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On the beach of childhood, standing high on pebble banks

To watch the unseen wind whip waves to froth

And blow the gulls of aspiration off their course

Like Autumn leaves across the bay

Grandad joins me and we walk on firm and ochre sand  Which stretching wider as the tide retreats unveils its treasure   ……..

Butterfly shells, striped white-pale violet and twisted cones of pointed brown

For drawing pictures in the sand

We walk for miles, content to make no progress

Ghosts of happy shrieks from childhood past

A glimpse of shrimps, in rock pools under towering cliffs

And crabs in dim salt-weed-smell-caves that echo of the bygone days

When hope lurked somewhere not too far away, if

one could only find the magic lamp, the key, the one enchanted shell, the lucky holey, holy pebble

Or real me

There is a rock when tide is out, to find on special days, when spells are in the air

And Grandad and I, we found a Guardian living there…. an eel

Inside the rock, a deep dark water cavern

Reaching deeper into dreams, where kindly wizards with wavy, whispy, wiggled, white and wafty hair, can take you with a drum-beat

A truly huge and gliding eel, twisting in a playful dance

To ask you in ……. and down I went like Alice into


Slow-motioned mosses pass with ferns and glinting pairs of winking eyes

Into a crystal cave below, with soft light glow

Past amethyst and tourmaline and stalactite of quartz, round zircon and the spodumene

To move towards the source

Enter an enchanted land on shafts of rainbow light, and here to sit on cinnabar

Await the animal of power

….and will it come …..

A harlequin of fishes swim at my feet, so fast to make a blur, to mirror parrots round my head and all the

animals of flight, the iridescence of their wings make more and more the rainbow light

Through spinning fairground-ride of colour comes a horse of purest white with diamonds on its brow to guide the way with light. The jewels upon its back send healing rays

To those who see it zinging there ……….. and even some who don’t

Prancing full of energy of pure intent

And whispy, waving wizard with white and wayward tumbleweed of hair, waves wands of wind to blow the Windhorse in

My broken heart was black against the light, unready for this visit, and this might

Of right and good

Bucking, kicking Windhorse sets souls free of scars, sent out on paths of satin to the stars

And shows how even small charred hearts can grow and glow

And go into the world to find all colours of the spectrum merging to make white

To fly a kite of joy across these windswept sands of time

Stamp out the pain. Stamp in a reign of heaven’s glee

And dance a dance of innocence and youth

To free Real Me of being tossed and scattered by the might and muscle of the sea

Gentle drum to beat retreat from rainbow-land where heaven grew within

Up-tumble to the cavern of the eel, to meet my waiting Grandad,

There to ease the journey onward

Into now

And give my heart its zest

Its beat

Its How


written in 1995 and re-tweaked in 2016




When difficulty goes

One remembers the good

The void is filled

Without effort


The songs, the sounds

The sights, the scents

Waft in and out

In random shuffle


Loss is deep

Gain is there but distant

It takes a while to settle

Each of us alone in our experience


The ground shifts

Where has normal gone

Time, friendship and the love of living

Bring us back together



The Close lies silent in the early morning light

And slowly comes to life with gentle stirrings

Birdsong and the soft footstep of dog walkers passing

As I take my tea to see which new flower opens.

Then, not too loud, my neighbours start their day

And chat in driveways checking all is well

We keep a distance and we keep in touch

Very different and with much in common

English village life, a challenge sometimes,

Has a richness, complex and connected

Weaving us all together in unseen ways,

A pleasant way to rub along for all our future days.

*June 2015*



Sunshine and a robin’s song

Sung clearly from the trees

Digging, weeding, clearing brambles in shirt sleeves

Rejoicing in the stepping back, stepping out …….. away

Giving to my younger self, a perfect Christmas Day!


Robin in the tree…   Sings clear out to sun shining…   Whilst I clear brambles


Walkers muffled up….   Against the cold wind blowing…   Boots on, crunching ice


Kids at last in bed

Snug as bugs in rugs, tucked up

Kitten sleeps on lap


sunrise meets the oak…   branches in a soft pink glow…   frame for a chaffinch


Surveying the view…   Munching sweet steaming silage…   The cows settle in


Bacon equals ‘beacon’ broken
An ‘E’ taken and forsaken
Sandwich filled with added ‘L’ to field
And a delicious breakfast is now grilled!


4 responses to “Poems

  1. Are you intrigued by Orpheus too? I wrote some sonnets with him in mind.
    I ‘L’ ike your poetry very interesting turn of phrase and sentiment

    BTW – you don’t have to pub ‘L’ish these comments. Just chatting.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ‘L’ copied and pasted from your poem

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ”ove your linguistic puns

    My keyboard does not sport an e-, does that mean I will not find affection?

    a synonym is a word that you use if you cannot spe– the rea- one.

    New keyboard coming up.

    Liked by 1 person

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