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In a Dish on Monday


My daughter and her family (Miss E, Master R, Little Miss M and Mr.M) went on holiday last week. To welcome them home I made this little cameo, which is photographed in my hall before I took it to their house.


Joining Cathy for her worldwide garden party held every Monday over at Rambling in the Garden.

I used hebe, hazel, primrose, succulents and this flower spike from a laurelDSC_0456


A few empty snail shells were put in the corner as Little Miss M loves snails – when she was 2 she collected them and made houses for them.


In the early 1990s I worked at Dansel , a bespoke woodworking Gallery. If you are ever in Dorset it is well worth a visit. It was a wonderful place to work and very tempting. I am lucky enough to have a few pieces from those days. Each piece was signed by the maker. The mirror frame was made by Simon Teed.

The sycamore bowl was made by Peter Dalby in 1992. It holds Angel Cards, which were created as part of the Transformation Game at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland.


If you would like me to pick a card for you, let me know in the comments.

The picture you can see in the mirror is a piece of felt I made at a workshop run by Di Pattinson a few years ago.

I can highly recommend her workshops.

The piece was immediately pinned to a canvas painted with acrylic paint mixed with sandDSC_0518 and there it sits – I always intended to do more to it but now I think I like it as it is. I could fix the pins at the back with Sugru.DSC_0520The diamond weaving hanging below it was made for me by Miss E for my birthday. She knows my favourite colours! Orange and pink together always a winner!

Maybe, I could fix it on to the painting ……. hmmmm ….. ….DSC_0537

I’ll leave for a while….. I think I like it ….. what do you think?



caught my eye

in the fading light

treasure found


Our ‘One-a-Week’ Photo Challenge Prompt this week is FENCE

Ronovan’s Haiku Prompts are EYE and FADE

The mitten on the post must have been there a while as it was green with algae. Since starting to do beach cleans, I see all litter and dropped items in a new light. They are all potential art materials with a human back story. It did feel slightly weird taking it from it’s post, but I am pretty certain it’s owner is not likely to return for it. It will go with other found clothing I have and see what art work it might inspire.

The top of the fence post is a little world of its own


The photos were taken on a walk from Nine Wells towards Solva (Pembrokeshire) along the coastal path.dscf0156


I was walking from the treehouse as the sun was going down.



There was no wind and I stood to watch the sunset before returning




to the cosiness of my nest in the trees.

What fences have you found this week?  Leave a link in the comments below, we’d love to see them.

Textile Wall Hanging


“Nothing Between Me and the Sea”

Just a few days into my stay in the treehouse, the old worn sofa was to be replaced.

The sofa had been draped in a throw to cover its age, so when the throw was removed I saw the fabric – Yikes! I could not let that wonderful vintage fabric be thrown in the skip! dsc_0234

I asked if I could have the fabric – and as an aside said – “but this sofa is so comfortable is it really going to be thrown away!”

A bit cheeky of me – sometimes the recycler/environmentalist/hoarder in me just will not be silenced!

Elizabeth said I could have the fabric and I was as happy as a pig in straw for the next few days, tearing, cutting, washing, drying and sorting the sofa cover.

The design was intriguing – a strange mix of sea and land flora and fauna: butterflies, birds, coral, shells and all sorts of strange plants. I started to play ….dsc_0049-1

….. making small fabric collages, stitching each piece on a background with a simple running stitch. At home I would have used my machine, but there was something very soothing about sitting curled up on the new sofa looking out at the sunrise or sunset and slowly stitching.

The weather was beautiful and most days were sunny.  I was often on the beaches between sunrise and sunset, collecting shells and beach cleaning. The photo below was taken on Christmas Day


After bracing walks on the beaches or coast paths, what better than to go back to the cosiness of the treehouse for some gentle stitching.

The idea of a wall hanging was simmering away and I wanted to incorporate one of my own quotes


“whatever the question, creativity is the answer”

After the sofa-moving, Elizabeth and I had a lovely chat and I heard the story of how she and her husband had found this place to live, over 25 years ago. The story had an air of magic about it.  It became clear to me that this hanging was for Elizabeth and needed to be finished for Christmas Day.

Some twigs cut from the ash tree were perfect to hang the piece from,


with tassels of torn strips of fabric and shells from the beach sewn to the bottom edge.


Whilst Elizabeth was looking for a house all those years ago, she had a dream about a house with nothing between her and the sea and ……… well the rest is her story to tell, but there is nothing but fields between the treehouse and the sea and the phrase stuck in my mind, and it needed to be on that hanging.


Rather than start a new hanging I covered my words with another piece of fabric, so that Elizabeth could have both


On Christmas Day circumstances conspired to mean that Elizabeth and I came together for a cuppa in front of her fire, I gave her the hanging, we had such a lovely long and gentle chat sharing life stories, and a friendship was born. The stay in the treehouse took on an even more rich and magical quality.

And hurray! my comment about the sofa meant that Elizabeth realised that all it needed was a new cover and that it really was comfortable – now it sits happily in her house for all to enjoy.


17 for 2017

Inspired by Cathy at Nanacathy, I joined in with 16 for 2016. It was fun and motivating to have written it down for others to see and sharing the achievements each month with Cathy and other blog readers. No rules, you make them up for yourself as you go along.

I didn’t complete all my targets (you can see how I got on here) but, for me it was good to have an aim and see how I got on and I learnt a lot from it. I’m hoping my 2017 targets are more realistic, whilst still offering challenges.

