Ice Creams Down by the Sea

This is the title of my latest finished crochet blanket.

I thoroughly enjoyed Eleonora Tully’s recent Crochet Along, ‘Down by the Sea’

Her design uses a few new techniques which have been fun to try and I was inspired to make a few alterations.

I tried Eleonora’s way of representing the balustrades found at seaside resorts,

but they didn’t go with the dreamy quality of the ‘atmosphere’ of the blanket. Can a blanket have an atmosphere?

I wondered if they would look better in pastel colours, but after a couple of days of looking at it, I realised it was the pointiness of the zig-zags that didn’t sit happily in my version and so I changed them for the waves. I also added a picot on top of each ice creamdid two more stripes in the ‘parasols’ and added an extra row of granny stitches to each side to give the blanket a little more width. Ta Dah!

Made with Stylecraft Special Double Knit and various sized hooks.

8 Colours: Cream, white, toy, clematis, powder pink, duck egg, storm blue, lincoln


16 responses to “Ice Creams Down by the Sea

  1. It reminds me of the drink “spiders” I think it was called – a fizzy drink with a blob of icecream in it – frothing up and over…
    Awesome result you have there…

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  2. I like how you have modified the original to increase your satisfaction with it – I am sure blankets do have an atmoshere!

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  3. Ice cream indeed, but the texture wow!

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  4. Those ice cream cones are so cute. The whole effect, with the beach theme and ice cream colours, makes me think of the knickerbockerglories we used to have when I was really young at a beach in Wales. πŸ˜€ It’s a lovely ‘happy’ blanket. πŸ‘

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  5. Going Batty in Wales

    Those are lovely ice cream colours. It’s nice to use a pattern and learn new technques but good too to make it your own.

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  6. I love the colours, and it does suggest icecream and candy floss.

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