Dalby Forest: 1

One of the best days in Yorkshire was when Cathy took me on a favourite walk of hers in Dalby Forest, to the Bridestones, you can see a map and description here.


We climbed up through the woods


and were both in awe of the colours, especially the larches

larch, autumn

Which are particularly gorgeous this year


I can just imagine one of Kate Davies’ designs knitted in the colours above

Yorkshire, Dalby Forest

My hair used to be the colour of that bracken! Seems like another life entirely.

Dalby Forest, Bridestones

North Yorkshire


We arrived at the top where the Bridestones are.

Now this stoneYorkshire is referred to as the Pepperpot, but to me she was an old lady, maybe the wise old matchmaker calling Coooo-eeeeeeeee, down the valley


this is her view


A little further along there is an Elf’s tunnel, I had to squat right down low to get this picture, a 3 year old could just about walk through it, and elves of course.

Elf's tunnel


now down into the valley


where we could hear a squawking bird


With a wonderful free App on my phone ‘Chirp’ I could identify it as a Jay, then we saw the Jay flitting through the trees, sounding very perturbed about something – like this

looking back


and nearly back to the car now


Oh what a fabulous walk.

Click on any photo to see it full screen.

The day was not over    ………

off we went to see Rachel Whiteread’s Nissen Hut …………





I know I said we would be off to Dalby Forest in this post – but I was getting ahead of myself – my thoughts and memories of my trip are still in a glorious jumble!

So instead we are off to Whitby! On our first jaunt, Cathy took me across the moors to this fascinating place. We parked near the harbour – rich in photographic opportunities

lobster pots

tall ship


and headed for the restaurant famous for it’s fish and chips: The Magpie Cafe The Magpie Cafe, Whitby

What a location! Standing on those steps one looks straight across the harbour to St Mary’s ChurchSt Mary's Church Whitby

see the mouthwatering menufish dish


We found the perfect spot to sit – what a view …. just had to take another photoWhitby

And here’s the food shot – just for you Sheila!

I went for the top one on the menu, Cathy enjoyed the house speciality.fishdish

Yum YuMmmmmmmm!

Now for a walk along the Pier to use up a few of those calories, passing by a Dracula Emporium on the way – there is a very Gothic air to Whitby. You can find out more about the Dracula connection here. I’m rather glad I missed Halloween!


The day was overcast adding to the Gothic atmosphere, from the pier we looked along the coastcoast

and back towards the church and castle


and then for a brief dramatic moment – ta dah! The sun lit up the church!


The church was our next destination, so we headed back into town, across the bridge passing lots of intriguing little alleyways and shops


and up the 199 stepsDSC_0486

From the top we could see where we had been on the PierWhitby

St Mary’s is the most extraordinary church I have ever been inside. I was so overcome by its vast size, and extravagant style that I didn’t take many photos, I was agog. It was filled with Box Pews – hundreds of them, no open pews, and they filled not only the huge floorspace but they went on up into the raftersDSC_0493

Apparently it can seat over 2,000 people! I wonder when that last happened.

Intriguing and bizarre


See more from Google images here.

If you want to read more about it the Whitby Museum website is a good place to start. A most extraordinary place.

We did not have time to look at the nearby Abbey on that occasion – the days at this time of year are so short!

We made a quick visit to Robin Hoods Bay, where there is a very weird, and I would say ugly, sculpture to celebrate the Millenium. Neither of us could make any sense of. It was so bizarre that I could not get a photo of it that made any sense either. You can  read about it here and see more images here.

We drove back with the low light giving a glow to the magnificent autumn colours. What a fabulous day, we had such a good time, chatting happily away all day long. I’m so very grateful to Cathy for taking me to these weird and wonderful places.

Thank you Cathy!



The Joys of Whistle Stop Cottage

Whistle Stop Cottage, Newbridge, Nr. Pickering is a gem. I found it through Air BnB,

click on the link to see photos.

It was right by the Steam Railway line and at the time I was there there was always some activity to be seen whilst they were carrying out necessary maintenance.