17 – walks longer than an hour

I often go on walks, but was surprised to discover in 2016 that they are rarely an hour long (most are 30 – 40mins). I love long walks and I love sharing them with Wild Daffodil readers so I feel quite determined to hit this target in 2017.

16 – handmade greetings cards.

15 – beachy things (split into 3 x 5s – 5 pieces of beach related art, 5 beach cleans on new beaches, 5 beach clean sculptures, assemblages or mandalas)

14 – items for my Etsy shop

13 – drawers, cupboards, shelves or boxes sorted out.

12 – WIPs finished

I have an embarrassingly large box full of knitting and crochet W.I.Ps

11 – paintings/ art works

Working towards an exhibition in May/June 2018

10 – house and garden tasks (split into 5x 2s – make two quiches, paint two chairs, complete two house projects, complete two garden projects, raise two pumpkin plants)

9 – textile books worked on.

8 – hand written letters to grandchildren

7 – find 7 interesting objects

(Thank you to Murtagh’s Meadow for this idea)

6 – items made for Pippin or improvements to Pippin.

5  – random acts of kindness

4 – new National Trust properties visited

3 – make three up-cycled items of clothing

I found these sites: Refashionista,  Creating My Way to Success to help me on my way and I’m sure I will discover others.

2 – meet two fellow bloggers

1 – car boot sale

I’ve never been. I’m slightly worried that my propensity for hoarding will get out of hand. I hope to keep this to just the one.

0 – Buy zero new clothes

Make, up-cycle or buy from charity shop. (Apart from specialist activity items – eg I might need a new swim suit – upcycling old ones? – aargh!what a hideous thought!)

Modern clothing manufacture is so very bad for the environment so I’m hoping to cut down on my carbon footprint with this one. Anyone wanting to donate some old clothes for upcycling or using in textile art are VERY welcome to do so!


I am delighted to discover that there is a growing band of us doing 17 for 2017: Mrs Snail, Nanacathy, GillyflowerMurtagh’s Meadow., Ouch My Back hurts, Ruth’s Arc,  Cherie Langlois, Erin’s Big World

Anyone else?

It’s not too late to join in.

And here is another type of aspirational list made by Lillabella Makes

I’m looking forward to reading how we all get on in 2017.


16 for 2016 December

A bit late, but I just had to do a final round-up of my 16 for 2016 targets. I was so pleased with my late surge of activity in December, that I wanted to share them with you.

Inspired by Cathy at Nanacathy, here is what I wanted to achieve in 2016, all the ones in PINK were completed in December.

16 WALKS (of more than an hour)


Once away from home in December I went on a walk nearly every day and had done 4 one hour walks within the first 6 days, hitting the target and beyond.

ft path




Just before leaving home for my 31 day retreat I had the idea of making re-usable cards out of fabric

and some fabric ‘cards’ to send to my 8 grandchildren whilst I was away.

Here’s 3 of them


Each little pocket on the left has a favourite saying tucked into it.


10 done

Certainly not as many as I would have liked – must do better!


11 done


6 done

I have no gardening targets in my 2017 list!


Zero in 2016 – which really did surprise me – however Miss E wanted to make a drawstring bag to keep her gym hand-guards in, and we have just made 3 together


I’m keeping the one on the left to put shoes in when I’m packing a case to go away. It is also the perfect size for a wine bottle!

Miss E has the other two.


7 done

I tried lots of tutorials on YouTube which I could not get to work, but I was glad to have had a go.



I went away on 15th Dec with a car laden with fabric and started creating pieces of textile art on Day One – with a month stretching ahead it was lovely to sit amidst material and threads and be able to concentrate on just that with no interruptions. I think I started at least 10 projects in December and did finish a couple which I will share at a later date.

Here is a textile tassel just to give you a hint of what is to come





I completed this target on 5th Dec: I was spurred on to have a tidy up before going away. So pleased to hit this particular target.


5 done, 2 to go

Lots of paintings in progress but just 5 finished. See them here

6 BUS RIDES using my Bus Pass

2 done


4 done


1 done


1 done

I did have another massage whilst I was away….. bliss (a gift from my lovely daughter – even better!)…… but it was in January 2017.



Collecting clothing. Crocheting Blankets. Making donations.



‘Enchanted August’ by Brenda Bowen got me there.




Doing this review has helped me be a little more realistic for 2017 – I think!

The list is waiting in the wings. It is fun to see there are a few of us doing the 17 for 2017 challenge, even my daughter has been inspired to join in and has made a brilliant start.




A textile birthday card


With a pocket where a piece of card can be inserted with a message written on it.

And another piece of decorated card behind it,  left blank so that this card can be re-useddsc_0112

Joining in with our Photo Challenge prompt of CARD

Please leave your links in the Comments.







Photo Challenge Prompt: MUSIC

Ronovan’s Haiku Prompts: BELLS and RING

I know many of you will be getting festive, but I am retreating into my own little world of creative solitude – bliss!!!!!

Haikus don’t seem to be flowing at the moment, maybe I’ll add one later if inspiration strikes.

The photo above is of a textile book I am putting together as a Baby Book, i thought Rock-a-Bye Baby would be good as the centre page.

I’m making pocket to tuck little records indsc_0010-1

and photo frames and a pen holder inside the front cover


Sending you all a pocket of peace.