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iHanna’s PostCard Swap

I have just signed up for iHanna’s Post Card swap again. We each make 10 postcards  for the beginning of May, to send on a particular date, and Hanna gives us 10 addresses from all over the world, so we all get 10 handmade pieces of art back. It is great fun.pc2

The photo above is of a Post Card I sent a couple of years ago. If you put ‘Post Card Swap’ in the SEARCH box you will see my entries for other years.

Miss E absolutely loves to see all the cards coming in from different countries, and this year we will both make the cards together.

I could not copy Hanna’s email exactly, with all her amazing graphics but here is the essence of it.

Hi from Sweden! This is your invitation to join my PARTY – read on!

Dear Sandra!
Hi my old friend Sandra, I don’t know if you’ve missed my Newsletter but it’s been waaaay too long since I wrote you. I’m sorry, I’ll try to do better. If you’ve visited the blog recently you might have seen that you as a subscriber to the iHanna Newsletter have been entered into a fun giveaway!? Awesome huh?

In my next Newsletter I will annonce TWO winners of THREE months of the class The Journey Within – so do not unsubscribe, but rather forward this e-mail to a friend so they can get a chance to win to by signing up…

Also you’ll help me spread the word about the awesome postcard swap:
Join us right now for SPRING 2016 SWAPPING – time to make 10 awesome cards and send them to people from all over the world!
The DIY Postcard Swap
I’ve hosted this fun & big online party twice each year for many years now. The party starts online, but carries into the Real World and spreads a lot of happiness and joy to the homes of hundreds of people… I’d love if you could join us.

“The party” is what I’m calling my lovely brain child the DIY Postcard Swap this year. Many of you subscribe every time I host it so you might already know that you get to create 10 postcards and receive 10 postcards back from 10 other people around the world! It’s global, it’s fun and it’s easy to sign up.

All you need to do is read the rules and then decide if this is something that you’d like to do. Your postcards doesn’t have to be finished until the end of April, so you’ve got plenty of time. Sign up now:


Questions? All the rules and a quick-to-read FAQ can be found on my blog. If you have further questions just let me know. Also, check it out on instagram: #diypostcardswap

wishing you a happy Easter
lots of love,

Wanna take a peek into my art journal? I hope you’ll agree that it’s someswhat of a
Visual Feast……

Do take a look at her blog iHanna, if you like art or crafting you can find so many tips and inspiration there. And if you sign up to her Newsletter you have a chance to win her online class.

Textile Art: #1

I had a delightful day today learning how to make textile books with Frances Pickering.

imageSuch fun tearing fabric and sloshing paint to make the pages. This is going to be the first of my 9 pieces of textile art for my 16 for 2016 list.

It feels so good to be using bits and pieces I have had stashed away for years.

imageAll the pages are made, plus a fastening and a dinky bookmark.

Tonight I’m thinking about what to put on the pages


I am LOVING it and already have ideas lining up for the next 8.


Looking forward to tomorrow!




when planning to paint

lift ideas from Pinterest,

paint with abandon! 


In the absence of a light box, I stuck a slice of a blood orange to my window, showing the outline of all the little segments.

And here a lemon slice, photo taken with the iPadDSC_0830

This was inspired by seeing Claudia Horsey’s watercolour on Pinterest.

I started copying Claudia’s design, using felt tip pens and crayons, thinking I would use the drawing to make a greetings card.image.jpeg I liked the effect so much, I went out and bought some citrus fruits to do a design of my own

imageDon’t you just love the colours…

imageThe blood oranges left a print on the paper


which gave me an idea…..I had fun playing around ….image.jpeg

adding pen outlines and then shading with colouring pencils ….image.jpegimage.jpeg

which turned out to be a very relaxing way to doodle.

Joining in with Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge, prompt words: LIFT and PLAN

The two sentences work like this:

when planning to paint, lift ideas from Pinterest

lift ideas from Pinterest, paint with abandon

With the opposing ideas of planning and not planning.