North Yorkshire steam railway

The above picture was taken at the bottom of the garden.

The one below taken from my bedroom window.

track maintenance

The machine seemed to be levelling the gravel underneath and beside the tracks. There was much laughter and friendly banter going on for most of the day. railway

Walking to the end of the row of cottages brought you to a path


that went over the railway in front of another row of cottagesDSC_0489

steam railway and into the woods beyond


Following this path through the woods I could get to Pickering in about 15 minutes

Such a delightful walk


Then just before you got to the station you could cross the railway again and walk back along the path and see all the vintage carriages waiting to be of service.

vintage carriages

Then along by the river

autumn colours

over a stone stile and pass by a row of dwellings where a lovely gazebo awaited


summer gatherings on balmy nights under the fairy lights, a few bottles of wine and warm conversation.

Then back along the path to the cottage,


What a delightful walk to the shops.

There was filming going on at the stationIMG_2296





Lights, camera, action! I saw hustle and bustle but nothing very interesting exceptsteam train when the train was puffing by and helicopters swooped over headvintage train

look at these fabulous old wooden carriagesvintage carriages

rolling stock, wooden

And after all that excitement, at the end of the day, I could cosy up,  light the fire and carry on with my collage …… mmmmmmmm bliss!


I was so happy in that cottage and got to chat with a few of my neighbours there, a little hamlet of about 10 houses. I would have been happy to stay for much longer.

In the next post you wll be coming on a trip to Dalby Forest with me and Cathy, to see that Nissen Hut.


Joining in with Cee’s ‘Which Way’ photo challenge.

hosted now by Son of a Beach.

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Next Year’s Monthly Meet Up

Next Tuesday, 4th December, is our last Photographic Meet Up for 2018


It has been a great year. I have loved seeing what each of you make of the prompt each month.  Thank you so much to all who have joined in this year and shared your fabulous entries.

On 6th November I was travelling and I forgot to tell you about my plans for next year,  so here goes…..

The photo below is a clue

photo challenge

The challenge will still become live on the first Tuesday of each Month and remain open for entries until the following month.

My cunning plan for 2019 is to have just one subject for the whole year.

A chance to get creative, inventive and to look out for interesting and quirky aspects of. ………..

Another clue

lattice window

Can you guess what our one word prompt for the year will be?window

Yes of course …

shop window


(Cathy I’m sure you recognize the last one from our day in Whitby – we forgot about going in there on the way back, drat!)

We start on Tuesday, 1st January – New Year’s Day! Which might not be a day when you want to think about blogging and photography but remember the challenge is open for the whole month so pop in any time and leave your link in the comments.


I’m off to find some GLITZ.


Bloggers on the loose in Yorkshire

Oh I had such a wonderful time in Yorkshire!

What a beautiful county! And Autumn was showing it off to perfection. autimn colour

The very best bit, of course, was meeting up with Nanacathy!

We even tried a selfie!


This was taken with Whitby castle in the background.


When I got home, I took a while to ‘land’, recover from all that driving and order my thoughts. My mind was in such a happy spin from everything I did, saw, experienced and photographed, it was hard to put things down in any coherent order. And to be truthful I didn’t really want to – I wanted to stay in that blur of delight for as long as I could!

I do want to share it all with you though – oh yes – so much, and I have been having mini conversations with you all about it.

Where to start – eek! Here I get all excited again and thoughts jump up and down and jostle for attention.  Calm………

Firstly I’ll tell you my itinerary:

I left on Thursday, 1st November and drove to Nuffield Place, where I made a brief stop for lunch and to take photos of ‘Patina’ – here I fell for a guy called W. Morris (of Morris Minor car fame – NOT William Morris of Arts and Crafts fame) and his wife, Elizabeth. Now I am in shock – I was searching for a link so that we could all learn a bit more of this philanthropic pair only to discover that he was in fact a paedophile. I am endlessly saddened by discovering such things. I nearly did not mention this but out of respect for Ann Vaughan, and the Me Too Movement, I felt it only right. (I will amend my previous post about Nuffield Place) Perhaps he made such generous donations to assuage his guilt – many people benefitted hugely from his financial generosity, but many suffered untold pain.


