Autumn Virtue

This is becoming my favourite Helen Shrimpton pattern (And it’s free!)

I like it because the corners are built up in the round, which means there are a lot fewer ends to sew in than on other patterns where the corners are built up separately.

I have made this Throw for the daughter of one of my closest friends.

Lucy is the same age as my first born and her Mum and I lived in the same village. We became friends when we had our babies together in 1976.

Lucy has a Podcast: Spinsterhood Reimagined, which celebrates the positives and discusses the challenges of a single, child-free life.

She had seen my blankets and throws on Instagram and remarked ‘I want one!’.

I had wanted to make another ‘Virtue’, so when she said she would choose Autumnal colours, I was thrilled and started immediately. I just love this colour combination.

So cosy!

Stylecraft Special DK, 10 colours:

Tomato, Spice, Gold, Dark Brown, Burgundy, Claret, Copper, Walnut, Khaki and Bottle.

The pattern comes with Video Tutorials and is lovely to make.

I stopped short by a few rows and edged the throw with Helen’s Knot Stitch, from another free pattern – Sacred Space, Part 9. Penultimate row.

🙂 Haggis (f) likes it. 🙂


30 responses to “Autumn Virtue

  1. A lovely gift.

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  2. What glorious colours, Venetian perhaps? And the end result looks wonderful, Sandra 👍

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  3. This is beautiful Sandra – I’m not surprised you don’t want to part with it.

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    • Thank you Lynn. Usually when working with someone else’s colour choices, I am delighted to see it go to it’s new owner, but this one …… it will have to stay with me until the next one is made!


  4. Adore these colours, Sandra – lovely work! Delighted to know you’re gifting one to yourself.

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  5. Absolutely beautiful and my favorite colors. What a special gift.

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  6. Wonderful vibrant colors! I really like the picture of Haggis on the blanket. Little buddy.

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  7. WOW! WOW! WOW! a that is just spectacular Sandra!

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  8. Isn’t it great to find a project where you enjoy the process and the finished result equally? This looks fierce!


  9. Going Batty in Wales

    I have just looked back at your earlier one and I prefer the colours of this one. Interesting how our colour choices change the whole effect.

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  10. Going Batty in Wales

    That is beautiful Sandra and such a lovely gift. I am going to follow the link for the pattern – I feel a need for another throw!

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  11. Looks gorgeous in those colours, and seeing it with Haggis made me realize how big it is. Well done Sandra – another great project. 😃 My ongoing projects are all on hold now the gardening season has begun!

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  12. It’s lovely. The colours would match my socks !

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  13. Gorgeous! All the colours, all the texture, it produces such visual richness 😀

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  14. such wonderful warm colours!

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  15. The colours are very vibrant, very firey. You are lucky having so many people you can make blankets for. I agree about the advantages of transitioning to the square shape from the round part being better when it is done in the round.

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