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A Wild amount of Daffodils

I am in the grip of Daffy Mania – sometimes these creative ideas strike (like lightning!) and just will not let me go until they kinda work themselves through


Does this happen to you?

It started with a few yellow daffodils for the feature photo at the top of this blog, I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time. You can find the pattern at Attic24.

Then, as I have mentioned before, my Mum became ill and I spent many hours sitting by her bedside crocheting, so I had time to keep going with the daffs. Because she is Welsh it felt strangely comforting to be crocheting the flower emblem for Wales.


She has dementia and she does not remember much, but her fierce pride in her country of origin remains intact.

Then in pops the idea of making a ‘Welsh’ daffodil, in the colours of the Welsh Flaggb-wales


And another, and another ……DSC_0992

What do you think? I’m never sure if these ideas are in the category

“just because you can, do you think you should?!”


“Wow! That’s really cool!”

But I have to let them run their course and just keep going…….

Cue a quote from Andy Warhol as seen on Facebook13124687_440634817498788_n

I’m not really so concerned about what everybody else thinks about it, but what I eventually think about it myself.

Sometimes I make things that I think are SO FAB-U-LUSSSSSS in the moment and a few weeks later, I’m a bit shocked that I ever wanted to make it at all – so only time will tell.

However the thoughts of others do have an effect on where my thoughts go – if others love it, I tend to go further with it, if they don’t it doesn’t bother me but it takes some of the energy out of the current mini-obsession – I like the ebb and flow of this process which always bears fruit of some kind or other, and the thoughts, ideas and opinions of others often inform the next twist and turn of the creative process, which feels like creative collaboration- one of my very favourite things!

Anyway, back to the daffodils, ‘there was an English, an Irish and a Welsh…..’, I know, I’ve missed out Scotland – the blue and white Scottish one is yet to be made.


A narcissus

DSC_0991 (1)

and a few Wild Ones


which includes one made with Miss E’s favourite colours


and my favourite colours


and a peace daffodil…

DSC_0990 (1)

I’m thinking of making some into brooches, some as a garland, but other than that ….. where next …… any ideas?


Oh, and my Mum, well she has made a remarkable recovery and lives to smile another day – the healing power of crocheted daffodils!


Joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along and Cee’s Flower of the Day