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Three Things Thursday

Inspired by Mrs Snail’s post in which she is responding to  Nerd in the Brain who invites us to post about 3 things we are grateful for:

I was listening to a BBC Radio 4 Programme which is part of a marvellous series entitled “A Portrait Of…”

The artist Fiona Graham-Mackay is painting a series of portraits, in this programme her sitter was Imtiaz Dharker a multi-talented artist. I don’t know exactly what it was about the programme that lit a spark of inspiration in me but this poem popped out onto the page and I would like to share it with you …..


The Family Together

in my children

I see my departed husband

they are his age now

mostly I see the parts of him I loved

his profile, his smile, his thoughtful frown, his humour

and charisma, yes charisma

rarely do I wince at a difficult memory

thankfully very rarely

he is not here to share our grandchildren

in them I see mainly me

not him – not yet

in photos, their blond curls

seem to match the pepper and salt of my used-to-be dark auburn hair

people say they look like me

some with blue eyes

some with brown and one with green

in them I feel a joyful energetic future

I sit at a tipping point

as my mother lies dying

I watch and wonder how will dying be for me

how will it be for my children to see my decline

will sparkly threads of happy memories

cheer us through those days

the afterlife


yes soul-ly

within the hearts of others

© Sandra Dorey 14.June.16

This poem is packed with things I am grateful for, my children, my grandchildren, the fact that I have lived through some tricky times and can truly enjoy this calmer aftermath; and although my relationship with my Mum has not always been easy, I am grateful that I have had her through my life, when so many of my friends have not had their Mums around. I’m enjoying this precious time immensely and daily give thanks for that.

As Mrs Snail says “Let’s share the love”!