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This is the last photo on the Bluedaisy Photo Challenge.

I can hardly believe that I have posted a photo every week for 52 weeks – Wow!



in the dark of the year

twinkling lights bring warmth and joy

new hope burning bright


dark Winter

candle-light twinkles

hope burns bright


Joining in with Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge: YEAR and NEW

* * *

So many reasons to feel joyful today:

A drum roll please!
A brand new Photo Challenge for 2016
Photo challenge

We are proud, happy and excited to present our spanking new weekly Photo Challenge all ready for 2016

Four, fab, photo fiends have joined together to create this 52 week photo challenge.

Let us introduce ourselves:

Cathy from Nanacathydotcom

Jane from Rainbow Junkie

Melissa from The Aran Artisan

Sandra from Wild Daffodil

We have so enjoyed Jamie’s (Bluedaisy) photo challenge that we just did not want to stop – many thanks to Jamie for starting this off and for her great list of prompts – we hope we have created an equally inspiring list.

The ‘rules’ such as they are, are very relaxed. It is up to you to take those prompts and run with them:

1. You could make it your own challenge to post a photo each week for 52 weeks,


2. See each week as a fresh challenge and enter as many weeks or as few as you like. You will be very welcome whenever you want to join us.

3.We intend to enter just one photo as the ‘challenge’ photo, but feel free to enter as many as you like.

4. Whether you like to take a new photo each week according to the subject, or search your archives to find a photo that fits – all are welcome.

5. Join in at any time during the year, the more the merrier.

6. Each week the PROMPT goes live from 9am GMT on Monday to 9am GMT the following Sunday. We start on Monday 4th.January, 2016.

7. Anytime during the week post a photo inspired by the prompt on your blog Once Cathy has posted her photo that week (usually on a Tuesday) you can add your link in the Comments section of her post.

You are welcome to download and keep the list or display it on your blog.

Melissa and I like to combine the Photo Challenge with Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge. Sometimes it is an extra brain-tease but on the whole one often seems to support the other – it really is fun – have a go!

Or maybe the photo will inspire a poem or short story – oooh – some fun possibilities!

But of course there is absolutely NO need to combine them if that does not appeal – this is primarily a photo prompt.

Primary Aim: FUN!

NEXT WEEK’s PROMPT – Our first!


Any ideas?





daylight blues transform

the magic of candlelight

making colours sing


Two photos needed today for the Bluedaisy Photo Challenge prompt: MAGIC.

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge prompt words: SING and DAY

Blues could apply to mood in this haiku, and then I think I might have captured the two opposing sentences.

For a real treat pop over to read Annette’s Haiku – just beautiful!


On the textile tour in Japan we went to a weaving workshop where they wove the most highly prized silk kimonos. The dyes used look as in the top photograph in daylight, but when the lamp was shone on them they turned into rich golds, and warm pinks, giving the kimonos a completely different look at night – now that’s magic!

Last week of Bluedaisyz Photo Challenge next week, prompt word:


And then 4 of us have worked together on a brand new list for 2016! That brings me a feeling of JOY right there! We have put together a cracking list of photo prompts – eeeek! Exciting!

It would be absolutely wonderful if you’d like to join in.


Red Henry: He has tales to tell and the scars to prove it.


I have had Henry with me for about 30 years, a lot has happened in those 3 decades. He finally needs to go into retirement and be replaced with a younger model. I just could not bring myself to take him to the dump – he holds memories – how ridiculous to have a sentimental attachment to a gadget, but he’s seen me through some tough times.

I asked Miss E (8) to think about what we could do with Henry, and she came up with the idea that he could be used to hold toys for Little Miss M (3), “because she would love to push them around” – and I do believe she would!

So after a bit a a clean he has taken up his new post as a toy carriage.DSC_0061

And if that doesn’t please Little Miss M as much as we think it will – he can be used as a moveable plant pot holder for the heavy blue ceramic pot holding a custard apple plant that I have grown from seed.

