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Japan D2.8: Temple

My trip to Japan continues ……..

After our visit to the Amuse Museum we went on to the Asakusa Kannon Temple in the city, it was heaving!d2

So many people on their public holiday visit the templesd4

to prayd3

and to see some of the statues that are only on show on these special days.


It was too much of a crush for me so I went back outside to explore the surrounds.

People burn incense and waft the smoke over themselves as a cleansing ritual before going to the temple. How I love that smell!


Others buy fortune telling cards. You pick up a metal holder with holes at one end and shake it until a rod with a number falls out. This number corresponds o to one of the drawers above – open the drawer and take out a card….

apparently there can be bad news as well as good on those cards.


I can’t help thinking that all this seems a vast distance from the simple teachings of the Buddha – what would all those prophets in all the different philosophies and religions make of how things have evolved I wonder?