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 Watching and waiting 

In tension and not knowing 

Until at last, love


DSCF9120 - Version 5*

Hope springs eternal

As we wait for the babies

Patient pregnant pause


The first Haiku is for Ronovan’s Weekly Challenge. The two words he has given us this week are LOVE and LAST

I’m really enjoying this Haiku malarkey and this week I have tried to follow ‘the rules’ and create a Haiku in which:

a) the two sentences work in isolation:

‘Watching and waiting in tension and not knowing.’

‘In tension and not knowing, until at last, love.’

b) it links to nature or natural forces.

c) it is enigmatic enough to relate to different circumstances that anyone can identify with.

d) it follows the 5,7,5 syllable pattern.

How did I do?

The only thing I didn’t quite manage is:

e) each sentence being opposites – unless we can stretch this to ‘tension’ being kinda opposite to ‘love’


The photo is this week’s entry in Bluedaisyz Photo Challenge, subject: HOPE.

It is a picture I took of my daughter-in-law’s beautiful bump when she was expecting my last two grandchildren (twin girls). I had not noticed my son’s shadow until I uploaded the photo – what a happy accident!

Can you also see the fainter shadow of my d-i-l facing my son’s shadow too – I only noticed that when I was writing this post – even more wonderful – well, to me anyway!

Thank you to my son and daughter-in-law for letting me use the picture – fond memories of that wonderful time. And now we have those two beautiful girls!!

Other ‘HOPE‘ photos: Erika, it will make your mouth water; Jamie, a beady eye; Melissa, and on the day of the birth of a new princess, new hope of the life of fluffy little chicks – so cuuuuuuuute!

Next week’s photo challenge subject: SKY

Update: Ronovan does a review each week of all the Haiku entries – it must take him hours! I look forward to it each Sunday. He picks a serious Haiku ‘winner’ and a humorous one. This week the Humour Prize went to Vashti with her great take on the two words, which set off a whole dialogue on Love and Leftovers – brilliant!

And his serious choice is from Rachel, so true!