Also entering our Weekly Photo Challenge, see PAGE for details

Next week the Photo Prompt is:


Never-Ending Cards

imageAs part of my 16 for 2016 group of challenges I have given myself 15 greetings cards to make. On our half-term family holiday we had 5 birthdays to celebrate – a perfect inspirational push.

My son, E, became 40 during the holiday. (I have a 40 year old son! It doesn’t seem possible, it feels only 5minutes ago that I was 40), my sister became 60 in January, and her son was 20 just 2 days before E. So we had a 20, 40, 60 party, with my sister and her son staying with us and we were also joined by the parents of my two d-i-ls.


M and P, parents of my London d-i-l, share the same birthdays with E and my nephew.

You can see, my new go-to craft material, Duck tape, was put to good use again, I just love that stuff! Here is a link to my previous post about it:

Never-ending cards are fun to make, hugely impressive, well received but very hard to photograph.

imageYou can see how to make them and how they work on this You Tube clip.

Update: I first wrote a post about these cards in Dec 13, here is the link.

Click here for another YouTube tutorial.





Grey skies overhead

Inspiration underfoot

Japanese design

Even drain covers delight

When the eye is tuned to beauty


Joining in with Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge. He gave us the prompt words COVER and COLOUR this week.

Ronovan also invites us to write other forms of poems in the haiku family of poetry. I have gone for a Tanka this week, which is a Haiku 5,7,5 syllable pattern, followed with two lines of 7 syllables each.

Pop over to see Edwina’s Haiku using these prompt words as always she makes me smile! And don’t miss Melissa’s amazingly rich, inspiring and varied post, I don’t know how she does it!

Also joining in with Bluedaisyz Weekly Photo Challenge: prompt word this week GREY

Cathy has entered a great photo taken not too far from where I live, how I love that place. So many different greys, love it!


As you might have guessed – I’m BACK!

Home after the most amazing trip to Japan – what a wonderful country – I have fallen in love with the place and the people. Already I’m wondering about going back one day. If you ever get the chance to go – GO!

I’m so excited about being able to share my journey with you, although right now  I am still recovering as I feel exhausted and have spent most of the last two days in bed recharging the batteries.

I travelled with a group of 11 other textile enthusiasts and our superb Japanese Guide, Yuka.

Jeni was the first to photograph a manhole cover and after that several of us were hooked! Our guide told us there was a website with a collection of the cover designs, and I have just looked that up – incredible designs – click here to see some more.

The manhole cover above was found in Nagoya which is well known for its tie-dye fabrics and we stopped here for a tie-dye workshop whilst on our way from Tokyo to Kyoto. I’ll be sharing more about this workshop and others later – ooooh so much I want to tell you about …. but first I need to sort the hundreds of photos out – hurray for digital cameras!

Next Week’s Photo Prompt is REMEMBER.


Art Walk on Wednesday

A couple of weeks ago I went back to Cerne Abbas to do the circular walk again with art as my focus. (you can see more of the walk here, here and here)

The Giant itself is a piece of landscape artpic Giantsign

humans being drawn to make a mark on any surface they come across, even scrawling on barn doors.barn doorsWhilst walking I noticed shapes and outlines with doodles in mind

hsrt fern

hsrt fern

leaf knapweed1

… imagine that stag-horn-like petal on the left in a mandala or doodleknapweed1

Joining Cee’s Flower of the Day: Knapweed



Wood lying around, like sculptures reminded me of Anthony Caro’s work.old wood

sir-anthony-caro-table-piece,-catalan-storyBits that show signs of human history intrigue me, as well as the interaction of other creatures – can you see the cobweb in the picture below?barbsfade


Hints of Barbara Hepworth here



Two Figures (Menhirs) 1964 Dame Barbara Hepworth 1903-1975 Purchased 1964

Two Figures (Menhirs) 1964 Dame Barbara Hepworth 1903-1975 Purchased 1964

post top post1

And Chris Drury top

If you click on the photo above it will take you to my Photo Page where you can see it in more detail, especially the lichen.


