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Sunday Calm



doodle and relax

sunday calm



Find Green

find green

Find green

Put it in your heart

Wrap it all about you

Roll in it

Live it

Become it


Bathe in green

Bask in green

Receive the peace and love of green


When you truly have a sense of green

Its hues

Its colours, textures, shades and depths


Add layers of golden light without and within

The strong, yellow, glisten

And shining warmth of gold


Sprinkle silver stars above your head

Around your feet

And wear a cloak of raindrops

Casting rainbows as you move

And slowly, surely


Find your dance again


copyright Sandra Dorey


A poem for Spring

Part of a series I wrote over 20 years ago, it came to mind as I was doodling the mandala.



I had a lovely request from an Etsy customer to create a colouring sheet with the number 7 included. Her daughter is having an art party. The Pdf will be printed out for all the guests to have a copy to colour.DSC_0637

What a great idea!

I hope she likes it.

Join me for a cuppa

A post from Julie at Balzer Designs has inspired my latest doodle.

DSC_0636I’m thinking it might make a good design for a birthday card and at the moment have left a blank space at the top for a message of greeting.

I’m wondering whether to colour it ……. hmmmmmm …..?

Here is the Instagram picture of a cut out that inspired me

6a00d8341c766153ef01b8d137f9d8970c-800wiso beautiful.



In a Vase on Monday – Green


OOoH! It’s Monday again!

Such an exciting day in Blogland. I get to see all the wonderfully luscious Vases in ‘In a Vase on Monday’ hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden. A genius of an idea as there are always little stories that go along with the plants and the props AND I get to learn more about plants, and how and where they grow.

Our Photo Challenge also goes live on a Monday. This week, the prompt word is ‘Green’ and I was wondering about combining it with ‘In a Vase…’ – but then on Saturday I went to an Open Garden event and got the GREEN photo I am going to use for that (hope you will like it – it will most probably appear in tomorrow’s post, and will be a taster for Wednesday’s Walk-Along post). Please do have a look at the Photo Challenge, all the subjects are there for you to think about well in advance – Next week’s subject is ‘Bloom’, another good fit for this glorious meme – you might like to join us. We also get the two prompt words for Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge, so my head is in a bit of a creative whirl which I LOVE and it sets off my week on a beautifully positive creative note.DSC_0581

The idea of GREEN for the ‘In a Vase…’ had taken hold, so I used this bright green little watering can and foliage from the garden. Euonymous, ladies mantle, and other things I don’t know the names of. Still much to learn.

It sits on the old pine cupboard under the stairs next to a bowl that holds Angel Cards. I picked one at random for this picture and look! what a perfect Angel to have.

May the angel of Delight dance through your day with you today! ❤

The picture is one of glass bugs which I bought in an Art Gallery in St. Davids, Pembrokeshire, on my last visit there.DSC_0584

My intention is to do some doodle bugs to put in a white frame next to it, maybe some little beetles set out in the same way or a couple of bigger doodles to go either side.strabbs 019To start … a quick sketch idea for a grasshopper.

Are you being creative this fine and sunny Monday? I’d love to know what you are up to. ❤

Kingston Lacy Haiku

Yesterday I went to a ‘Haiku and other Short Poetry’ Workshop at Kingston Lacy, a National Trust property.KL

First warm-up exercise:

We played a Haiku ‘consequences’ type of game:

We were each asked to write the first line of a Haiku – five syllables, with a theme of Spring. Then fold the paper over and pass it round.

Then the second line with 7 syllables, fold over and pass it on

Then the third with 5 syllables, fold over and pass it on. The words in pink are the ones I wrote.

And then we read them out:

Bluebells under trees

Spring has sprung out of the soil

Holding the moment


Petals underfoot

Deeply inhale the blue scent

The trees are alive


Morning has broken

Stepping softly in the silence

Trip over with joy


It was fun to co-create and felt pressure free with only one line to write at a time. workshop

I get such a buzz out of creating something with others, whether it is a design with my grandchildren or a Haiku or a Renga



Later we talked about flipping the first and the last lines to see if this would be an improvement, e.g.:

The trees are alive

Deeply inhale the blue scent

Petals underfoot


Holding the moment

Spring has sprung out of the soil

Bluebells under trees


And then used our own lines and flipping the first and last:

Trip over with joy

Deeply inhale the blue scent

Bluebells under trees

This seems like a fun way to play around with a Haiku to look for different emphasis and sometimes it seemed to create more poetic strength – I’m definitely going to try this one out in the Haiku challenges.

It was a fun workshop, I really enjoyed it, and then I had a wander around the house and gardens.DSCF6720

I’m just a teeny bit obsessed with bluebells at present. I bet you got that!

I love them for theirDSCF6742 fleeting beauty, their subtle yet heady scent and the way they mark the beginning of my most favourite time of the year, when all the Spring flowers burst forth in a soft fluffiness of colour.


A bluebell doodleDSC_0503

And they remind me of a bluebell time when love was in the air – oh that heady feeling, remembered each time I walk in woods carpeted in a soft purple-blue haze.

lying in bluebells

mirroring clear skies above

on high forever


Latin name for Bluebell: Hyacinthoides – that’s 5 syllables, the first line of a Haiku right there! Or maybe a better last line?

Trip over with joy

Deeply inhale the blue scent


“Hyacinthoides non-scripta: The Bluebell’s Latin name, Hyacinthoides, comes from a Greek myth: when the Prince Hyacinthus died, the tears of the god Apollo spelled the word ‘alas’ on the petals of the hyacinth flower that sprang up from his blood. Non-scripta means unlettered and distinguishes this bluebell from the similar-looking hyacinth.” (from the Scottish Wildlife Trust site)

Does the scent of a Spring flower bring back happy memories for you?