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17 for 2017

Inspired by Cathy at Nanacathy, I joined in with 16 for 2016. It was fun and motivating to have written it down for others to see and sharing the achievements each month with Cathy and other blog readers. No rules, you make them up for yourself as you go along.

I didn’t complete all my targets (you can see how I got on here) but, for me it was good to have an aim and see how I got on and I learnt a lot from it. I’m hoping my 2017 targets are more realistic, whilst still offering challenges.

17 – walks longer than an hour

I often go on walks, but was surprised to discover in 2016 that they are rarely an hour long (most are 30 – 40mins). I love long walks and I love sharing them with Wild Daffodil readers so I feel quite determined to hit this target in 2017.

16 – handmade greetings cards.

15 – beachy things (split into 3 x 5s – 5 pieces of beach related art, 5 beach cleans on new beaches, 5 beach clean sculptures, assemblages or mandalas)

14 – items for my Etsy shop

13 – drawers, cupboards, shelves or boxes sorted out.

12 – WIPs finished

I have an embarrassingly large box full of knitting and crochet W.I.Ps

11 – paintings/ art works

Working towards an exhibition in May/June 2018

10 – house and garden tasks (split into 5x 2s – make two quiches, paint two chairs, complete two house projects, complete two garden projects, raise two pumpkin plants)

9 – textile books worked on.

8 – hand written letters to grandchildren

7 – find 7 interesting objects

(Thank you to Murtagh’s Meadow for this idea)

6 – items made for Pippin or improvements to Pippin.

5  – random acts of kindness

4 – new National Trust properties visited

3 – make three up-cycled items of clothing

I found these sites: Refashionista,  Creating My Way to Success to help me on my way and I’m sure I will discover others.

2 – meet two fellow bloggers

1 – car boot sale

I’ve never been. I’m slightly worried that my propensity for hoarding will get out of hand. I hope to keep this to just the one.

0 – Buy zero new clothes

Make, up-cycle or buy from charity shop. (Apart from specialist activity items – eg I might need a new swim suit – upcycling old ones? – aargh!what a hideous thought!)

Modern clothing manufacture is so very bad for the environment so I’m hoping to cut down on my carbon footprint with this one. Anyone wanting to donate some old clothes for upcycling or using in textile art are VERY welcome to do so!


I am delighted to discover that there is a growing band of us doing 17 for 2017: Mrs Snail, Nanacathy, GillyflowerMurtagh’s Meadow., Ouch My Back hurts, Ruth’s Arc,  Cherie Langlois, Erin’s Big World

Anyone else?

It’s not too late to join in.

And here is another type of aspirational list made by Lillabella Makes

I’m looking forward to reading how we all get on in 2017.