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Cal6Cold days, dull days, February days, difficult days, made warm and fabulous by interludes under this glorious Attic24 design growing daily into what I hope will become a lifelong family friend.



GARDEN DIARY                                                                                              Wonderfully warm sunny day, no wind in my garden, a rare event.                         1. I cut the Autumn fruiting raspberries to the ground, as instructed – it seemed brutal, I hope they will be ok as I only planted them last year and they were DELICIOUS!!                                                                                                                        2. Clematis Montana cut back to 30cm                                                                           3. Weeding                                                                                                                            4. Sparrows twittering like they were having a party in the laurels, drunk on sunshine, I think they might be getting frisky.                                                              5. A warm welcome to the first brave little snowdrops, flowering at last.               6. Munching peppery rocket from the raised beds and veg trugs.