One-a-Week Photo Challenge: Cross


the stars in my world

creativity blooming

with needle and thread


Three generations of cross stitch.

The blue and yellow Binca pieces on the top were made by my children (now 35 and 41) at school. The white Binca is being decorated by Little Miss M (4) and Master R (7), he has made the first arm of the cross stitches, but got frustrated when he came to the corner, his mathematical Virgoan brain could not get it to be precise enough, so we had to take a break. I hope we can return to it next weekend. Shall I undo the corner bit? …… Hmmmm these moral connumdrums we Grannies face.

You can see my cross stitches on the fabric collage underneath, the start of another textile experiment.

Linking with Ronovan’s weekly Haiku Challenge.

This week’s prompts: STAR and BLOOM


Cathy and I have put together a list of subjects for the whole year – jump in as and when you feel like it with current or archive photos, and leave a link in the comments to be included in the monthly Round Up.

Love-in-the-Mist of time


Joining Cathy with the wonderful In a Vase on Monday meme.

Love-in-the-mist, Gardeners Garters and (learn to love your weeds) ground elder flowers.

They are cosying-up in an old glass bottle that I found in the hedge of the farm cottage I lived in many years ago. Some of the materials in this piece of collage/embroidery are from that house and that time – the 1970s. Happy memories.

This is how the piece looks now with some Swarovski crystals added and some more stitching.DSC_0152

I’ve combined a little crochet to add to the texture


I’m just a tincey bit excited about adding crochet to embroidery and fabric collage – no that’s not true – I’m leaping about and squealing with excitement – can’t wait to see where this takes me.


Thankfully, life is returning to somewhere near normal, a health scare in the family caused us all some anxiety for a while and daily rhythms went a bit haywire, but happily we are through to the other side and good health and well-being has returned. Sorry to be mysterious but as it was not my own health issue, I don’t feel I can say more.

I have just spent a wonderful few days recharging my own batteries with creativity – that’s what works for me. Sleep doesn’t do it, but sewing, painting, crochet and being in my own creative space, exploring all manner of delicious possibilities does it every time. I’ve even started dreaming in stitches and colour combinations again!

I feel like I’ve hit a Vein of Gold, long may it last.

Textile Art



A work in progress…….DSC_0131-3


Needing a rest from crochet for a while, I have returned to some of the textile pieces I started back in Dec/Jan when I was staying in the treehouse near Solva.

I might add beads, shells and maybe a crocheted seahorse …… I’m in the exciting phase of experimentation and exploring a multitude of possibilities………



One-A-Week Photo Challenge Round Up: May

Cathy of Nanacathy and I have put a list together for you to have fun with. Thank you so much to those who enter our ‘challenge’. Not really a challenge, more a list to inspire. Sometimes I like to combine our prompt word with Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku challenge, as does Denis of Haiku Hound.

My May photos

So many fabulous entries in May:


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Please welcome a first time entry from Co from Berlin at  Photography and Co


Cathy at Nanacathy

Jane at RainbowJunkie

Kathy at Sewing etc.

Denis at Haiku Hound

Postcard from Gibraltar

Beth at I Am Branching Out

Sandra at Wild Daffodil


Cathy at Nanacathy

Jane at Rainbow Junkie

Denis at Haiku Hound

Kathy at Sewing Etc

Postcard from Gibraltar

Beth from I am Branching Out

Sandra at Wild Daffodil


Cathy at Nanacathy

Jane at Rainbow Junkie

Denis at Haiku Hound

Postcard from Gibraltar

Murtagh’s Meadow

Sandra at Wild Daffodil


I do hope I haven’t missed any entries – please let me know if I have and I will them to the list.

Subjects for June are: FAVOURITE, CROSS, FICTION and WAVE


New or archive photos and posts – all are welcome.

Pastel Pineapples

with hearts

A very dear friend of mine has a birthday this week.

She’s going through a tough time.

It will be no surprise to you that pineapples will feature in her present.

I’m hoping they will be a nice surprise for her.


dusty blue

Teddy’s favourite

keeps her warm


Miss E very sweetly asked me if I could mend the first dress I had made for Teddy as it is her FAVOURITE

Of course I could not resist this Boro-esque challenge.

First I needed to darn the holes and stabilise the edge with a running stitch

Then I carefully washed the dress and took it to Miss E for further instructions.

She asked for a daisy to cover the darn in the front and for me to neaten the edge. I hope she approves of the result as seen in the first photo.


“Work is love made visible”

Kahlil Gibran


Joining in with Ronovan’s weekly Haiku Challenge, prompt words: COLOUR and WARMTH


My entry for our One-a-Week Photo Challenge: FAVOURITE

Please leave a link to your FAVOURITE photo in the comments to be included in the monthly round-up.

17 for 2017: May

Life is still very busy and although I have not been blogging very much lately, there is still lots of creativity and crafting going on to share with you in the future.

Only two items to add this month, a walk and Yes! and Yippeeeee!!!! I met a fellow blogger!

17 – walks longer than an hour


One this month, during Half-term with my daughter’s three bouncy children. We were at Kingston Lacy from 11.15am until 5.30pm, walking through the gardens and woods and clambering up and over all sorts of obstacles. The children also did some carpentry: making a walking stick, a little easel and a bug hotel. It was a great day out.


We even saw some ‘pineapples’ – the children have run on ahead, can you see the dots in the distance? They call this the ‘Pineapple Path’ as they think the trees look like giant pineapples.

And here are a couple of lions especially for Cathy



I like hers better though!

16 – handmade greetings cards.


15 – beachy things (split into 3 x 5s – 5 pieces of beach related art, 5 beach cleans on new beaches, 5 beach clean sculptures, assemblages or mandalas)

Zero so far – this is the one I’m most disappointed about, but there is still time.

14 – items for my Etsy shop


Remains at 5.

13 – drawers, cupboards, shelves or boxes sorted out.


Still 7

I’ve shuffled things around a bit, but can’t claim anything has truly been sorted out.

12 – WIPs finished


Still 6.

11 – paintings/ art works


10 – house and garden tasks


9 – textile books worked on.


8 – hand written letters to grandchildren


7 – find 7 interesting objects


6 – items made for Pippin or improvements to Pippin (the caravan in the garden).


5  – random acts of kindness


although of course there are always more to do

4 – new National Trust properties visited


3 – make three up-cycled items of clothing 


2 – meet two fellow bloggers


So happy that I was able to meet up with Jane of Rainbow Junkie. She came to my local town and we able to meet up for a walk along Ringstead beach. It felt very special to sit over a cuppa after our walk and share life stories. She gave me the most generous and beautiful gift of her very own Celtic Coasters – I am so thrilled with them! Lucky, lucky me! Thank you Rainbow J. ❤

1 – car boot sale


0 – Buy zero new clothes



Others participating in 17 for 2017 are Nanacathy,  Mrs Snail, Mrs CraftMurtagh’s Meadow, Cherie,  Erin, Deb, …………… and? Let me know if you would like to be added to the list.