A Blanket for Haggis

What has happened to me? Making blankets for dogs – oh dear!

When Big Bro and Little Bro saw how much their Border Terrier, Haggis,  seemed to like this blanket they asked if I could make for a blanket for her.

I had made one for Pebble, who lives with my daughter and her children, so how could I refuse.

My son and his wife both love to wear tweed, and since Haggis looks a bit tweedy herself, I searched for a picture of Harris Tweed and used the App (yes sorry NanaCathy an APP!) ‘CrochetStudio’, which was introduced to me by one of the ‘Friends of Attic24:Dorset’ group.

And got the colours for Haggis Tweed. I tried a few options. You can add and subtract colours from your chosen range of yarns.

In the end I went with 9 colours:

Dark Brown, Walnut, Copper, Warm Grey, Charcoal, Graphite, Waterfall, Parchment and Sandstone.

I made the blanket in Extended Linen Stitch (also called Extended Moss Stitch), which gives the most wonderfully dense, warm, reversible fabric.

It looks a bit like weaving when the colours blend together. There are several You Tube videos describing how to do the stitch. I followed this video, but did not find it helped with the edges. If I ever work out how to do it so that the edge does not wrinkle, especially on the side where the colour change is made, I will make a photo tutorial. Have you made anything in this stitch?

I would really like to work it out as I think it is my favourite stitch for a warm and cosy snuggly lap blanket.

Using a 4.5mm hook, the finished blanket is 97cm  x  71cm

Chain 141sts to start.

Each row is 140sts and takes just over 3 grams.


Colour order

2 Foundation Rows in Dark Brown

2 rows Walnut, 2 rows Sandstone, 2 rows Parchment

2 rows Mocha, 2 rows Warm Grey, 1 row Waterfall

2 Walnut, 2 Parchment, 2 Dark Brown, 2 Sandstone, 2 Warm Grey,

2 Parchment, 2 Mocha, 2 Walnut, 1 Copper, 2 Charcoal,

2 Parchment, 2 Warm Grey, 2 Mocha, 2 Sandstone, 2 Walnut,

2 Dark Brown, 2 Graphite, 1 Charcoal, 2 Warm Grey, 1 Waterfall,

2 Parchment, 2 Mocha, 2 Walnut, 2 Sandtone, 2 Dark Brown,

1 Walnut, 2 Graphite, 2 Warm Grey, 1 Copper, 2 Mocha

2 Charcoal,  2 Dark Brown, 1 Sandstone, 2 Walnut, 2 Warm Grey,

2 Parchment, 2 Graphite, 1 Dark Brown, 2 Walnut, 2 Mocha,

1 Waterfall, 2 Warm Grey, 2 Mocha, 2 Sandstone, 1 Charcoal,

2 Graphite, 2 Walnut, 2 Dark Brown, 1 Sandstone, 2 Parchment,

1 Waterfall, 2 Warm Grey, 1 Copper, 2 Walnut, 2 Dark Brown.


Dark Brown, Copper, Waterfall, Warm Grey,

Last Row of the Edging was in Crab Stitch in Walnut.

If I made something in the Haggis Tweed selection of colours again, I think I would use a higher proportion of dark browns and less of Parchment and Warm Grey, but I don’t think Haggis will mind the current selection.


20 responses to “A Blanket for Haggis

  1. Well, I guess Haggis has his blanket and lying around as dogs often do

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  2. Oh, lovely! What a sweet thing to do. After all, dogs are part of the family, and they need to be snug and warm, too.

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  3. Looks lovely and snuggly I’m sure she’ll love it.

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  4. Going Batty in Wales

    It’s an interesting stitch which is new to me too. I hope Haggis likes his present!

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  5. This looks really good – must have a look at that stitch although I’ve been knitting more than doing crochet lately. I daren’t look at the app – I already have too many addictions.

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  6. Also love those colours & must investigate that stitch & app as they’re both new to me. Thank you!

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  7. It really does look ‘tweedy’. Nice colour mix (especially with the blue) and dog-friendly colours too. The border seems to have hidden the edge you weren’t happy with. 😃

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    • Thank you Cathy – yes I liked the touch of blue which is in a Harris Tweed. I will try this colour mix again (with more browns). The edging helped and the photo is of the blanket just after being blocked, but the buckling up in places, on the sides, has not completely gone away. 😦

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  8. I have made things in Linen Stitch but not the extended one. Looks an interesting texture and a good sort of dog proof blanket.

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    • The texture is wonderfully firm and thick. I wonder how if it will survive without being chewed. Pebble chews and destroys lots of toys but never her blanket, so fingers crossed.


  9. Love your blankets 😊 and color selection ~ great idea to craft with lots of love for special pets. 💯

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