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Creating Pages

Eager to continue making more textile books I stopped off to buy lining wallpaper on the way home from Margate and started making some more paper pages even before I unpacked the car. The creative force was far too strong to resist.


The colours and the random shapes made make my heart sing ….


and following Frances Pickering‘s method the process is quick, simple and serendipitous!paper3

providing a background for adding doodles, text and photographspaper4

and then I had an idea to use strips of torn paper to act as a resist to the dye and add to the patterns


and am excited by the results


the last one thrills me to bits, I’m going to see if I can recreate this effect again today.

Now I’m thinking I can use this colour-washed paper for greetings cards and homemade postcards for the Post Card swap.

Going into mass production!

Fun with Duct Tape

Yep! Who would have thought that duct tape could be so thrilling!

Pinterest is such a wonderful source of inspiration isn’t it – I saw a picture

and went straight to this fascinating blog: While They Snooze which is written in the US – I eagerly trawled the internet to see if I could buy patterned duct tape here too and waddaya know!


Look what the postman brought me yesterday! Sent very quickly by Screws and Fasteners, just in time for Miss E and me to have fun on Home Education day! She comes to me every Wednesday in term time.

This brand is calling it Duck Tape, but it behaves in the same way as duct tape, so it is strong and waterproof, and perfect for pencil cases or washbags, phone cases etc.

Oh how happy we were – both humming and singing and skipping our way through the day as she made Christmas gifts for friends and family – (I forgot to photograph Miss E’s makess before she took them home – drat!). I’m busy making a few more samples for her to play with next week.more tape

And Miss E got to learn how to use a craft knife safely, measuring, assessing length, testing materials to see what they are capable of, design and time management. (We also did a bit of gardening) Her imagination and ideas are always a delight and I’m sure that by next week she will have thought of many more things to make with Tape.

If you are interested to find out more there are loads of clips on You Tube too.

Arty Crafty Workshops

We’ve been having fun at our Arty Crafty Workshops in the Village Hall.

In the first session we talked about altered books and making our own stamps and stencils:

0c 0c1 0c2For some it was hard to tear out the pages of a book but everyone seemed to enjoy messing about with paint.

Introducing the magically relaxing game of doodling was generally thought to be one of the favourites.

One of the most satisfying comments, for me, on the feedback forms was “Very enjoyable, brought out my inner child” – Hurray! – that’s what I am aiming for – makes me feel all warm a fuzzy inside!! And one feedback form even had some doodles on it – fabulous!

This week, ‘Granny’s Crafty Tricks’ was designed as a workshop for grandparents to have a few craft ideas up their sleeves for when the grandchildren come to stay – especially as the days get shorter and we are looking for things to do inside.

I chose crafts that I have done with my 6 and 4 year old grandchildren, that have a touch of magic about them, and that can also be done in a more sophisticated way with all ages and for oneself if you don’t have any kids to play with.

First tattoo a banana!




here’s one I did earlier, using the picture of a butterfly laid over the banana and going round the outlines with a pin.

0c5 Everyone went very quiet as they worked on their designs – and as the Hall has Wifi, I could show all the amazing designs and even some videos on the internet.

And LOOK!!!

0c6 0c7 0c7a


a bit of magic for teatime!

Onto pop-up cards – a bit more of a brain tease, but worth it in the end …….. I hope!

0c3 0c8


A really wonderful group – up for having a go!

We then played around with names, letters, sigils and mirror writing with some doodling thrown in. As ever, time ran out really quickly and there was just a few minutes at the end to demonstrate decorations that can be made with an empty loo roll. And again I was able show the fabulous examples one can find on the web.

Next week: Messy Play and Sticky Fingers!

Can’t wait!