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a shiver of glee

so much warmth in the welcome

a new type of friend


Our Photo Challenge Prompt: FRIENDS

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge Prompts: FRIEND and SHIVER

Ron has such a  generous spirit, he supports and promotes writers of every genre and he is encouraging his readers to go for the Photo/Haiku Challenge Combo – Hurray!!! THANK YOU Ron! He has recently published his co-written novel, Amber Wake, pop on over to his blog and check it out – he has masses of wonderful tips on writing a blog and every sort of writing imaginable.


The photo: I was away last week on a Textile Course, which as luck would have it, was just a few miles from where Judy Martin of Edwina’s Episodes lives. Judy, or Eddie as I call her, and I have been communicating via our blogs for ages now and have built up a lovely friendship – well you can’t help it with Eddie, she is such a down-to-earth friendly funny kinda gal. So I asked if she thought it would be a good idea to meet up.

Not only did we meet up but we had the most wonderful evening of fun and laughter and an absolutely DELICIOUS meal made by none other than Mr Grump himself! (I shouldn’t really blow his cover but Mr Grump did not live up to his nickname at all – what a friendly, warm and welcoming couple they are!) Both Judy and I discovered that we were exactly as we thought we would be, which meant we felt we knew each other already and conversation flowed as we chatted about blogging, and all manner of other things as well.

This is the second time I have met up with a fellow blogger and I can highly recommend it. The first was a lovely summery meeting with Mrs Snail when we both turned up in bright pink, and now I see Eddie and I were both wearing similar tops – spooky!

And still on the subject of friends, I am giving Judy’s newly published book of poems to my walking friend for her birthday today


With a card made from the paper I’ve been decorating (another handmade card for my 16 for 16 list ✅).

Here is the back of the card


and inside is below – I’m loving creating this paper! I love it so much I have photographed some of the pages I like the best and put them in my Etsy shop as PDF instant downloads so that others can enjoy them and use them for their own craft projects, thus adding two more items to the shop out of my target of 14 this year ✅ – I’m ticking lots of boxes in this post!


The book and card are wrapped in newspaper brought back for me by another friend from her recent trip to Mexico.

And to all my wonderful blogging friends – Happy Tuesday!

Next Week’s Photo Prompt is SECRET




Bluedaisyz weekly Photo Challenge: SILVER

And joining in with Cathy’s In a Vase on Monday


I am writing this in haste as I am away from home at the moment (I put the photos together before I left).


These beautiful earrings were made for me by my sister.

More about the plants and the ‘props’:

I looked in my garden for silver coloured leaves – not many – i must put that right. The ones I found were lavender, perennial white wallflower, a strange furry leaved mint that is in flower at the moment with pale lilac coloured flowers, and the tall spikes are the new growth of a cotoneaster.



Hallmark on the Calendar

S.I.Ld = the maker or firm + Stokes and Ireland, Chester. Registered in 1890

The lion = Sterling Silver

The coat of arms = City of Chester

The letter = the date it was hallmarked/made = 1747

See also Cathy’s silver seat; Olga’s, up close; Jamie’s famous tower

Next week the prompt word is PEACE what would you photograph? Another tricky challenge.

Edgy Decisions


I have crocheted all these little daisy squares to go round the edge of the throw for Miss E.

Design Decision 1: I was intending for them all to have pale yellow centres. When I showed Miss E she requested that they had different colours for the centres.

Design Decision 2: When I lined them up around the blanket I wondered if they were a bit too much. With hindsight I think I would have crocheted another round of pale blue to give more space around the daisies. I did some plain squares to go in alternately.DSC_0579

Miss E had the choice, and she has chosen solid daisies.

Design Decision 3: We could have daisies scattered on the surface and sewn on, or leave the ripples as they are.

When I first suggested this Miss E put her head slightly on one side and said , “that might be a bit over-the-top Granny, let’s wait and see”, as if she has learnt that Granny needs reining in on her crazy ideas sometimes!!!

Having seen them as in the first picture she is now considering it, but still wants to wait and see what it looks like once the edge is on – wise girl – one step at a time!

Linking in with Ginny’s Yarn Along

What design decisions are you making today?

