Ombre Blues

You might remember that I started a Ripple Blanket for Miss E.F.

I have not found it easy to get the ombre, graded effect she seemed to like. There has been much unpicking or ‘frogging’ as they say in the crochet world.

This is my fourth attempt.

Stylecraft Special DK and a 4.5mm hook

9 rows of Midnight, 1 row of French Navy, 2 rows Midnight, 2 rows French Navy,

1 row Midnight, 8 rows Franch Navy, 1 row Royal, 2 rows French Navy, 2 rows Royal, 1 row French Navy, 8 rows Royal

The next colour to be introduced next is Lapis.

I hope it works!




18 responses to “Ombre Blues

  1. Sounds a good way to get colours to blend in to each other. Looking forward to seeing the full effect.

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  2. Lovely blues. It’s already looking quite ombré to me and, knowing how good you are with colours, I’m sure it will meet the demanding brief when it’s finished.

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  3. This is looking wonderful, hoping it meets Miss E.F.’s approval!

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  4. Hang in there ~ the end result will be well worth it. 💕💕

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  5. Be still my trembling heart! My favorite color in rippling shades.

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  6. I am sure it will be wonderful as it looks nice already. Have you thought to make a sample strip to see if it works ?

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  7. Going Batty in Wales

    Children do set some challenges! And trying to work out something like that effect makes me appreciate the work that goes into writing a pattern! It will be worth all the effort when it is finished and you se her face light up.

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    • They do indeed! But one of my absolute pleasures (even through the frustrations) is to make their ideas come to life. I too am in awe of designers – it takes SOOOO long to get a pattern right – and then you have to write it all down – hours of brain ache!

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  8. I hate to rip out work I have done but sometimes it is necessary. Your work is beautiful and those colors blend together so well. I can’t wait to see it finished.

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