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Silent Sunday

Dorset, England



A most glorious walk on Sunday: we walked along a ridge, part of the Wessex Ridgeway, and then down into the valley and along the opposite ridge which forms the horizon. I love long walks when you can see exactly where you have been.


A perfect day ends

With tears of joy and champagne

We celebrate life


Bluedaisyz Weekly photo challenge: VIEW

Ronovan’s weekly Haiku Challenge: TEARS and WINE

A perfect day ends with tears of joy and champagne

With tears of joy and champagne we celebrate life


Here’s wishing you all your very own perfect day.

Elbow and the BBC Orchestra

‘One Day Like This’


…..walk from Stinsford Church

walk4k w5a

Following the path alongside the river

I love the way the trees form an arch and the way the winter sun slants in to light the way

w5cemerging as we near Lower Bockhampton

wbdand turn back when we reach the bridge

w6aand take a left fork in the path


ooo00000 those reflections – they always get me, and I just have to stop and look, and watch the light play on the surface of the water



and when I can bring myself to leave, we head back cross the water meadows


under a clear blue sky

wc1which reminds me of when I was having Life Coaching some years ago and my Life Coach, Duncan, gave me the phrase                        “to see a clear sky, in detail”          w1a




past quintessential thatched cottages and grazing swans


and past the old sluice gatesw2ad



still lying midfield.

walk1asThere’s something about rusty old contraptions that make me feel like I want to sit down and draw them – anyone else fascinated ? walk2af

they seem like sculptures of history to me.wdorchAt the end of the meadow through a muddy gateway, and back into town.              I realise I do much more walking in the Winter. It must be because gardening takes up so much time in other seasons.                                                                     You can see the beginning of the walk here.