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heart candles

My family and I spent Half-Term in a wonderful holiday house in Devon.

ice decoration, Valentines

We combined Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day, another excuse to bring out the ice-bowl I’d made for Christmas – it survived the 1.5 hour car journey, from freezer to freezer, really well.

pancake with powdered beetroot heart

the rice was asking for some decoration but the central stenciled heart did not work, a sprinkled heart worked better

felt hearts

time away allows us all to get creative…

the card my daughter made for her husband

from ma head to ma toes

get it?!

Little Miss M did her version, don’t you just love the toes!

Valentines Cards

and inside

Valentines Card

and the card made by Dad and Little Miss M…..  a love dart to the heart ….

Valentine's Dart

I do hope you had an enjoyable Valentine’s Day, not always easy for anyone on their own.

I’m joining in with Postcard From Gibraltar’s Friday Photo Challenge – I know it’s not Friday, but I hope I can just squeak in.





Here we are at the first Tuesday of February with our Photographic Monthly Meet Up.

The theme this month is WARM, so join us by leaving links in the comments to any photographs and/or posts both current and archive. Let’s all meet up for a huddle to keep warm – cos ‘baby it’s cold outside’! At least it is here. Any photos of warmer climes will be much drooled over and appreciated!

It might be frosty outside this morning but inside I’m indulging in some cosy hooky time before getting out of bed!

crochet, Woodland Cal, view

I’m loving the warm colours of Attic24’s Woodland Cal and in the 5th week of the Cal the blanket is big enough to keep me warm whilst crocheting.

I’m already thinking of new projects using these scrummy colours.Attic24 Woodland Cal

Going back to February 2013 I found this post – and the colours fit with the Warm theme

crochet cushions

And this post from February 2014 when I was in Abu Dhabi for two gloriously WARM weeks.

In February 2015 I was keeping cosy under the Attic24 Cosy Cal

Attic24 Cosy Cal

In February 2016 I knitted 14 bobble hats to keep my family warm

knitted bobble hats

In February 2017 the Attic24 Cal was once again keeping me warm with my Hedgerow version of Lucy’s Moorland Blanket.

Attic24 Moorland cal, Hedgerow colours

How are you keeping warm?

The theme stays open all month, just leave your links in the Comments.

I’m really looking forward to seeing your take on WARM.

Now I’d better get up!



This photo is of Bentley, a very warm dog, trying to cool off on a hot summers day. Sent to me by my sister, you can see her wonderful paintings and silver jewellery on Instagramgolden labrador, hot dog, #clthistlethwaiteart



Photo Monthly Meet Up

On the first Tuesday of each month, let’s meet up with a link or links to current or archive photographs and/or blog posts on a theme. Enter as many photos and links as you like as long as they fit the one word subject. Obscure and creative thinking welcomed!

Our theme tomorrow is


to warm us up in one of the coldest months of the year in this Northern hemisphere

and here are the rest of the prompts for the year aheadphoto challenge prompts for 2018

The link below is to a PDF for you to download if you would like to.


Many thanks to Cathy, Karina and Valerie for suggesting some of themes

Photo Challenge Round Up – December


The very last One-a-Week Photo Challenge Round-Up.

It has been a joy to have compiled the list and co-hosted with Cathy and an absolute delight to see all the entries through the year. Thank you to everyone who made this challenge so very interesting, varied and fun.

Week 49: DARK

Cathy at Nanacathy

Kathy at Sewing Etc.

Postcard from Gibraltar

Sandra at Wild Daffodil

Week 50: GENTLE

Cathy at Nanacathy

Postcard from Gibraltar

Sandra at Wild Daffodil

Week: 51 WINDOW

Cathy at Nanacathy

Kathy at Sewing Etc

Murtagh’s Meadow

Postcard from Gibraltar

Valerie at Gillyflower

Sandra at Wild Daffodil

Week 52: POP

Cathy at Nanacathy

Murtagh’s Meadow

Postcard from Gibraltar

Valerie at Gillyflower

Sandra at Wild Daffodil


Did I miss anybody? Please let me know if I did.


I’m certainly going to miss our weekly gathering, and I could not let go of meeting up regularly so I would absolutely love it if you would like to join in with my

Monthly Meet-Up

Live on the first Tuesday of each month and open for you to leave a link for the whole month.

This month’s prompt is SPARKLE, click on the link to leave your Sparkling entry in the comments.

February’s prompt is WARM


There are many other Photo Challenges in Blogland but there are two rather lovely spin offs from this one:

Firstly are our very own

Postcard from Gibraltar’s

2018 Friday Photo Challenge

2018 Friday Photo Challenge

and secondly

One hosted by Kati at Magic Spark giving our 2017 list another spin around the block.

