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Bloggers on the loose in Yorkshire

Oh I had such a wonderful time in Yorkshire!

What a beautiful county! And Autumn was showing it off to perfection. autimn colour

The very best bit, of course, was meeting up with Nanacathy!

We even tried a selfie!


This was taken with Whitby castle in the background.


When I got home, I took a while to ‘land’, recover from all that driving and order my thoughts. My mind was in such a happy spin from everything I did, saw, experienced and photographed, it was hard to put things down in any coherent order. And to be truthful I didn’t really want to – I wanted to stay in that blur of delight for as long as I could!

I do want to share it all with you though – oh yes – so much, and I have been having mini conversations with you all about it.

Where to start – eek! Here I get all excited again and thoughts jump up and down and jostle for attention.  Calm………

Firstly I’ll tell you my itinerary:

I left on Thursday, 1st November and drove to Nuffield Place, where I made a brief stop for lunch and to take photos of ‘Patina’ – here I fell for a guy called W. Morris (of Morris Minor car fame – NOT William Morris of Arts and Crafts fame) and his wife, Elizabeth. Now I am in shock – I was searching for a link so that we could all learn a bit more of this philanthropic pair only to discover that he was in fact a paedophile. I am endlessly saddened by discovering such things. I nearly did not mention this but out of respect for Ann Vaughan, and the Me Too Movement, I felt it only right. (I will amend my previous post about Nuffield Place) Perhaps he made such generous donations to assuage his guilt – many people benefitted hugely from his financial generosity, but many suffered untold pain.


Then onwards to Coventry and a most fabulous 3 days Mixed Media Collage Workshop tutored by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and Nathalie Kalbach – so much to tell you about that, it will have a future post of its own.

On Monday 5th November, I drove to North Yorkshire where my home for the week was the cute, quaint and cosy Whistle Stop Cottage, which I can highly recommend.

On Tuesday morning Cathy came round for a cuppa! Oh joy!!!! We got on so well as I knew we would, it felt like we had been meeting up for a chat over the kitchen table for years! We had such fun planning our week, Cathy was keen to show me her gorgeous county and had taken into account the things I had mentioned I would like to do and see. Yorkshire Moors

1.The Moors    2. The coast   3. The WW1 Hearts Exhibition  4. Go for a walk  5. Rachel Whitereads’s Nissen Hut.

On Wednesday I met Mr E who has a delightfully wry sense of humour and after a cuppa and a chat, Cathy and I left for Whitby via the most popular bus journey in the UK


It was a bit breezy up thereDSC_0465

But the moors were looking spectacular in their autumn garb, and under the clouds they were moody and magnificent. I loved the feeling of looking across that vast expanse – we don’t get views like that in Dorset.DSC_0464

But just like Dorset, around a corner a new atmosphere is created by a river cutting through, creating beautiful valleys. What a drive it is.

Onwards to Whitby and a delicious lunch – more in a future post.

Thursday was spent pootling about in my cosy cottage doing collage – aaaah! joy!

On Friday Cathy picked me up and off we went for a wonderful walk in Dalby ForestDSC_0491 and to see the Concrete Nissen Hut (more about both later)Rachel Whiteread, nissen hut, Yorkshire

Saturday was a sunny day of wandering around Pickering and more collage

On Sunday, Armistice Day Cathy, Mr E and I all went to the WW1 Hearts Exhibition, in Scarborough, which was very moving and somewhat overwhelming. commemorative hearts, 11.11.2018

Monday was spent finishing off some collages, packing and popping round to say a fond farewell to Cathy and Mr E.

I had such a wonderful time and Cathy was so very generous with her time and Tour Guide expertise – I’m looking forward to telling you more about it all in future posts.

On Tuesday I set off on an epic 5 hour drive across country to stay with a friend in Gloucestershire and then home on Wednesday.

I had such a fabulous time away and returned in a happy glow – I’m looking forward to filling out the details some more in future posts.