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Silent Sunday: St.Catherine’s Chapel

St. Catherine's Chapel, Abbotsbury


Silent Sunday in Branscombe

old bakery, Branscombe


Silent Sunday at Sundown


Spring Equinox

Happy Spring Equinox


Silent Sunday

Dorset, Fleet, Portland, January


Blow the whistles, pop the cork, we’re off!

Another year of getting together to share our photographic take on a one word prompt.

For 2018 this will be a Monthly Meet-Up starting on the first Tuesday of each month.

What could be better at the start of the year than to be looking out for SPARKLES …..

The Sparkling water of the Fleet in the teeth of an icy wind

winter walk by the Fleet

a wooden table in the woods …sparkles, frost on sawn woodCrochet Christmas Snowflakescrochet snowflakes

with added Swarovski crystals


crystals and snowflakes

sunshine on water


and to warm us up a bit, photos taken in the Caribbean last April


Nevis sparkles


It took many photos to capture the splash of the fishing net hitting the water, but I got it, and if you look closely the splash is sparkling in the sunshine.

Click on any photo to see it larger.

For a sparkly finale – this water feature is in a narrow corridor in an underground shopping centre in Japan, photographed in November 2015


Feel free to join in any time during the Month of January with your Sparkles – one photograph or many, current shots, archive post links, they are all welcome. Just leave a link in the Comments of this post.

Let’s SPARKLE together!


Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me prompt suggestions, I will get the full list together for February when the prompt is WARM

Happy Snapping



Silent Sunday

frosty morning, pink sky

Photo Challenge Round-Up: November

Week 45 WALK

Cathy at Nanacathy

Jane at Rainbow Junkie

Denis at Haiku Hound

Karina at Murtagh’s Meadow

Kathy at Sewing Etc.

Sandra at Wild Daffodil

Week 46 LETTER

Cathy at Nanacathy

Jane at RainbowJunkie

Karina at Murtagh’s Meadow

Denis at Haiku Hound

Postcard from Gibraltar

Sandra at Wild Daffodil

Week 47 LIGHT

Cathy at Nanacathy

Karina at Murtagh’s Meadow

Postcard from Gibraltar

Kathy at Sewing Etc.

Sandra at Wild Daffodil


Cathy at Nanacathy

Karina at Murtagh’s Meadow

Postcard from Gibraltar

Sandra at Wild Daffodil


Did I miss anybody? Please let me know if I did.

Weekly Photo Challenge 2017

Only 4 more left!

What a wonderful year of photos. A huge thank you to everyone of you who has contributed.

Next year there will be something different ……….


Silent Sunday

collecting leaves (1)

Sparkle in a Dark Corner

Today is National Poetry Day and to mark this event I have two poems for you – one by Judy Martin and one written by me as a sort of answer/conversation in poetry.

The theme this year is FREEDOM.

metaphor, dark places, depression, chink of lightWe’d be very happy if you wanted to join in. You are welcome to use my photo if it sparks a creative response. All I ask is that you leave the watermark on it and link back to this post.

The back story:

A friend of my daughter is a Counsellor and she has set up a Facebook Page dedicated to Self Care. She has invited me to contribute. She looks for Sparkles and invites us to find them in everyday places. This inspired me to go for a walk one morning looking for Sparkles to photograph – what a wonderfully uplifting focus for a walk.

Below is one of the photos I took. A very close friend of mine is going through a hideous bout of depression at the moment and this photo seemed like a metaphor, I took it to send to her. I know Judy Martin has been visited by the dark days of Depression as she has written about it, poignantly and beautifully, on her blog: Edwina’s Episodes. Time for us to team up again. Judy wrote this poem in response to my photo:

Sparkle in a Dark Corner

metaphor, dark places, depression, chink of light

In the depths of darkness and despair

I feel so alone, like no-one is there

Surrounded by dangers unseen and unheard

Trapped and frightened, like a caged bird

Thoughts so jumbled, make no sense

But pain and heartache are so intense

From the world, I just want to hide

And keep my feelings bottled up inside


But wait, there is something that has caught my eye

It looks blurry through the tears I cry

Yes, it’s shimmering and shining bright

A distant glimmer, shaft of light

It seems so very far away

But I know I can draw closer day by day


From my dark corner there is hope

And support to help me cope

The light grows brighter every day

My world has gone from black to grey

I continue onwards, spirits rising

My soul had started re-energizing

I came through the other side

With just a sparkle as my guide.

poem by Judy E. Martin

of Edwinas Episodes


When I read this it brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye. I too have experienced depression (many years ago) and so have members of my family, whilst musing on this, a poem started to write itself to go alongside Judy’s poem


Even Then


Even on the darkest days

Even in the darkest hours

Even in the deep dark corners

Where the sharpness causes pain

Even when the demons lurk

Even then

Even then

There is a sheen

A tiny gleam

A spark of light

Even then

poem by Sandra Dorey



It feels so good to find Freedom from Depression, but the memory of the demon never totally goes away.