Kati saw an entry on Postcard from Gibraltar’s blog and was inspired to create her own weekly challenge, in fact she has 7 regular topics you might like to take a look at here.


So farewell to the One-a-Week Photo Challenge and hello to the Monthly Meet-Up

Keeeeeeeep Sparkling!

New Beginnings

Woodland Cal, Attic24

Exciting New Beginnings today.

I’m joining Postcard from Gibraltar for the new weekly Friday Photo Challenge

I can see Fridays are going to be busy from now on. There is Cathy’s Knit and Natter, which I love; this new weekly photo challenge from Gibraltar; a new Photo Challenge using our 2017 list over on Magic Sparks; and the most exciting new beginning for me is the Attic24 Woodland Crochet Along (CAL), which started at just past 8am this morning.

I’ve had the bag of yarn sitting waiting patiently for a few weeks and this morningWoodland CAL Pack I actually hugged it before getting out the Lime for the foundation chain – as seen on my keyboard.

The Jurassic Coast blanket has been put to one side (with a little touch of sadness) and the Woodland has been started. There has been such a world-wide buzz in the Facebook Group, we were all sharing our excitement until late last night – crazy I know – but I hope I’m amongst friends here! Ha! All my non-blogging friends just do NOT understand.

So I have many windows open on my computer and have been keeping up with the gossip in Yorkshire, Gibraltar and on the international Attic24 Facebook pages.

Life intervened all morning – grrrr – then the fuses blew – so no electricity or internet for a while til I discovered that it was the washing machine causing the problem – but other than that it has been the most fabulous day! and a cosy evening ahead in front of the fire wandering the yarny woodland paths……… bliss!

Looking forward to seeing other New Beginnings.


Blow the whistles, pop the cork, we’re off!

Another year of getting together to share our photographic take on a one word prompt.

For 2018 this will be a Monthly Meet-Up starting on the first Tuesday of each month.

What could be better at the start of the year than to be looking out for SPARKLES …..

The Sparkling water of the Fleet in the teeth of an icy wind

winter walk by the Fleet

a wooden table in the woods …sparkles, frost on sawn woodCrochet Christmas Snowflakescrochet snowflakes

with added Swarovski crystals


crystals and snowflakes

sunshine on water


and to warm us up a bit, photos taken in the Caribbean last April


Nevis sparkles


It took many photos to capture the splash of the fishing net hitting the water, but I got it, and if you look closely the splash is sparkling in the sunshine.

Click on any photo to see it larger.

For a sparkly finale – this water feature is in a narrow corridor in an underground shopping centre in Japan, photographed in November 2015


Feel free to join in any time during the Month of January with your Sparkles – one photograph or many, current shots, archive post links, they are all welcome. Just leave a link in the Comments of this post.

Let’s SPARKLE together!


Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me prompt suggestions, I will get the full list together for February when the prompt is WARM

Happy Snapping



Our last One-a-Week Photo Challenge Prompt – it has been a wonderful year of getting together each week with Cathy and all the wonderful entries for our challenge. Thank you so much to each person who sent an entry and each person who left a comment – it has been a really lovely way to get to know you all. When I think of the entries I think of inventiveness, creativity and blogging friendship.

When we put POP as the prompt for December, I imagined the pop of Champagne corks and Party Poppers – and I did try yesterday to get some action shots of both – but they were all terrible photos! So – as I often do, I scrolled back through my Photo Library looking for a ‘pop’. I didn’t have to go far to find some POPcorn stitches

Amanzi popcorn stitches

The Amanzi Block by Jen Tyler is full of them!

They are great stitches for adding pops of colour and texture.

Here is a You Tube clip showing you how to crochet a Popcorn Stitch.

I have been making this pattern using different colour orders – all in Stylecraft Special DK and a 4.5mm hook. The top one will be felted as a table mat, the bottom one is heading towards becoming a cushion cover.

Amanzi block, crochet, Jen Tyler

The backs are a fascinanting pattern tooback of Amanzi block

So it is farewell to a weekly Photo Challenge which I have been doing for 3 years now – every week for three years – I’m impressed that I have managed to do that.

It all started as Blue Daisyz 52 week Challenge in 2015, and then 4 of us joined forces to create a new challenge for 2016, and this year it was Cathy and me. It has been fun!

I’m looking forward to seeing your POPs! Please leave a link in the comments.


The new Monthly Meet-Up will be on the first Tuesday in Jaunary

the prompt is