Then onwards to Coventry and a most fabulous 3 days Mixed Media Collage Workshop tutored by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and Nathalie Kalbach – so much to tell you about that, it will have a future post of its own.

On Monday 5th November, I drove to North Yorkshire where my home for the week was the cute, quaint and cosy Whistle Stop Cottage, which I can highly recommend.

On Tuesday morning Cathy came round for a cuppa! Oh joy!!!! We got on so well as I knew we would, it felt like we had been meeting up for a chat over the kitchen table for years! We had such fun planning our week, Cathy was keen to show me her gorgeous county and had taken into account the things I had mentioned I would like to do and see. Yorkshire Moors

1.The Moors    2. The coast   3. The WW1 Hearts Exhibition  4. Go for a walk  5. Rachel Whitereads’s Nissen Hut.

On Wednesday I met Mr E who has a delightfully wry sense of humour and after a cuppa and a chat, Cathy and I left for Whitby via the most popular bus journey in the UK


It was a bit breezy up thereDSC_0465

But the moors were looking spectacular in their autumn garb, and under the clouds they were moody and magnificent. I loved the feeling of looking across that vast expanse – we don’t get views like that in Dorset.DSC_0464

But just like Dorset, around a corner a new atmosphere is created by a river cutting through, creating beautiful valleys. What a drive it is.

Onwards to Whitby and a delicious lunch – more in a future post.

Thursday was spent pootling about in my cosy cottage doing collage – aaaah! joy!

On Friday Cathy picked me up and off we went for a wonderful walk in Dalby ForestDSC_0491 and to see the Concrete Nissen Hut (more about both later)Rachel Whiteread, nissen hut, Yorkshire

Saturday was a sunny day of wandering around Pickering and more collage

On Sunday, Armistice Day Cathy, Mr E and I all went to the WW1 Hearts Exhibition, in Scarborough, which was very moving and somewhat overwhelming. commemorative hearts, 11.11.2018

Monday was spent finishing off some collages, packing and popping round to say a fond farewell to Cathy and Mr E.

I had such a wonderful time and Cathy was so very generous with her time and Tour Guide expertise – I’m looking forward to telling you more about it all in future posts.

On Tuesday I set off on an epic 5 hour drive across country to stay with a friend in Gloucestershire and then home on Wednesday.

I had such a fabulous time away and returned in a happy glow – I’m looking forward to filling out the details some more in future posts.

Result of the Christmas Card Giveaway

There is SO much I’m itching to tell you about, my mnd is in a bit of a happy whirl with it all. I went away for a couple of fun-packed, creativity-packed weeks and it is taking me ages to come back to earth and order my thoughts enough to make some coherent blog posts. But first – the results of the Giveaway!

19 people voted, 18 wanted to be included in the Christmas Card Giveaway

Thank you so much to all who let me know which picture they liked the best

It was a close run between the all white card and the one with the green hearts

Votes as follows:

9 votes for the White Tree

6 votes for the Green Hearts

4 votes for the Red Berries

Most of my family liked the Green Hearts best so I decided to have the White Shells and the one with the Green Hearts printed. And the proofs have arrived – but I’m not happy with them. cardsThey don’t seem to have the vibrancy they need. So I will need to go back to the printer and see if we can sort that out. A shame as I was hoping to have them ready to send out by now.

Anyway – enough of that – you want to know who won!

I wrote the names on some pages I was using for collage


folded them and popped them in a bag and asked Cathy’s husband Mr E. to pick out three pieces of paper for me.

IMG_2332And the winners are …..





Karina of Murtagh’s Meadow

Kerry of Love those ‘Hands at Home’


Jamie of Hook This Weave That


Congratulations all!

As soon as I have the cards printed I will be sending you 3 each.

Please go to my Contact Me page and email me your postal address.

Thanks again to everyone who took part, it was such a help to get your comments.



Silent Sunday

November in Yorkshire 2018