If you find yourself responding to either picture or poem please feel free to share with us. It might be a poem, a story, a helpful saying, a photo or a picture. Sometimes it feels good to link up.

Happy National Poetry Day!






walk, a boy and his stick


sweet scents of childhood

in green lanes


Join Cathy and me in our One-a-Week Photo Challenge,  by leaviing a link in the comments


Ronovan in the weekly Haiku Challenge. This week’s prompts: SWEET and SCENT

The photo is of Master R, taken in summer 2016 at Kingston Lacy, one of our favourite places for a day out.



Silent Sunday

sunlight through trees, footpath

Photo Round-Up: Autumn


Photos from my trip to Japan last November we were there just as the trees were beginning to change colour


Jane at Rainbow Junkie ………………………………. montage

Cathy at Nanacathy …………………………………… twitter

💜 Me at Wild Daffodil ………………………………….. turquoise

Melissa at The Aran Artisan ……………………….. wreath

Denis at Haiku Hound ………………………………    leaf

Christina A Look at the Little Things …………..    crackle

Dorris at Dig With Dorris ………………………….  light

Debbie at Curiosity Takes Me ……………………… Canada

Ellie at Wicked Rural Homestead …………………New England


The  💜 denotes a post that is also joining in with Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge – it’s fun to combine the two.

Have I missed anyone? Please let me know if I have.

Thank you everyone for your gorgeous autumnal entries.

Four fab photo fiends created the 52 Week Photo Challenge, we are:

Next prompt


Update: Marsha at Just Write has kindly included our Photo Challenge in a list she has of all the Photo Challenges she has found in blogland so pop over to her page if you want to link your posts to other challenges.



Three roofs at a temple in Japan.

Photo Challenge Entry in Our Weekly Challenge

Please leave a link to your ROOF photo in the comments

Next week’s Prompt


Photo Challenge Round Up: FRIENDS

Some of you will like this, some of you will hate this but hey, as it has been mentioned a couple of times…….. here it is!


Jane at Rainbow Junkie …chat

Cathy at Nanacathy, …woof

💜 Melissa at The Aran Artisan………. heave

💜 me at Wild Daffodil …giggle

💜 Cathy at Rambling in the Garden…..excitement

💜  Roz at Umpteen Things, …moo

Denis at Haiku Hound…..sigh

Jen at Let the Sewing Begin….meow

Christina A Look at the Little Things……clicketty-click

Dorris at Dig with Dorris……aaaah

Ali at Thimberlina…

Srivi at The Piscean Me ……..splash

Del from Curls and Skirls……whirrrr

Ember at Wicked Rural Homestead …hugs, baaaa, cheep, woof

The purple heart denotes a post with a Haiku entered in Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge.

14! Yippee! Fantastic! Thank you so much everyone for joining in!

Please let me know if I have missed anyone.

To see all of the prompts you can go to the Photo Challenge Page


Next Prompt: SECRET



a shiver of glee

so much warmth in the welcome

a new type of friend


Our Photo Challenge Prompt: FRIENDS

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge Prompts: FRIEND and SHIVER

Ron has such a  generous spirit, he supports and promotes writers of every genre and he is encouraging his readers to go for the Photo/Haiku Challenge Combo – Hurray!!! THANK YOU Ron! He has recently published his co-written novel, Amber Wake, pop on over to his blog and check it out – he has masses of wonderful tips on writing a blog and every sort of writing imaginable.


The photo: I was away last week on a Textile Course, which as luck would have it, was just a few miles from where Judy Martin of Edwina’s Episodes lives. Judy, or Eddie as I call her, and I have been communicating via our blogs for ages now and have built up a lovely friendship – well you can’t help it with Eddie, she is such a down-to-earth friendly funny kinda gal. So I asked if she thought it would be a good idea to meet up.

Not only did we meet up but we had the most wonderful evening of fun and laughter and an absolutely DELICIOUS meal made by none other than Mr Grump himself! (I shouldn’t really blow his cover but Mr Grump did not live up to his nickname at all – what a friendly, warm and welcoming couple they are!) Both Judy and I discovered that we were exactly as we thought we would be, which meant we felt we knew each other already and conversation flowed as we chatted about blogging, and all manner of other things as well.

This is the second time I have met up with a fellow blogger and I can highly recommend it. The first was a lovely summery meeting with Mrs Snail when we both turned up in bright pink, and now I see Eddie and I were both wearing similar tops – spooky!