The picture above is a work by Chris Drury called the Wheel of the Year


Every so often I did look up and out at the glorious landscapeDSC_0692

But mostly my camera was set to Macro.

Have you enjoyed any walks this week?


I had a lovely request from an Etsy customer to create a colouring sheet with the number 7 included. Her daughter is having an art party. The Pdf will be printed out for all the guests to have a copy to colour.DSC_0637

What a great idea!

I hope she likes it.

Vase on Monday – Chives and marigolds

Celebrating the chive flower as it bursts through its papery/silky budDSC_0674

joining Cee’s Flower of the Day

DSC_0634 (1)

and Cathy’s ‘In a Vase on Monday’, with lavender, purple toadflax which is giving the bees a lovely October feast, gaura, marigolds, and chives.

A chirpy bunch in a charity shop vase – just love its bright colours.

Sitting happily next to last week’s vase, still going strong.DSC_0639

I couldn’t resist sharing with you how my houseplants are looking at the moment. I took the photo below just before removing them all from around the woodburner, as I am thinking a fire will probably be needed this week.

The orchids are nearly all rescue plants from friends who were about to throw them out after flowering or those being sold off for £3-5 at the garden centre. The tall plant in the blue pot on the right has grown from a pip out of a custard apple, which is native to Australia – not sure how that will turn out! And most of the others have been grown from cuttings.

I used to be so terrible at keeping houseplants, so I’m very proud of these – now to find them new places for them around the house.

I’ve also enjoyed a row of pink pelargoniums (geraniums) acting as a welcome committee – they look so perky and can be seen at the dining room window greeting anyone walking up the drive. They were ones I just did not get round to planting in the garden, and I think I’m going to leave them there to see how they do over the winter.DSC_0642 (1)

Do you have a favourite houseplant?




Bluedaisyz Weekly Photo ChallengePURPLE

Master R has asked for a blanket to be mainly purple and green – a bit of a challenge for me. I have persuaded him to let me add a few more colours.

I have started colouring a page in ‘The Enchanted Forest” in purples to play with colour combos

DSC_0640 colouring bk

Have you seen these books

very relaxing to do on holidayDSC_0641 DSC_0642 DSC_0644 DSC_0645 DSC_0646



mandala1At last I’m out the other side! Energy has returned Hurray!

The upside of lounging about for 16 days is that I got to play in my sketchbookmandala2

Alisa Burke’s Mandala Magic, online course could not have come at a better timemandala3

some are still work in progressmandala5

some are completemandala4

and they have all been supremely satisfying and relaxing to drawmandala6

I never know what will happen as I start drawingmandala7it is fun to let it flow and develop, sometimes over a few daysmandala8

and because it is only a doodle and a sketch I can just do it knowing I can throw them in the bin if I don’t like them or tear them up and use in collages.

I like the last two best – do you have a favourite?

If you would like to have a go Alisa is holding a Summer Sale of her Classes. I can highly recommend them, full of inspirational videos and clear, easy to follow tips and guidelines.


A Doodle Day



Day 11 of this ………..*! virus and I’ve given in.

After the first 3 days of non-stop sleep, I’ve been trying each day to do bits in the house and garden between resting. Having heard from others who have had this and who tell me it has lasted between 4 – 6 weeks before feeling on top form again, I’ve given in.

Today I am going to be mainly doodling.

DSC_0634 (1)

And I need colour to cheer me up!

Join me for a cuppa

A post from Julie at Balzer Designs has inspired my latest doodle.

DSC_0636I’m thinking it might make a good design for a birthday card and at the moment have left a blank space at the top for a message of greeting.

I’m wondering whether to colour it ……. hmmmmmm …..?

Here is the Instagram picture of a cut out that inspired me

6a00d8341c766153ef01b8d137f9d8970c-800wiso beautiful.



