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hot sun ripened fruit

for luscious start to my day

peach and raspberries


Joining in with Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge: START and HOT

the two sentences:

hot sun ripened fruit for luscious start to my day

for luscious start to my day, peach and raspberries


Joining in with Jamie’s Weekly Photo challenge: YELLOW

Celebrating my first attempt to grow peaches – their yellow flesh – delicious!

What a joy it is to eat fresh peaches and raspberries newly picked from the garden for breakfast on top of muesli – I am so thrilled that I CAN grow peaches. Although they were small they were juicy and delicious – must thin them out a bit more next year for bigger fruits.

You know how I love to combine challenges so prompted by Cee’s entry into another photo challenge, I am entering this post into Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge, topic: FOOD

Hop across to Cathy’s post and get a flavour of her photo entry too – mmm!

And Melissa with another mouthwatering photo, she has entered the haiku challenge too – Hurray! My Haiku/Photo Challenge buddy is back after a very busy summer season.

And Jamie has gone for something fishy.

Next week the prompt word is EMPTY.


peachCan more than five fruits

On one branch survive and thrive?

Only time will tell


Joining in with Bluedaisyz Weekly Photo Challenge: SOFT


Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge. Prompt words FIVE and THRIVE

Now I know the Haiku does not have many of the required elements, namely: it does not work as two sentences, it does not have opposite meanings within the two sentences, it does not have a moral or poignant message to impart.

It does have 17 syllables in 5,7,5 format.

It is about nature.

And most important I have done it – a stretch for me at the mo as my poorly body is affecting my poorly brain, which does not want any challenges at ALL! I’m still in a fog of virus. It is going on for so long! But having heard of others who have had this for weeks and weeks, I am not fighting it – just sitting it out, it is only a virus and I will get better. Thank goodness for doodling, crochet, BBC iPlayer and some wonderful blogs to read.

The peach tree is my dwarf tree, planted last autumn, and only knee high. I posted about it back in March, when it was covered in bright blossom. peachNow it is covered in fruit, isn’t nature wonderful! I’m wondering if I should have thinned out the fruits, to get just a few fat juicy ones. There are masses, they look gorgeous but are still small and rock hard under that downy SOFT skin.

Some other SOFTIES to check out: Cathy – mmm delicious; Jamie, baaaa

Next week’s Photo prompt is ROUTINE – I’m hoping inspiration will strike – nothing yet. Routine and me don’t really go together.


peachLast year I bought a teeny tiny peach tree online. peach2Variety: Bonanza.

Look at the amazing blossom on it – what a pink! Those flowers look like they should glow in the dark.

It is supposed to be a patio peach tree that you can grow …well on a patio – in a pot.

My thinking was that if I planted the tree in the garden, it would grow a bit bigger than it would in a pot, but not too big for the small, south facing space I made ready for it.

However it does look ridiculously small in its shelter.

peach1The corrugated clear plastic roof is  to keep the rain off to prevent leaf curl – so far so good. The roof tilts slightly to the right and the rain drips into the black container (a bin from an old sit on mower I once had) and hey presto that keeps the ground from getting sodden in one place and provides water for watering the peach tree – that’s permaculture in action right there!

I hope it does grow a bit bigger, do you think it will?