Inspired by Lichen

I have started a fourth version of the pattern Virtue by Helen Shrimpton

This comes as a free pattern with full video tutorial.

I love the texture Helen creates.

Her patterns are super reliable and this is becoming my favourite, because of how the corners are built up, without masses of ends to sew in.

I am making this for a friend who has asked for colours inspired by lichen and bark. Tricky to get right when one is restricted to the colour palette of the yarn.

In order to get some blending in the colour order, for the first time I am mixing 12 colours from Stylcraft Special DK:

Hint of Silver, Warm Grey, Mustard, Silver, Meadow, Pistachio, Sandstone, Lime, Lincoln, Khaki, Mocha and Walnut

with 2 colours from Stylecraft Batik

Mint and Silver

The Batik yarn has some wool content but the same washing instructions, so I hope it will be ok.  It is working up well so far.

Yesterday I met my daughter and niece for a coffee and a catch up at Fables and Food, a lovely friendly new Cafe in Dorchester, which delicious food.

It was the perfect spot to sit, in the sun, listening to the fountain and sewing in some ends while I waited for the others to arrive


23 responses to “Inspired by Lichen

  1. Very lovely and a great opportunity to create in public. Nice setting.

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  2. oh that is so magic and yes it’s definitely a reminder of lichen

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  3. Wow that is amazing piece – you have very impressive crochet skills! I can see the nature based inspirations in the piece!


  4. Oooh, gorgeously nubbly and textural, plus the colours are very true to nature.

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  5. It is really beautiful Sandra! You have chosen the colours so well and they blend perfectly. 😃

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  6. The colors are perfect representatives of lichen and bark. Beautiful!

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  7. It’s beautiful and just like lichen!

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  8. Beautiful colours and just right to represent the lichen and moss.

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  9. You got it! So lovely and earthy and perfect on that table.

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  10. Going Batty in Wales

    I love the blanket colours and that cafe looks nice too.

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  11. It looks gorgeous. What a super looking cafe. I like Dorcester a lot.

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  12. you’re spot on with your choice of shades – very lichen!

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