Summer Flight

This tells of the journey I have been on with this gorgeous painting by Carolyne Kardia


In 2008 I was able to buy this painting from Carolyne. I have long admired and enjoyed her paintings, going to many of her exhibitions. I had a little windfall and an invitation to one of her Open Studios and so I went along with my daughter and granddaughter, Miss E,(then a toddler) hoping to see a painting that felt right for me. Her studio is a delight and I always meet such lovely people there.

At first, although I did like all the paintings, there was not one that said “I’m yours!” So I settled into just enjoying the experience of looking and chatting and drinking cups of tea when I suddenly wondered where Miss E had gone, looking round, there she was standing, pointing up at a painting. It was just by the door as we came in, and I hadn’t really noticed it before. In that moment, it was love at first sight! And Miss E had ‘found’ it for me.

At that first meeting, to me it looked like fairies dancing. since then I seem to see different things every time I look – when the weather is windy it reflects that, when sunny, it brings sunshine into my room.

In 2012 it gained a frame, and then a cushion, which led to more cushions made in collaboration with two of my grandchildren. Well of course it could not stop there! After all I have 8 grandchildren ……….

Master R’s cushion has a tractor on it.

I wanted to crochet a throw for the back of the futon that sits under the painting and had the idea of using the painting as an inspiration.

Click here to see how that turned out.

Experiment 2. I tried reducing the colours and leaving out the yellows


I quite liked the throw, but still it did not sit happily with the painting. however it has gone to live happily with Little Miss M.

The idea did not really work out, but it led to all sorts of other really lovely projects


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