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Silly Sunday with Pompoms

pineapples, humour, poetry, pompoms

Penelope PomPom was cool

She didn’t like following the rules

She still wanted to be naughty

Despite being past forty

And just loved acting the fool


She kept herself looking good

The envy of the Mums in the hood

With her spiky green hair

And bright pink outerwear

She worked it like nobody could!


Her kids just thought her the best

She could twerk and floss with the rest

Their friends would come running

When they saw Penny coming

She would always make them less stressed.


Poem by  Judy Martin©

Pineapple   play by Sandra Dorey©


Penelope Pompom has turned the corner and is enjoying life again – maybe a bit too much. 🙂



The perils of smoking with Petra Pear

fruit sculpture, health warning

Petra the pear was feeling poorly

She didn’t know quite what to do

Not only was she putting some weight on

But she was suffering from toothache too!


She had started to let her self go a bit

Indulging in too many treats

The sugary snacks made her teeth hurt

Causing trouble whenever she eats!


For too many years she’d been smoking

Which caused her teeth to go brown

Her gums receding and bleeding

It was time to turn things around.


She wanted her life to be fruitful

And continue her family tree

But she had to make sure she was healthy

And in the best shape she could be


First stop was to the doctors

To get help with giving up smoking

The harm it was causing her body

Was both sobering and thought-provoking


As if heart disease and strokes weren’t enough

It could cause breathing problems as well

Tooth loss, fertility problems and cancer

Not to mention the horrible smell


She decided to go for the patches

And started the very next day

She found that her nicotine cravings

Were slowly melting away.


Next stop was to the dentists

To see if something could brighten her smile

Because her teeth were so neglected

It was going to take a little while


It was not just about brushing and flossing

That Petra had neglected to do

But her sugary addiction

Had helped in her tooth decay too


The dentist took some impressions

And gave Petra’s mouth a good clean

She was advised not just to clean the outside

But all around, underneath and between.


It was too late for poor Pedra

To save some of the teeth that she had

She had to make some appointments

To remove the ones that were bad


Several months later and Pedra is glowing

Her smile now so fresh and so bright

She cleans her teeth like an expert

Even the ones she takes out at night!


humour, fruit sculpture, nicotine patch

Poem by Judy E. Martin

fruit sculpture and photos by Sandra Dorey


Here we are with another health related Silly Saturday. You might know that Judy, as well as being a hugely talented poet and writer, is also a nurse.

Following a great suggestion from Noelle last week to send Tom the Toothless Tomato to the Institute of Dentistry, we are thinking about coming up with more health related pictures and poems (not all about teeth!) accompanied by fruit, flower or shell assemblages – any ideas?

If you would like to read more of Judy’s work, a humorous twist on life, the world and everything go to her website, where you can also find a link to her book, Rhymes of the Times.

Have a fun Silly Saturday!


fullbowl It certainly was a challenge to come up with a photo for the subject that Jamie at Blue Daisy has thought of for this week: FREE So I had fun going through old photos looking for inspiration. I came across this picture – it is stretching the ‘Free’ subject a little maybe, but when I found it I was so eager to share this very happy memory of  collaborative creativity (my favourite type of art) with you all, so here goes! I used to live in an old farm cottage with a few acres attached and some barns and other old farm buildings. For Dorset Art Weeks (2004)  3 artists joined me to exhibit our art and crafts. For the Private View party I provided drinks, a ploughman’s supper and fruit – I had ordered far too much fruit! There was masses left over and so I decided to continue to offer it to Arts Weeks visitors, and include it as an interactive experience for FREE: sign Someone was very complimentary aboutfree the way the fruit was displayed, saying they did not want to eat any because they did not want to ‘spoil’ the display. I invited them to take a piece and then rearrange the fruit to create another display. This gathered momentum, with families staying for ages arranging and rearranging the fruit. As patternpeople became more inventive I provided knives for them cut and sculpt the fruit …… …. one family even returned bringing more fruit to add to the display, saying their children had never enjoyed an art exhibition so much and that art they could eat was indeed a bonus! wowFREE flowing, FREE style   FREE art Gosh, recounting this story again has made me feel enthusiastic about putting on another such event – however, in my experience, it is difficult to balance the energy output against energy coming in (income) with arts events – it was really good fun though! (What! No Haiku?! – I’m struggling with that challenge as well – I’m hoping inspiration will strike sometime before close of play next Sunday)


Other photo challenge entries: Erika, a fabulous win; Jamie, free to breathe, stunning Canadian scenery: Melissa, a different take on an anniversary treat; Garry a ‘nip’ at the end of the day.