Mandala Magic

I am taking part in my first online class.AB Mandala1

Dipping my toe in, I have started with Alisa Burke’s mini-tutorial entitled Mandala Magic.

It’s fun, and concentrating on one simple form suits my need to dip in and out according to the weather and other stuff going on right now.ABmandala1a

Alisa has a very distinct style and at first I thought my mandalas would turn out looking like hers, but no – not at all – I immediately went off in my own style adding colour from the start. AB mandalaThe course provides some wonderful prompts and is hugely inspiring. I’ve started in a small ring bound 6″ square sketch book, so that I can carry it around easily and doodle in odd moments.

I had Miss E and Little Bro here this week. mandalasWe were mainly in the garden, but needing to dodge the showers we retreated to Pippin (my little caravan in the garden) and did some mandala drawing together.

Here is Miss E’s so farE'smandala

And Little Bro’sDSC_0651




and because Miss E enjoyed drawing a mandala so much and has a birthday coming up soon I have made her a card that she can continue to embellish herselfb'daycardAnother experiment for the Etsy shop me thinks – maybe others would enjoy colouring this pattern as well, you never know!

In a Vase on Monday – Green


OOoH! It’s Monday again!

Such an exciting day in Blogland. I get to see all the wonderfully luscious Vases in ‘In a Vase on Monday’ hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden. A genius of an idea as there are always little stories that go along with the plants and the props AND I get to learn more about plants, and how and where they grow.

Our Photo Challenge also goes live on a Monday. This week, the prompt word is ‘Green’ and I was wondering about combining it with ‘In a Vase…’ – but then on Saturday I went to an Open Garden event and got the GREEN photo I am going to use for that (hope you will like it – it will most probably appear in tomorrow’s post, and will be a taster for Wednesday’s Walk-Along post). Please do have a look at the Photo Challenge, all the subjects are there for you to think about well in advance – Next week’s subject is ‘Bloom’, another good fit for this glorious meme – you might like to join us. We also get the two prompt words for Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge, so my head is in a bit of a creative whirl which I LOVE and it sets off my week on a beautifully positive creative note.DSC_0581

The idea of GREEN for the ‘In a Vase…’ had taken hold, so I used this bright green little watering can and foliage from the garden. Euonymous, ladies mantle, and other things I don’t know the names of. Still much to learn.

It sits on the old pine cupboard under the stairs next to a bowl that holds Angel Cards. I picked one at random for this picture and look! what a perfect Angel to have.

May the angel of Delight dance through your day with you today! ❤

The picture is one of glass bugs which I bought in an Art Gallery in St. Davids, Pembrokeshire, on my last visit there.DSC_0584

My intention is to do some doodle bugs to put in a white frame next to it, maybe some little beetles set out in the same way or a couple of bigger doodles to go either side.strabbs 019To start … a quick sketch idea for a grasshopper.

Are you being creative this fine and sunny Monday? I’d love to know what you are up to. ❤

Kingston Lacy Haiku

Yesterday I went to a ‘Haiku and other Short Poetry’ Workshop at Kingston Lacy, a National Trust property.KL

First warm-up exercise:

We played a Haiku ‘consequences’ type of game:

We were each asked to write the first line of a Haiku – five syllables, with a theme of Spring. Then fold the paper over and pass it round.

Then the second line with 7 syllables, fold over and pass it on

Then the third with 5 syllables, fold over and pass it on. The words in pink are the ones I wrote.

