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Walking in West Dorset

sunken lane, DorsetMy friend P and I went for a wonderful walk in West Dorset on Wednesday.

We drove through pouring rain to get to this magical land of pixies, fairies and dragons.

Dorset sunken lane

The sun came out to greet us

pixie portal, carvingand light up portals into other worlds

…… and the incantations of fellow questers.rock carving

We were heading for yonder knoll ( Colmer’s Hill)

to commune with the seven pines,

Colmers Hillenjoy the view

to the sea and the Isle of Portlandview of Portland, Dorset coastand marvel at the sky.

Then down into the village of Symondsbury, nestling at its feet


past ancient farmhouses, (joining in with Norm’s Thursday Doors)

old farmhouse, Symmondsburyand the wonderful sound of children playing on their lunch break in the local schoolvillage school

… then into the newly opened Symondsbury Kitchen for a warming lunch and a view of Colmer’s Hill from the windows.

A magical morning.

Joining in with Cee’s ‘Which Way’ challenge.



A most glorious walk on Sunday: we walked along a ridge, part of the Wessex Ridgeway, and then down into the valley and along the opposite ridge which forms the horizon. I love long walks when you can see exactly where you have been.


A perfect day ends

With tears of joy and champagne

We celebrate life


Bluedaisyz Weekly photo challenge: VIEW

Ronovan’s weekly Haiku Challenge: TEARS and WINE

A perfect day ends with tears of joy and champagne

With tears of joy and champagne we celebrate life


Here’s wishing you all your very own perfect day.

Elbow and the BBC Orchestra

‘One Day Like This’


Monochrome – Bridges

Each month Leanne Cole holds a themed Monochrome Gallery on her wonderfully instructive photography website. Her subject prompt this month is Bridges.

My entry is of the bridge I captured on my Walk to (and from) Stinsford Church.

bridge1Just a little footpath bridge, but I like the arches and reflections – a peaceful spot.

Join me on a Winter Solstice Walk

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kissinggate along the beach and up the hill cliffview housesSeeing the houses perched on the cliff and then to St.Catherine’s Chapel, and Granny-by-the-sea.

When my children we younger we used to walk here and they had to find Granny-by-the-sea before we had our picnic.

grannysea portlandthe view from Granny-by-the-sea, looking towards Portland.