One of Henry’s Tales:

Cue wobbly camera effect as we go back to circa 1989……..The day was fraught with my 11 year old middle child (!) being very annoying. He was pretty cross with me for leaving his Dad, and I was pretty cross with him for being bolshie. We were all struggling to adjust to the new situation. We lived in a town at that time and were planning to go shopping, he was refusing to come with us. In the end he persuaded me to leave him at home – we only planned to be about 45 mins so rightly or wrongly (wrongly as it turned out!) I decided I could really do with a break from the arguments and took the other two with me.

The three of us were wandering peacefully along in the pedestrian shopping street when a bike came up beside us very fast and screeched to a halt! It was middle child looking terrified – he garbled, without drawing breath “I wanted to be helpful, so I thought I’d lay the fire but it caught alight and I tried to put it out but it made a mess so I vacuumed it up and now the vacuum cleaner’s on fire!!!”

“Ok,”I said, “we will all go home” (I could be very calm in a crisis in those days) and he took off on his bike. We hurried back to the car park and drove home.

When we arrived, I was relieved to see no flames licking the roof, only an ashen faced boy holding on tightly to his bike standing at the gate waiting for us.

Opening the door I was greeted by a hideous smell, a mixture of burnt plastic and human hair (a lot of hair seems to be vacuumed up in our house) have you ever burnt hair – it smells DISGUSTING.

But no smoke and no fire! Phew!

Luckily the smouldering pieces once inside Henry’s belly had seemingly run out of oxygen and although they had burnt through the dust bag and a made a small hole in the canvas dust bag cover, DSC_0043and some scorch marks on the inside, no further harm was done and Henry still worked perfectly well, and soldiered on reliably until just a few weeks ago.

On the plus side – middle child was quite subdued and beautifully behaved for the rest of the week, returning to his more natural good humour and playfulness.


cantankerous child

with charm and a certain look

he redeems himself


and a 3/5/3

cheeky boy

with a charming look

puts things right


Which do you like best?

These are definitely Haibun this week: story summed up with a haiku

And the new Henry seems to be settling in nicelyDSC_0043 (1)


Joining in with Ronovan’s ever expanding band of Haiku Challengers. Prompt words: CHARM and LOOK


Bluedaisyz 52 week Photo Challenge: RED

Bluedaisyz Challenge is coming to an end. 😦

A few of us have enjoyed it so much we have been chatting behind the scenes and hopefully there will be some exciting developments to tell you about next week. 😀

I’m very excited!

The photo prompt for next week is:



dragon cake

wolfing down the cake

contrasts with her daily mood:

“No, that’s not for me!” 


Combining the two challenges of Bluedaisyz Weekly Photo Challenge: CONTRAST


Ronovan’s weekly Haiku Challenge: prompt words CAKE and WOLF

The photo is of my Mum on her 87th birthday, she often says “No” to things, but seemed genuinely delighted with her cake. Perhaps it was because it had a splendid Welsh Dragon on it, the cook at her nursing home handpainted it for her – I cried! Such a wonderfully touching thing for him to do.

Mum has dementia, a cruel and hideous disease, so it is particularly special when we can see that she is really enjoying herself.


And another one:

hungry wolf

pushes cake aside 

to feed on dreams


The ‘hungry wolf’ refers to the creative driver that lives inside which sometimes just will not let me attend to the everyday mundanities – know what I mean?

Photo prompts for the next 3 weeks – the last three weeks of the year – are RED, MAGIC and JOY

Update: Ronovan’s Review:

Contrast | Wild Daffodil. There are two Haiku, but I’m focusing on the first one. The Wild One might not see this as humor, but the fun I received from it tells me differently. The imagery and the truth of it makes it a sweet Haiku people will smile at when they read. The second Haiku is nice, but not humor and the first is so good and there is so much sentiment in it that it steals the show.

I’m thrilled that Ron picked up on the humour – one of Mum’s strongest and most endearing characteristics.




black and white

bullet train speeding

past Fuji


colour missed along the way

rushing through another day


The photo above is my attempt at taking a photo of the bullet train as it came into the station and below……

…. Surprisingly thrilling – this is my first sighting of Mount Fuji, photo taken from the train.


Joining in with Bluedaisyz Weekly Photo Challenge, prompt word: MOVEMENT


(Sometimes, just sometimes these challenges go together like peaches and cream!)

Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge, prompt words: BLACK and WHITE

A gorgeous Haiku to enjoy at the Daily Echo.

