I like to create all sorts of things and sometimes they end up in my  Etsy, Ravelry or Society6 shops – please do click on the links and have a good browse.

My latest knitting pattern to go on sale is this one the Woodland Fairy Jacket

If you wish to use my photos for anything, please ask – I will usually say yes, but the copyright is mine and my permission needs to be given. Thank you.

Photos are in low definition. If you would like any sent to you in high definition, to print for your own personal use, please go to the ‘Contact Me’ Page and let me know. I can add them as a Custom Order in my Etsy shop.

Happy Shopping!

Society6, where you will find cushions, tote bags, rugs and all manner of other goodies. I photograph my crochet and crazy patchwork and Society6 print the photos onto fabric to make high quality items.

11893019_1049297-plwfr2_l11873770_16646501-bagtote16_lthese make great project bags, the largest size will fit a growing throw/blanket in it11872507_14383183-rg23_j easily




I’d love to know what you think of the designs. Have a good look around, there are some great artists on the Society6 website!

They often have free shipping and other promotions running – always good to check.

Etsy Shop

Pattern prices are mainly £2.95 plus VAT. Here is the Wavy Wig

Find the pattern on Etsy and Ravelry.

A request for a black knitted wig and thoughts of Halloween prompted me to put this wig in the shop – the patterns fit adults and children age 6 and up.


And then there are the seahorses and pigs
Pop along and have a look what else is on the shelves:

You are very welcome to drop in – would love to hear your feedback.

With so many gorgeous handmade things to see in other wonderful Etsy shops too – enjoy a good browse.


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