A Throw for Miss E

Seeing their Mum’s bedspread in progress, Miss E and Master R have both requested blankets for their beds. I like to have a portable project on the go, to pick up in odd moments, so I am happy to oblige. Miss E (aged 7) asked for turquoise, blue and yellow so I created this sample for her.DSC_0586 But she said she would like it to be paler, and seeing the very pale and purply pink yarns she added them in as well. These colours, which look very Spring-like to me … DSC_0588 She wants it to lie on top of her duvet and not to go over the sides of the bed as she is in a top bunk. She chose the ripples going lengthways. I have completed the main body of the throw and edged with a few rows of double crochet (US),DSC_0587 And am now making the border of daisies that Miss E says she would likeDSC_0590I do like doing lots of little squares all the same – very relaxing

The pattern used is a free one on Ravelry.DSC_0589 (1)Making them into an edging is another matter. I know I said I was never going to do a border of squares again!!!! But I think I have found a way to make it easier to work out how many to do to get a good fit – I’ll let you know! And Miss E did ask so sweetly, I just could not resist, what a push-over!

Post Card Swap! Nov 13

This is my third iHanna Post Card Swap.

I LOVE making all these wonderful creative connections across the world. During your visit to this blog, it would be fabulous if you would be able to take the time to put yourself on our Map. It is fun to see where everyone comes from.

Here are the cards I have sent this year – all made from A1 size collages cut to post card size and further embellished with doodles, paint and washi tape.

0pc DSCF4664 DSCF4659 DSCF4657 DSCF4665 DSCF4661 DSCF4658 DSCF4655 DSCF4660 DSCF4662 DSCF4656 DSCF4663

And you can see cards from my previous swaps here, here and here!

Go over to Hanna’s blog and see all the links to all the other fabulous swappers, truly inspirational!


Yes, I’ll come clean, I have discovered yet another thing that can absorb me for HOURS when I ‘should’ be doing other things!!!

Following Hanna’s post, and her brilliant tutorial notes, I have been playing, first with the rose photos I took in Kent


I put this one into iPhoto and increased the exposure and the sharpness


And then increased the divisionsRose1then I played with a crocheted brooch I’ve made with Swarovski crystals


I love the way the texture of the crochet comes out in the mandala

bro1And then of course I could not resist playing with the daisies



What do I do with them now? ………

Knitting for Fairies

Last week was bit of a knit-a-thon! (I was happy to take a break at the weekend and go gardening) I have been trying to create a pattern for this darling little jacket:


The style was inspired by one of Annette Hefford’s doll’s designs.

I have added touches of my own, like the picot and moss stitch cuff

cuff detail

and simplified the decoration above the pixie points and added some crocheted daisies (of course!)

I contacted the publishers, Search Press, and they are happy for me to sell my pattern and jackets so long as I credit Annette Hefford for the original idea and Search Press, which, of course, I am very happy to do.

Creating a pattern is a LONG job!!!! I had NO idea!


It is SO easy to make mistakes and so the pattern has to be checked and  double checked and knitted several times. And then I find a better way to do things by the wonders of You Tube and whole sections need to be re-written and re-photographed.

Full respect to all you designers out there – Phew!!!!

It took me most of last week, working fairly solidly on the project and still the pattern is not completed. But hurray! the jacket is!


and there are 2 sizes: newborn and age 1 – 2,  now on sale in Wild Daffodil

I’m hoping the pattern will be ready in a few days time. . . .

The wool I used is a machine washable, hand-dyed, 100% Merino wool DK by Colinette.

If you have any tips for making the process less time consuming I’d love to hear them!

Grass Wave

It’s a gorgeous day here for gardening – just taking a lunch break.

Thought I would show you the pictures Pat has sent me of her grass wave, which was inspired by my post on mowing a spiral:

waveI love the way the ‘Winfrith Wave’ leads the eye between the circular flowerbeds and to the scene beyond.

Pat’s wave inspired me to cut some waves in my lawn, and I then saw this daisy idea which reminds me of Pat’s design:


I saw it on

And here is Pat’s latest picture of her wave:


So lovely in the evening light.

Have you been creative in the garden recently – if so I’d love to hear about it:

And see some pics!

First Etsy Sale!

Just as I was wondering if it would ever happen, I had my first sale from my Etsy shop! wigsetc 003

This fun and funky ‘wig’ has flown all the way over to Chicago as a present for a friend.

As modelled so beautifully (ahem!) by us Stonechatters on one of our lovely Studio Days. It’s  Sarah’s favourite.

This sale inspired me to work out how to make a knitted Daisy Chain


and I am now selling this and the pattern for it in ‘Wild daffodil’.

It is amazing how very bouyed up I feel by this – Spring is springing!