I’m going with the the 3.5.3 format again this week, in combining the challenges but have added two 7 syllable lines to create a Tanka – or is it? ooooooh, now what am I doing, playing around with the ‘rules’, I can see our Japanese guide looking sideways at me with a bemused smile at this uneducated Westerner.

And here another Tanka (5,7,5,7,7 this time)

white light heats the day

bright rays of inspiration

black night integrates

as winter hibernation

holds seeds of the new forming


And pop on over to ‘Me and the Boss’ for a Troiku and an explanation of how it works. A new one to me and this got my haiku head spinning – I must try this one out…… here goes

white light heats the day

bright rays of inspiration

black night integrates


white light heats the day

bringing colours out to play

made brighter by black


black shadows hold

bright rays of inspiration

white highlights sparkle


a day of colour

comes to a glorious end

black night integrates


What do you think? Gosh I had fun with that one!

Next week’s Photo Challenge prompt word is CONTRAST. This will be the 49th week, only 3 more weeks after that – gosh, I’m amazed that I have been able to rise to this challenge each week. I did mix up the weeks once and had to swap them round but I have actually posted a photo each week – it’s been fun – thank you to Jamie for coming up with such a brilliant list of subjects.




a life of giving

carved in stone


This Haiku is inspired by 3 people this week.

Firstly Jamie and her Photo Challenge prompt word: REMEMBER

Secondly Ronovan and his Haiku challenge prompt words: LIFE and GIVE

And thirdly by Haiku Hound Denis who left a wonderfully encouraging comment in response to my post Windy Haiku

Each month I meet up with a bi-lingual haiku group that is organised by a Japanese Haiku master, (mistress). She encourages us to write 3/5/3 in English as this translates almost perfectly to 17 syllables in Japanese………Be adventurous and have a go at a couple of 3/5/3/ after 5/7/5 and see how you feel!!!”

I’ve had a go and it feels GOOD!

Thank you Denis!

The photo was taken in a cemetery in Tokyo, where I went to find a peaceful spot to have my lunch. The wooden memorial boards (Tohba) are carved to mark an anniversary, either of the date of death, or birth or a special occasion.

Whilst writing this haiku I realised, everyone’s grave marks a life of giving, each one of us gives something during our lifetime …….

When a close friend of mine died many years ago, I had the task of choosing the inscription for her headstone. I adapted a card that I was sent at the time and chose:

“Those who give of themselves live on within the hearts of others”

I had this in mind as I was writing the Haiku.




Grey skies overhead

Inspiration underfoot

Japanese design

Even drain covers delight

When the eye is tuned to beauty


Joining in with Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge. He gave us the prompt words COVER and COLOUR this week.

Ronovan also invites us to write other forms of poems in the haiku family of poetry. I have gone for a Tanka this week, which is a Haiku 5,7,5 syllable pattern, followed with two lines of 7 syllables each.

Pop over to see Edwina’s Haiku using these prompt words as always she makes me smile! And don’t miss Melissa’s amazingly rich, inspiring and varied post, I don’t know how she does it!

Also joining in with Bluedaisyz Weekly Photo Challenge: prompt word this week GREY

Cathy has entered a great photo taken not too far from where I live, how I love that place. So many different greys, love it!


As you might have guessed – I’m BACK!

Home after the most amazing trip to Japan – what a wonderful country – I have fallen in love with the place and the people. Already I’m wondering about going back one day. If you ever get the chance to go – GO!

I’m so excited about being able to share my journey with you, although right now  I am still recovering as I feel exhausted and have spent most of the last two days in bed recharging the batteries.

I travelled with a group of 11 other textile enthusiasts and our superb Japanese Guide, Yuka.

Jeni was the first to photograph a manhole cover and after that several of us were hooked! Our guide told us there was a website with a collection of the cover designs, and I have just looked that up – incredible designs – click here to see some more.

The manhole cover above was found in Nagoya which is well known for its tie-dye fabrics and we stopped here for a tie-dye workshop whilst on our way from Tokyo to Kyoto. I’ll be sharing more about this workshop and others later – ooooh so much I want to tell you about …. but first I need to sort the hundreds of photos out – hurray for digital cameras!

Next Week’s Photo Prompt is REMEMBER.