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Gracious, it is taking me so long to finish writing about my wonderful birthday! Where does time go ….

I really love to collage, but I do it as a relaxation without creating specific pictures and mainly using the collages to create postcards in Hanna’s postcard swap

and glue

It was such a joy to be able to chat to David about his work and another collage caught my daughter’s eye ……


it reminds her of her own three beautiful rising stars, Miss E, R and cheeky little Miss M

3 stars

and as A pointed out, this picture I took has the reflection of me and A in it – gonna have to print this off.

I love that we will both have pieces to remind us of our special time together. Connections – that’s what make pieces of art mean something to me – they become more than they are and begin to take on another life.

How about you – what draws you to a work of art?

…….Birthday Treats


It was my daughter, A’s idea to go see an exhibition, so I immediately thought of one of my old haunts, Bridport Arts Centre, where there is an exhibition of collages, that had been made over a period of a year – I had followed iHanna’s 365 day collage journey, and so was keen to see this one, by David Smith.


Here is the link for Kurt Schwitters at the Tate

I can find no link for Patti Agapi, please let me know if you know of one, I’d like to see her collage journey too.

I can relate to David’s comments about the commitment of this project. I love the idea of doing something like this, but committing to it and being able to do something each day, especially something to put in an exhibition! My sense is it would become too stressful for me, but I feel very supportive to those who are able to take this commitment on.


There are some of David’s collages that I am particularly drawn to like ‘Palindromic Perspective’, on left of this picture.

The titles drawing me in as much as the image and I decided to treat myself to 2 of them …….


‘Fewer Winkles, Less Winkling’

When I first saw this, I though it said “Fewer Wrinkles, Less Wrinkling”! And as it was my 62 birthday, that made me laugh – and I liked it even more when A read out the real title!

David said this was inspired by a marina being built at Brighton beach which destroyed some of the winkle habitat there – so an added bonus, it has an environmental connection too AND a Brighton Beach connection,

I have a very fond memory of watching the spectacular display of a murmuration of starlings at dusk with my close friend on Brighton beach.

So much connection felt to this 6″ x 9″ little gem of a piece.


The other one….

David asked me what drew me to this collage and it surprised me when I suddenly felt very tearful – there is a wistfulness and dream-like quality to the figures walking on the beach which brings many nostalgic memories of times on beaches with family and friends, particularly Newgale beach.


And I said this must be the place

click on the title above and the link will take you to David’s blog which features more of his collages.

David knows Newgale and we talked about our connections to beaches. He has a strong connection to Broad Haven and Little Haven,  A and I telling him of our favourites, Ringstead (Dorset) and Solva. ………………