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Seahorses to Give Away!

dsc_0044I’m in the grip of another mini craze – it is such a great feeling when the tide of creativity sweeps me off on a wave of delicious delight – it’s a teeny bit like falling in love – do you know what I mean?

So this is how it happened – I created a crochet pattern, the Woodland Hoodie,  for Master R, then aged 4. dscf4642He loves the hoodie and wears it all the time, still! He’s 7 now. Master R has grown and the neck, which has always been a bit tight became impossible to get over his head, I cut it and bound the edges with bias binding,dsc_0003 which works but I need to adapt the pattern to make a larger opening for the head.

To work out and improve the pattern with a neck opening, I made the larger size for Miss E, now aged 9. Her favourite colour is blue. We are in the middle of a Beach Clean Art project, so I call this new pattern the Beach Clean Hoodie.

I ask Miss E if she would like me to crochet a fish or something to go on the hoodie and she requests a seahorse.dsc_0045-1

I look up Seahorse and lots of wonderful images appear.

I find a link to the Seahorse Trust and become a member. Miss E and I ‘adopt’ a seahorse called Usti, found on the Dorset Coast. We get a whole pack of goodies.

I have created my own pattern.

In order to work out a pattern I need to have several trial runs. I make lots of seahorses in different colours so that Miss E can choose which she likes the best. dsc_0042Then I just keep making them, each one slightly different with its own little personality.

The creative mind wakes up and wonders about putting them into the Beach Clean paintings – hmmm – they look better in cotton – more trial runs – now the tail needs to be longer, now the snout thinner. Now I need to buy more colours in cotton!dsc_0013-1

Result lots of seahorses. What am I going to do with them?

I will give each of my Grandchildren (age range 5 – 9) a seahorse for Xmas – but how should they be presented? – appliquéd onto something, mounted on canvas, as a single hanging decoration?

This is where you, my lovely readers can help, with all your wonderfully creative ideas.

What can I do to make them Special? Unique? Individual?

Your reward is a chance to win a Seahorse in a GIVEAWAY!

Leave me a comment with a suggestion of what I could do with the seahorses –  go wild, go whacky, go sophisticated, go classic, go where your imagination takes you, have fun!

Let me know which colour you would like and why.

Would you prefer cotton, wool or acrylic yarn?

And if you were to have one of these little cuties what would you do with it.

I will give away 3 seahorses on my birthday, the 11th November.

Please feel free to reblog or share this post and 3 new followers between now and 11th November will also get a seahorse.

Joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along, where you can find all sorts of wonderful yarnsters and  the books they recommend.

Now I MUST go and crochet a few more seahorses, because I love them!

UPDATE: The pattern for this seahorse is now available in my Etsy and Ravelry shops.


Nearly finished ….

nearly finished

There is always a mini feeling of sadness when a big project is coming to an end, like when you arrive at the last chapter in a great novel and you don’t want to leave the world of the characters and the story.

I started this throw back in April, and if you are interested in the yarn and colours, click here and you can see the list I ordered. However I did not use the ‘raspberry’ in the end.


I have loved using this process of choosing the colours and working out the best combination and pattern and making up the sequence of colours according to the painting.

Has it worked? Well, I’m not sure it has – the zig-zags are maybe too bold … perhaps a more regular and repeating pattern would have worked better with single rows of each colour.

I have so enjoyed the ‘journey’ of it though. It holds many happy memories. It has led to making cushion covers for 3 grandchildren and they have been able to choose their own colours. And Miss E who painted this picture when she was 4 (at her house, so not in sight of the painting)


as the sort of picture that Granny likes,  was able to play with colour. Teddy chose this combination for her next dress!


And here is the throw, or snuggle blanket  …. finished (?). I crocheted a row of single crochet along the side edge in pale turquoise.


When a creative piece is not entirely a success I like to remember that “it is not wrong, it is just not finished”. A great quote – wish I could remember where I found it.

sumstarSo I will live with the Throw and enjoy it and probably try out another design for another cushion cover. And maybe make a second blanket that will harmonise in a more pleasing way. I do like it, but not LOVE it, so no big Ta Dah! on this one – work in progress.