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A Vase on Monday – Loosestrife, Burdock and Marigold





Joining in with Cathy’s Vase on Monday, here is a celebration of self-sown purple loosestrife and marigolds with a purple blue and pink lace-cap hydrangea, sitting on a stretch of crochet that is waiting, oh so patiently, to be sewn into a cushion cover.

with some added self-sown burdock
v5the burdock is the tall, large-leaved plant in the centre of the picture below, just after I pruned off its spreading side branches


I do not yet know what to do with a large gravel area at the front of my house and have allowed things to self-seed and added a few pots. It has been a wonderous mass of plants and teems with life. The burdock has been a top bug hotel hosting zillions of blackfly, ladybirds, ants, tincy spiders, shield beetles and probably hundreds of others I haven’t spotted.

I have been fascinated watching it through the seasons


DSC_0660 DSC_0661 DSC_0663


Joining in with Cee’s ‘Flower of the day’.

And playing around with a new ‘effect’ I found on my camera ……

I see more Doodle shapes – I can see I’m going to have fun with that camera setting.


The corner to corner crochet  as it will look as a cushion to sit next to the Society6 cushions, which are made from photographs of my machine embroidery printed onto fabric.

Cushions galore!

Making yet another cushion in order to try out a pattern – well you can never have enough… can you? I always have to have an easy project on the go to pick up in any odd moment and this 20 x 20inch cushion cover is my latest easy project. The pattern can be found on Ravelry as a free pattern by Red Heart, and if you log into Ravelry you can see 916 projects made form this pattern. I’m not surprised it is so popular, reasons for loving this pattern: There is no foundation row Easy enough for beginners Endless possibilities Suitable in any weight of yarn Relaxing to do. Very little counting. I’m sure I will think of others as I go along. 20inch And I’m thinking it will sit comfortably in front of the Summer Flight Throw. 20cush I will crochet until there is enough to cover both sides of a 20 inch cushion insert, with an overlap at the back to fasten.

Update: Please go to the Cushions Page, and then to the drop down Crochet Cushions to see more Crochet cushion designs.