And still on the subject of friends, I am giving Judy’s newly published book of poems to my walking friend for her birthday today


With a card made from the paper I’ve been decorating (another handmade card for my 16 for 16 list ✅).

Here is the back of the card


and inside is below – I’m loving creating this paper! I love it so much I have photographed some of the pages I like the best and put them in my Etsy shop as PDF instant downloads so that others can enjoy them and use them for their own craft projects, thus adding two more items to the shop out of my target of 14 this year ✅ – I’m ticking lots of boxes in this post!


The book and card are wrapped in newspaper brought back for me by another friend from her recent trip to Mexico.

And to all my wonderful blogging friends – Happy Tuesday!

Next Week’s Photo Prompt is SECRET


Photo Challenge Round Up: SPRING


Mother’s Day happens in Spring here, and I get some lovely cards from my children, these were both made by my daughter, the collage was from a couple of years ago (I keep them all – of course!) and the wonderful daffodil doodle was this year’s card. Lucky me!

~ ~ ~

And I know this has become a bit of a musical cliché, but still beautiful: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: ‘Spring’ played in the Botanical Gardens in Wales

~ ~ ~

Springing forth to meet this week’s challenge:

Jane at Rainbow Junkie

Cathy at Nanacathy

💜 Melissa at The Aran Artisan

💜 me at Wild Daffodil

💜 Cathy at Rambling in the Garden

Jen at Let the Sewing Begin.

Christina A Look at the Little Things

Dorris at Dig with Dorris

Ali at Thimberlina.

Srivi at The Piscean Me

Del from Curls and Skirls

Denis at Haiku Hound

(💜 Becky at BeckyG I missed her post last week – with Haiku as well – so sorry Becky! I have added it to last week’s round up.)

Have I missed anyone – I’m always worried that I will. If you put a link in the comments of Nanacathy’s post or my post I will be sure to see it and put it in the round up.

12 Springtime Springy Springs this week. Thanks so much for entering everyone, it is so good going through the photos – I always love to see what we all come up with.


Skiing in through the snow is Ember of Wicked Rural Homestead

Bringing our total number of entries to 13!

Next Week the Prompt word is FRIENDS

I’m really looking forward to seeing what pictures you choose – I have mine already lined up and I’m excited about sharing it with you – as Nanacathy says “Happy Snapping”!





dodge showers

find a slinky toy

play with light


Joining in with our 52 Week Photo Challenge: SPRING

Please go to the Photo Challenge Page for details.

and  joining in with

Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge: prompt words SHOWER and PLAY

I have had a few wonderful days in Margate, staying with a friend and helping her with a bit of DIY. But first a visit to the Turner Gallery where I found this dinky slinky in the shop and hey presto, I had my photo for SPRING.image


Next Week our Photo Prompt word is: FRIENDS


Joining in with Cee’s Black and White Photo challenge



Photo Challenge Round Up: Outline


Miss E’s first Lino Cut design.


Outlines of the week:

Jane at Rainbow Junkie

Cathy at Nanacathy

💜 Melissa at The Aran Artisan

💜 me at Wild Daffodil

💜 Roz at Umpteen Things

💜 Cathy at Rambling in the Garden

Jen at Let the sewing begin.

Christina A Look at the Little Things

Dorris at Dig with Dorris

Ali at Thimberlina.

Srivi at The Piscean Me

Dennis at Haiku Hound


💜 Tells you there is a haiku in the post entering Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge

I sure I will have missed someone this week. i am on the iPad again and the WiFi conections are slow. PLEASE let me know if I have missed anyone and I will add them.


I missed Becky G – sorry Becky here it is at Becky G


Next (THIS) Week: SPRING





when planning to paint

lift ideas from Pinterest,

paint with abandon! 


In the absence of a light box, I stuck a slice of a blood orange to my window, showing the outline of all the little segments.

And here a lemon slice, photo taken with the iPadDSC_0830

This was inspired by seeing Claudia Horsey’s watercolour on Pinterest.

I started copying Claudia’s design, using felt tip pens and crayons, thinking I would use the drawing to make a greetings card.image.jpeg I liked the effect so much, I went out and bought some citrus fruits to do a design of my own

imageDon’t you just love the colours…

imageThe blood oranges left a print on the paper


which gave me an idea…..I had fun playing around ….image.jpeg

adding pen outlines and then shading with colouring pencils ….image.jpegimage.jpeg

which turned out to be a very relaxing way to doodle.

Joining in with Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge, prompt words: LIFT and PLAN

The two sentences work like this:

when planning to paint, lift ideas from Pinterest

lift ideas from Pinterest, paint with abandon

With the opposing ideas of planning and not planning.

Also entering our Weekly Photo Challenge, see PAGE for details

Next week the Photo Prompt is: