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Post Card Swap Nov 2014

I absolutely love the idea of re-using old post cards, see Hanna’s blog post – she’s so FULL of inspiration – and I have so many to use!!!

pc gaudi

So off I went with glee! Doodling and drawing on a postcard from my visit to Barcelona many years ago. These amazing towers, examples of Gaudi’s work – I like to think he would have liked my additions! After all he was a master at recycling.

And another from my Barcelona collection



Doodles and a photocopy of my doodles, torn and collaged – I hope my fellow swappers will like them.

Here’s a postcard sent to me from Iceland


I’m wondering about sending this to the friend who sent it to me rather than entering it into the swap – would she like it, or be miffed that I covered her card with doodles!

And then I have gone even further – even more risky – I don’t know WHAT swappers will think of this  …… have I gone tooooooo far?!

I have added to cards sent to me in previous swaps – I wonder if this is going to be ok – or cause a furore! Eek! I’m a bit worried, but it was really fun to do and it feels to me like a nice way to keep circulating our art – would love to know what you think!!!

pc treeho

I will credit the original artist …. 


and hope it all goes well!

The card above is of a building in South Dakota USA apparently – only bits peeping through the collage now.

I would think it fun to see my own cards recycled, but will others feel the same….



On this one my doodled butterfly covers the spot where the original (a photo of a black cat) had been damaged in the post, and I have added more doodles and washi tape.

I’d love to know what you think of this risky departure!

I nervously await your comments as I get ready for this year’s swap  …….