And then we read them out:

Bluebells under trees

Spring has sprung out of the soil

Holding the moment


Petals underfoot

Deeply inhale the blue scent

The trees are alive


Morning has broken

Stepping softly in the silence

Trip over with joy


It was fun to co-create and felt pressure free with only one line to write at a time. workshop

I get such a buzz out of creating something with others, whether it is a design with my grandchildren or a Haiku or a Renga



Later we talked about flipping the first and the last lines to see if this would be an improvement, e.g.:

The trees are alive

Deeply inhale the blue scent

Petals underfoot


Holding the moment

Spring has sprung out of the soil

Bluebells under trees


And then used our own lines and flipping the first and last:

Trip over with joy

Deeply inhale the blue scent

Bluebells under trees

This seems like a fun way to play around with a Haiku to look for different emphasis and sometimes it seemed to create more poetic strength – I’m definitely going to try this one out in the Haiku challenges.

It was a fun workshop, I really enjoyed it, and then I had a wander around the house and gardens.DSCF6720

I’m just a teeny bit obsessed with bluebells at present. I bet you got that!

I love them for theirDSCF6742 fleeting beauty, their subtle yet heady scent and the way they mark the beginning of my most favourite time of the year, when all the Spring flowers burst forth in a soft fluffiness of colour.


A bluebell doodleDSC_0503

And they remind me of a bluebell time when love was in the air – oh that heady feeling, remembered each time I walk in woods carpeted in a soft purple-blue haze.

lying in bluebells

mirroring clear skies above

on high forever


Latin name for Bluebell: Hyacinthoides – that’s 5 syllables, the first line of a Haiku right there! Or maybe a better last line?

Trip over with joy

Deeply inhale the blue scent


“Hyacinthoides non-scripta: The Bluebell’s Latin name, Hyacinthoides, comes from a Greek myth: when the Prince Hyacinthus died, the tears of the god Apollo spelled the word ‘alas’ on the petals of the hyacinth flower that sprang up from his blood. Non-scripta means unlettered and distinguishes this bluebell from the similar-looking hyacinth.” (from the Scottish Wildlife Trust site)

Does the scent of a Spring flower bring back happy memories for you?

A Wednesday Walk-Along with Linda

Please take off your shoes and join us on our Ynylas walk, (just before we created the labyrinth)………..

….. ooooh I am still savouring that magical stroll along the wide expanse of Ynylas Beach…… as we go …. imagine a spring breeze making your hair dance around and feeling fresh on your cheeks …. making them glow…….DSC_0438

……. cool salt water swirling round your ankles ……

linda6………    is there anything better in the world than walking along a beach with a dear friend, on a sunny day ……

shell 2

….. looking for shells …….. watching the shifts of light as the clouds scud across the sky


noticing patterns DSC_0466DSC_0462 DSC_0460 DSC_0458and inspiration for doodles


with the lull of the sound of the wavesturnng point

……..  and then it is time to turn around

Ynylas return

and return, still gathering shellsDSC_0481

…. and marking a thank you before leaving the beach.

Dust off the sand between your toes, shoes on, deep breath and maybe just a little sigh as we say goodbye to Ynylas (for now anyway)…….

Would you like to see the shells I collected?


So satisfying to see them all laid out, some gathered for Linda’s Mum who makes the most amazing shell sculptures, some for me to play with in making pictures, patterns and mandalas as I did in January 2014 in Abu Dhabi,  and some as collage material for my grandchildren ………. what would you do?


I tried to find  out what ‘Ynyslas’ means in translation. Ynys is ‘isle’, but if I put in ‘ynys las’ – I get ‘greenland’ – however ‘las’ does not translate as ‘green’.

Welsh is not an easy language!

And now, after the beach, how about a wander through:

an Italian Garden;

or join Amanda, The Welsh Wanderer on her journey walking the coast paths;

and then a real treat if you like reflections on water – A Canal Walk in Yorkshire

I do hope you enjoyed walking along with us, it’s fun having you along.

Please leave a link to one of your favourite walks, we’d love to join you.


With some excitement, I have just realised it’s Monday! The day to post a photo in Jamie’s 52 week challenge. The subject this week, Week 2, is COLD.


