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Wednesday Walk-Along in Beer

Beer in Devon.beachOh my word, life has been crazy busy and stressful recently, I needed to get away. Just a few days, not too much to organise and no difficult travel arrangements. So I took myself for a long weekend to the wonderfully welcoming Durham House in Beer.DSCF6533And headed straight for the beach. Beer is a busy working seaside town where you can watch the fishing boats coming in and then buy this gorgeous fresh fish from 8.30 in the morning.fishOr eat the catch of the day in one of the many very good restaurantsstreetDSCF6534

People often say how brave I am to travel alone – but I LOVE it.

I love the freedom and the anonymity and pleasing only me every minute of the day.

Mostly I love the busy-ness and the buzziness and the rich variety of my day-to-day but sometimes   ………    It’s all about balance.

After a quick visit to the beach, and a spot of beachcombing, next stop the galleries to immerse myself in beauty and creativity…gall1first in the Steam Gallerygall3glistening colour-zinging  glass, paintings and ceramicsgall2 some of the paintings had a 60’s look to me, like this one by Charlie O’Sullivan and oh joy! to see these quirky ceramics again by Ross Emersongallery1Usually I’m not into ‘things’, but sometimes, when I see something and it stays with me and I can’t stop thinking about it for 2 years, and it is made by a local artist, and I am on holiday and ………. well I just HAVE to buy myself a present – there were 3 candlesticks in that display – and now one of them is with ME!!!DSC_0294My catch of the day!


You can also Walk-Along with Alistair at Still Walks , or pop across to Finland

And a friend posted this picture on FB of her weekend walk at Treyarnon Bay in Cornwall. She gave me permission to share it with you – looks a fabulous place – maybe one for my next short get-awayTreyarnon Bay


hello“Hello!”fish spine





fanthis is my favourite photo from last Saturday morning – I will print it BIG

fellow a fellow early-morning beachcomber




spikesthere is something about this I love too, but not sure I would want it on my wall – do you have a favourite?


Delightful hours of meandering along – no thoughts other than jetsam

(the last time I did this was about a year ago in Abu Dhabi – it’s been far too long!)

Beachcombing slowly                                                                                                        On an icy morning                                                                                               Delighting in sunshine                                                                                                 Ideas forming

A fishbone, a pebble,                                                                                                            A net and some shell,                                                                                                         To me, these are treasures…                                                                                              And you, as well?