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In a Vase on Monday

IAVOM, in a vase on Monday

I was standing at the kitchen sink wondering what to put in a vase today and saw these 3 right in front of me on my windowsill – odd bits and pieces, picked up at various times as I wander round the garden and a cutting from a succulent house plant.

On the left, in a Chive vase, is a perennial white wallflower, grown from seed harvested from a friend’s garden. The scent at dusk is divine.

My sister and I were amazed and delighted to be photographed for the Chelsea Flower show magazine and website when we were on the Chive Stand in 2016

Chive stand at Chelsea 2016

I didn’t take the name of the photographer, so I can’t credit her, but she took the photo because our colours matched the stand.  🙂

Oh, that was such a special day. A day on which I was so excited to meet Dorris!

The feather is from the guinea fowl who often visit from a neighbour across the field.

love birds

One on my roof one frosty morning in March

guinea on the roof

Strange creatures! Making strange noises ……..

and there is a pigeon nesting in my bay tree, constantly cooing all day


Sparrows are nesting in the cotoneaster and under the tiles on my garage roof, twiitering away …….

I have had to get the tinsel out to stop them from eating my salad leaves

tinsel to scare the sparrows away

April and May are my favourite months in garden

It is all very sensual and sexy out there!

This year I am missing the Brompton Stocks and wallflowers which provided so much colour last year, but my new long border (see the the beginnings of it here) still gives me huge amounts of pleasure as it wakes up in the warmer weather.

I am joining Cathy and her happy band of gardeners from around the world for this week’s In a Vase on Monday, pop along over there for a mass of floral delights.
Also joining in with Cee’s Flower of the Day with my very favourite scented Iris, smelling so sweetly of pear dropsIMG_9093
Stick your nose in here!

In a Vase at Chelsea


What a strikingly colourful display in the Grand Pavilion! See those vases?

I wish I’d looked more closely at this stall now but I was on the hunt for alliums to add to the few I have in my garden and spotted a spectacular display by the Dutch specialist, Warmenhoven.


The tall white at the back is called Mount Everest. The whole stall was full of alliums and amaryllis


I liked the look of the pink allium – Twinkling StarsDSCF8670

and this shorter white


for a large more open head – Purple Rain


and for some height Ambassador


for a bit of quirky pzazz, how about these (not easy to photograph against all the others)


but if I buy one of these alien looking creatures I think it would have to be this one called Art


They look so silly – a bad hair day for Alli -they’d be great for a future Vase on Monday.

Joining in with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden


Cee’s Flower of the Day

and my IAVOM : aguilegias, plantain, sweet cicely and that stripy grass I don’t know the name of.

The vase is a jam jar dipped in the same paint I painted the walls with. Colour = Quilted Calico4


It is Aquilegia time in my garden, no named varieties just scattered seeds from previous years. Always a wonderful surprise mix of colours. I’m on the look out for a bright pink and a pure white to liven up the palette.