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Silent Sunday




fullbowl It certainly was a challenge to come up with a photo for the subject that Jamie at Blue Daisy has thought of for this week: FREE So I had fun going through old photos looking for inspiration. I came across this picture – it is stretching the ‘Free’ subject a little maybe, but when I found it I was so eager to share this very happy memory of  collaborative creativity (my favourite type of art) with you all, so here goes! I used to live in an old farm cottage with a few acres attached and some barns and other old farm buildings. For Dorset Art Weeks (2004)  3 artists joined me to exhibit our art and crafts. For the Private View party I provided drinks, a ploughman’s supper and fruit – I had ordered far too much fruit! There was masses left over and so I decided to continue to offer it to Arts Weeks visitors, and include it as an interactive experience for FREE: sign Someone was very complimentary aboutfree the way the fruit was displayed, saying they did not want to eat any because they did not want to ‘spoil’ the display. I invited them to take a piece and then rearrange the fruit to create another display. This gathered momentum, with families staying for ages arranging and rearranging the fruit. As patternpeople became more inventive I provided knives for them cut and sculpt the fruit …… …. one family even returned bringing more fruit to add to the display, saying their children had never enjoyed an art exhibition so much and that art they could eat was indeed a bonus! wowFREE flowing, FREE style   FREE art Gosh, recounting this story again has made me feel enthusiastic about putting on another such event – however, in my experience, it is difficult to balance the energy output against energy coming in (income) with arts events – it was really good fun though! (What! No Haiku?! – I’m struggling with that challenge as well – I’m hoping inspiration will strike sometime before close of play next Sunday)


Other photo challenge entries: Erika, a fabulous win; Jamie, free to breathe, stunning Canadian scenery: Melissa, a different take on an anniversary treat; Garry a ‘nip’ at the end of the day.

Promise of things to come

Everything looks beautiful in the slant of the evening midsummer light.

My garden does not have very much in it at the moment but there is the promise of things to come – apples














and little wild strawberries, a great favourite with my grandchildren


as they were with my children when they were little.