look out for one of these

what a colour.

Joining Cathy for her Week of Flowers – what a joy it has been.


18 responses to “A Week of Flowers: planting combo

  1. That sedum is glorious, Sandra, with the combintion of flowers and foliage

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  2. Gorgeous colour. Good time to plan for next year.

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  3. krispeterson100

    That’s a beautiful – and very healthy – Sedum. I find it sad that most Sedums don’t care much for my climate even if my garden guide seems to think they should.

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  4. Wonderful combination.

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  5. That’s a lovely shrub. Is it a sedum? It’s a great colour.

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  6. That is a very lovely colour, Worth sourcing I think.

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  7. That pink flower really is lovely Sandra. I thought it was sedum, but do they flower in July?! Hope you find one whatever it is! Many thanks again and have a great day! πŸ˜ƒ

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