In a Vase on Monday: Candle Holders

My daughter asked me if I had any candle holders I no longer needed, to go in a line, down the centre of a dining table.

Hmmm???? I thought for a moment and went looking in cupboards.

Ah ha!

One little candle stick, and behind it, a collection of little glass bulb jars, found in charity shops over the years. The ones at the back are for hyacinths.

I have tried growing bulbs in the small ones with no success, but collected them anyway. I think they were made for crocuses. What do you think?

Would they make acceptable candle holders?

Then I wondered if they would also make cute little vases for an IAVOM post

I also tried them with sea glass, in white vinegar, which I like a lot!

After giving the bulb jars to my daughter (she is very happy with them), I put the fennel, rosemary, viburnum and hellebore from my garden into a nightlight holder for my own Vase on Monday.

Joining Cathy and her happy band of gardeners for In a Vase on Monday.


23 responses to “In a Vase on Monday: Candle Holders

  1. Using one last time, and having a rehomer right there to give them a new life, that’s a win!


  2. Lovely displays with and without candles.


  3. Ingenious and very pretty.

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  4. Those eureka moments are real treasures, and you must feel that your collection was waiting for this moment. I’m going to use your vinegar recommendation and I agree with you regarding the results of growing bulbs this way.

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  5. That is a beautiful arrangement Sandra.

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  6. Quite simply, they are stunning. I love how you created such beautiful candle holders out of things you had at hand.

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  7. What a great collection of bulb vases you have. But I also think they are probably more useful as candleholders. Your hellebore and foliage looks lovely in one and your little nightlight holder is gorgeous! 😃

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  8. Thank you for the information on using vinegar! I bet it would also clear out existing cloudiness on glass vases. I’ll have to try it. Your nightlight bouquet with the soft pink shades is lovely.

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  9. That’s a useful point about the vinegar, Sandra. I agree that the crocus vases are a waste of time, probably because the kits had been sitting in supermarkets or warehouses for some time, and although I have some lovely hyacinth vases I have had mixed success with them – but I have used both sorts for vases before, and the crocus ones are often on the kitchen windowsill with some remnant in them. I am sure your daughter will have been delighted with them as candle holders.
    Your vase in the tea light holder is so pretty, the viburnum picking out the pink of the hellebore beautifully, aided by the well-chosen foliage – so lovely

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    • I too have had mixed results with hyacinths. My Granny always had them and I loved seeing the roots, do you think the bulbs are treated differently nowadays?
      My vase was very quickly put together, so glad it worked.


      • I always buy the ones for forcing, but it was knowing when to bring them out of the dark that I struggled with – although I am better with that now, so perhaps I should try again with the vases

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  10. Great repurposing, Sandra! I like the sea glass… it adds a nice touch.

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  11. They all look lovely.
    May I ask why the white vinegar in with the seaglass?

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