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Post Card Swap Nov 2014

I absolutely love the idea of re-using old post cards, see Hanna’s blog post – she’s so FULL of inspiration – and I have so many to use!!!

pc gaudi

So off I went with glee! Doodling and drawing on a postcard from my visit to Barcelona many years ago. These amazing towers, examples of Gaudi’s work – I like to think he would have liked my additions! After all he was a master at recycling.

And another from my Barcelona collection



Doodles and a photocopy of my doodles, torn and collaged – I hope my fellow swappers will like them.

Here’s a postcard sent to me from Iceland


I’m wondering about sending this to the friend who sent it to me rather than entering it into the swap – would she like it, or be miffed that I covered her card with doodles!

And then I have gone even further – even more risky – I don’t know WHAT swappers will think of this  …… have I gone tooooooo far?!

I have added to cards sent to me in previous swaps – I wonder if this is going to be ok – or cause a furore! Eek! I’m a bit worried, but it was really fun to do and it feels to me like a nice way to keep circulating our art – would love to know what you think!!!

pc treeho

I will credit the original artist …. 


and hope it all goes well!

The card above is of a building in South Dakota USA apparently – only bits peeping through the collage now.

I would think it fun to see my own cards recycled, but will others feel the same….



On this one my doodled butterfly covers the spot where the original (a photo of a black cat) had been damaged in the post, and I have added more doodles and washi tape.

I’d love to know what you think of this risky departure!

I nervously await your comments as I get ready for this year’s swap  …….

iHanna’s Postcard Swap!

Fifth time! I absolutely LOVE joining in with this international postcard swap – and so does Miss E, my 7 year old granddaughter. I hope she will help me make my 10 cards this year and if anyone would like to send her a card to my address I know she will be thrilled, she keeps all her postcards in a file and we look at a map of the world to see where they all come from.

Here is the picture Miss E drew for the postcard she made in 2012

efamily-1That’s her in the middle with arms aloft in triumph!

The last Swap I was part of, was in the Spring, and before that in November 2013.

And in April 13postcards I was lucky enough to receive a card from Hanna – I was thrilled! Can you pick it out?

Sharing creativity across the globe – pathway to peace?


If you too would like to join in just click on the link below:

iHanna’s DIY Postcard Swap opens twice a year and it is super fun! Join at at



Go on! It’s FUN!

Local Village Shop

Swapping little gems of art from across the world is a joy each Spring and Autumn and they start their journey from our wonderful local village Post Office, run by Pascal.


The postcards had to be weighed as with all the collage and stitching they needed a higher postage than standard postcards – something to think about for next time.

This is a gem of a shop with gorgeous local produce and people from the village at the till




Pascal always does inspirational window displays and is keen to advertise village events – in this case the upcoming Open Gardens on 25th and 26th May


If you want to hear the latest news the shop has a Facebook Page.


It sits close by the world heritage Jurassic Coast. How lucky am I to live here!!!

So perfect to pop in for picnic ingredients if you are off for a walk around Lulworth Cove.











If you would like to go and see the spectacular array of postcards others have made, click here for a feast of inspiration!

May Post Cards


I always look forward to iHanna’s Post Card Swap, I think this is the fourth I have been part of.

You make 10 postcards, Hanna gives you 10 addresses from around the world and then, when she fires the starting pistol, you send them off and await for 10 wonderful works of art to glide through your letter box. It’s magic!

I have used one of the collages done at the beach hut for mine this Spring Swap. You can see the start of it by clicking here. Gosh, that is about a year ago!

A large piece of card, approx  A1 size, gathered from the Dorset Scrapstore, gets covered with a fairly random assortment of pictures in a chosen colour theme – this time, yellow for Spring!1cv

Then I paint over it, and machine stitch (inspired by Tammy at Daisy Yellow – see link on the blogroll on the right).


I love the way the stitching looks on the reverse side


Greta, a recipient of one of the cards called this ‘sewed on gold’ – LOVE that!! Thank you Greta.

Then cut them into post card sizes


And add an edging


in this case a leaf design on sellotape


Ta dah!

10And off they go!

You can see links to other participants posts here – what a beautiful bountiful bunch of inspiration!

Post Card Swap! Nov 13

This is my third iHanna Post Card Swap.

I LOVE making all these wonderful creative connections across the world. During your visit to this blog, it would be fabulous if you would be able to take the time to put yourself on our Map. It is fun to see where everyone comes from.

Here are the cards I have sent this year – all made from A1 size collages cut to post card size and further embellished with doodles, paint and washi tape.

0pc DSCF4664 DSCF4659 DSCF4657 DSCF4665 DSCF4661 DSCF4658 DSCF4655 DSCF4660 DSCF4662 DSCF4656 DSCF4663

And you can see cards from my previous swaps here, here and here!

Go over to Hanna’s blog and see all the links to all the other fabulous swappers, truly inspirational!

Last not least

The last post card in Hanna’s Post Card Swap arrived today – hurray!

pc.1And what a treat – thank you Sarah

On the back Sarah introduces me to the artist Rex Ray. I have not heard of him before and am so glad to be introduced. There are pictures on his website similar to the design Sarah has used for her post card. And in the link to Google images you can go to if you click on his name above.

He also does wonderfully colourful designs:


Love the colours!

You can see the other 9 postcards here.

Postcard swap

Here are the 9 wonderful handmade postcards that have arrived from all over the world – I do love this swap!


I’m hopeful that the 10th will arrive, but 9/10 isn’t bad.

I love the variety, but also that they look happy together – like cousins!

(The tenth one arrived the very next day.)