Ice doodle swirls with

Memories of colder times

And challenging Winters

Week 1: New                                                                                                                  Other Photographers joining the challenge so far: Garry, Melissa, Erika.                     And of course Blue Daisy

Melissa and I got in to a lovely Renga ‘conversation’ a few posts ago. If anyone would like to start one or follow the Haiku above with a Renga response, I’d be happy to Renga along with you. (Am I the only one who thinks Tango when writing Renga?)

Here is Jamie’s list for her 52 week challenge in case you are tempted:

52-weeks-of-photosHere are links to Melissa’s ‘Cold’ ,  Erika’s ‘Cold’, and Jamie’s ‘Cold’

Doodling, how I’ve missed you

It has been far too long since I have doodled.

doodleE2I started these doodles back in January (crazy how time does that)

doodleE3they are for my twin granddaughters to go with their birth charts. I have only recently put in the finishing touches. Even though they are ‘only’ doodles, I still have to be in the right frame of mind to do them. Try to doodle when I feel rushed or would really rather be doing something else and it just does not work out well.


I don’t want to reveal the full names, so I am only showing you sections of the doodles which aredoodleE done on A4 size black cartridge paper with white, silver and gold gel pens.

Each doodle has their time and place of birth hidden amongst the leaves and stars.

The twins are both Scorpio Dragons like me.

I’m not sure what to think about astrology really but have only ever found it helpful.

I have had readings done for all of my children and grandchildren and all I can say is they have given some insightful and helpful pointers on how to support each individual to be truly and happily themselves.

At one of the Buddhist talks I went to in Nepal, gosh just over 20 years ago now, the Lama (teacher) said “take what I say as a warm and comforting meal – take what nourishes you, and leave the rest on the plate”. I’ve found that teaching to be applicable for so many things, and it is how i look at Astrology.

PCsfor Swap 2014

Just made it!


The last 4 are finished and I managed to get them all in the post today, just one week after we received the addresses for iHanna’s Post Card Swap, as requested.

If you would like to see the other 6 click on this link

Mine are on their way to USA, Canada and Australia

It is too late to join in with this swap, but there might be another one along in  the Spring.

I first joined in March 2012 when I was new to blogging as well as the Post Card Swap.

Then the Autumn Swap 2012. 2012 was a very productive year in my family with 4 new grandchildren arriving, the last 2 a twin of girls!

Springing into 2013,       November 2013,        May 2014

So this is my 6th one! Wow!

All those wonderful creative connections across the globe and all those delicious rectangles of joy plopping through my letterbox. Wonderful!!!!

Hanna you are a marvel!!!

Post Card Swap Nov 2014

I absolutely love the idea of re-using old post cards, see Hanna’s blog post – she’s so FULL of inspiration – and I have so many to use!!!

pc gaudi

So off I went with glee! Doodling and drawing on a postcard from my visit to Barcelona many years ago. These amazing towers, examples of Gaudi’s work – I like to think he would have liked my additions! After all he was a master at recycling.

And another from my Barcelona collection



Doodles and a photocopy of my doodles, torn and collaged – I hope my fellow swappers will like them.

Here’s a postcard sent to me from Iceland


I’m wondering about sending this to the friend who sent it to me rather than entering it into the swap – would she like it, or be miffed that I covered her card with doodles!

And then I have gone even further – even more risky – I don’t know WHAT swappers will think of this  …… have I gone tooooooo far?!

I have added to cards sent to me in previous swaps – I wonder if this is going to be ok – or cause a furore! Eek! I’m a bit worried, but it was really fun to do and it feels to me like a nice way to keep circulating our art – would love to know what you think!!!

pc treeho

I will credit the original artist …. 


and hope it all goes well!

The card above is of a building in South Dakota USA apparently – only bits peeping through the collage now.

I would think it fun to see my own cards recycled, but will others feel the same….



On this one my doodled butterfly covers the spot where the original (a photo of a black cat) had been damaged in the post, and I have added more doodles and washi tape.

I’d love to know what you think of this risky departure!

I nervously await your comments as I get ready for this year’s swap  …….