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Wednesday Walk-Along in Netherbury

Here, as promised, a glimpse into the gardens of Netherbury. Such a quaint village, you just want to wrap it up and take it home with you. Quintessential Dorset, with views to the surrounding hills at every turn, and a cream tea at the end of it – what could be more perfect for a summer stroll, starting at the vertiginous steps leading down from the church ….. DSC_0583 and into the villageDSC_0584 with the invitation to enter some truly beautiful gardensDSC_0611 what is this little beauty?DSC_0588 I’d love to knowDSC_0590 gardens basking in the sunDSC_0591 DSC_0594 and here a mint bug, so shiny and jewel-likeDSC_0596 DSC_0601 and a lantern treeDSC_0599 DSC_0599with squidgy lanterns that felt all rubbery in the shrubbery.DSC_0600 … some neat ideas – like this one – sedums covering the log storeDSC_0602 always looking out to gorgeous viewsDSC_0603 or in to gorgeous viewsDSC_0609 and seeing delicate clematis I’ve never seen before, one was called MarjorieDSC_0612 aaah! ……. quiet corners in which to sitDSC_0614 rampant climbers tumbling over walls togetherDSC_0620 DSC_0621 take a sniff …..DSC_0622 ……  a heady mix of scentsDSC_0624 sweeping lawnsDSC_0625 sunny wallsDSC_0627 shady nooksDSC_0635 sunlight through acersDSC_0636 an old farmhouseDSC_0643and then on to the highlight ……. The Old Mill….. ………..    I’m going to save the photos of the Old Mill for a post all of its own – tantalising! yes! that place has lodged in my heart…….


for now you are in for a treat: go for a wonderfully interesting Walk-Along with RainbowJunkie around Old Sarum.

And an Arty walk along in Harlem Where have you been a-wandering? Please leave a link to your walk, it would be lovely to wander along with you where ever you are.

Update: From the Gardener’s World website- The mint leaf beetle, Chrysolina herbacea is a native, iridescent green beetle that feeds on the leaves of the mint family in the south of the UK. Both the adults and their fat, black larvae feast on the foliage.