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Free Knitting Pattern:Flower Fairy Baby

Sweet Pea baby jacket and hat, Flower Fairy

This little jacket design has been inspired by a pattern in this book knitting pattern for fairy jacket

The publishers have kindly given me permission to adapt the pattern with the proviso that I share the source.

The colours of this version of mine have been inspired by the Sweet Pea Cal colours designed by Lucy of Attic24.

I shared the Pixie Point Hat Pattern with you here.

Size: Newborn – 3 months old

There is a pattern for the Jacket for aged 1-2 years old in my Ravelry and Etsy Shops.

So here goes – the pattern for the

Sweet Pea Flower Fairy Jacket

(So far untested, so please let me know how you get on)

The pattern is entirely knitted. The pixie points and cuffs are knitted.


Size 13 (2¼mm) (only needed if you are making knitted buttons)

10 (3¼mm), 9 (3¾ mm) and long Size 8 (4mm) Needles or a circular needle, 2 small stitch holders (or safety pins)

Gauge: 22st and 29 rows for a 10cm, 4 inch square using Size 8 or 4mm needles in stst.

Approx 150 gm Stylecraft Special DK yarn

This pattern can be made in all one colour.

The colours I used:

Cypress, Meadow, Pistachio, Clematis, Wisteria, Bluebell (Lucy uses Lavender) , Violet, Fuchsia Purple, Pomegranate, Blush, Candy Floss, Soft Peach, Cream.


St         stitch                           dec      decrease

WS      wrong side                  inc       increase                                  K          knit

RS       right side                     yon      yarn over needle                P          purl

Yfwd   yarn forward              K2tog   knit 2 together                  tbl          through back of loop

Stst      stocking stitch             SlP       slip one st purlwise                 rpt        repeat

Mk1      make one st by picking up loop between sts and k into back of st


The Hem is made up of 9 V-points

V Pattern.

With Size 9 needles in Cypress:

Cast on 1 st.

Row 1(WS) inc one st by knitting into this st twice. (2sts)

Row 2 K

Row 3 yon, K2 (3sts)

Row 4 yon, K1, yfwd, K2 (5st)

Row 5 yon, K2tog, P1, K2

Row 6 yon, K2tog, K to end

Row 7 yon, K2tog, P1, K2

Row 8 yon, K2tog, yfwd, K1, yfwd, K2 (7sts)

Row 9 yon, K2tog, K1, P1, K3

Row 10 yon, K2tog, K to end

Row 11 yon, K2tog, K1, P1, K3

Row 12 yon, K2tog, yfwd, K1, yfwd, K2tog, yfwd, K2 (9sts)

Row 13 yon, K2tog, K2, P1, K4

Row 14 yon, K2tog, K to end

Row 15 yon, K2tog, K2, P1, K4

Row 16 yon, K2tog, yfwd, K1, yfwd, K2tog, yfwd, K2tog tbl, yfwd, K2 (11sts)

free pattern

Row 17 yon, K2tog, K2, P3, K4

Row 18 yon, K2tog, K to end

Row 19 yon, K2tog, K2, P3, K4

(stop here for the 2 smallest points)

Row 20 yon, K2tog, yfwd, K1, yfwd, K2tog, K2, yfwd, K2tog tbl, yfwd, K2 (13sts)

Row 21 yon, K2tog, K2, P5, K4

Row 22 yon, K2tog, K to end

Row 23 yon, K2tog, K2, P5, K4

(stop here for 2 of the points, 2ndsize)

Row 24 yon, K2tog, yfwd, K2, yfwd, K2tog, K2, yfwd, K2tog tbl, K1, yfwd, K2 (15sts)

Row 25 yon, K2tog, K2, P2, K3, P2, K4

Row 26 yon, K2tog, K to end

Row 27 yon, K2tog, K2, P2, K3, P2, K4

(stop here for 2 of the points, 3rdsize)

Row 28 yon, K2tog, yfwd, K2, yfwd, K2tog, K4, yfwd, K2tog tbl, K1, yfwd, K2 (17sts)

Row 29 yon, K2tog, K2, P9, K4

Row 30 yon, K2tog, K to end

Row 31 yon, K2tog, K2, P9, K4

(stop here for 2 points, 4thsize)

Row 32 yon, K2tog, yfwd, K2, yfwd, K2tog, K6, yfwd, K2tog tbl, K1, yfwd, K2 (19sts)

Row 33 yon, K2tog, K2, P2, K7, P2, K4

Row 34 yon, K2tog, K to end

Row 35 yon, K2tog, K2, P2, K7, P2, K4

(make just one, largest size, for the centre back)


Arrange the V patterns, RS facing on to Size 8 (4mm) needle in the following order:

11st, 13st, 15st, 17st, 19st, 17st, 15st, 13st, 11st. = 131sts

Do not break the yarn of the last 11st V Point.

Make sure all the points are lined up in order with RSs facing.

(The first st of each row from now on is slipped purlwise to create a neat selvedge)


Keeping the tension firm, join the V-patterns:

Row 1: SlP, K to end.

Row 2: SlP, K3, P5 , K4, P9, K4, P11, K4, P13, K4, P15, K4, P13, K4, P11,K4, P9, K4, P5, K4 (131sts)

Row 3: SlP, K to end.

Row 4:SlP, K3, P6, K2, P11, K2, P13, K2, P15, K2, P17, K2, P15, K2, P13, K2, P11, K2, P6, K4.


Keeping the selvedge and garter st border on both sides, work 22 rows stst.

7 rows of Meadow, 5 rows of Pistachio, 4 rows of Clematis, 3 rows of Wisteria, 3 rows of BluebellSweet Pea colours

(Start decreasing towards waistline:)

Next Row: RS in Violet.

SlP, K14, K2tog, K1, K2tog tbl, K9, K2tog, K1, K2tog tbl, K11, K2tog, K1, K2tog tbl, K13, K2tog, K1, K2tog tbl, K13, K2tog, K1, K2tog tbl, K11, K2tog, K1, K2tog tbl, K9, K2tog, K1, K2tog tbl, K to end.


Working the edges as before work 2 rows stst in Violet.

Change to Fuchsia Purple and work 3 rows stst

(5 rows st st. in all)

Change to Pomegranate

Next Row: RS

SlP, K13, K2tog, K1, K2tog tbl, K7, K2tog, K1, K2tog tbl, K9, K2tog, K1, K2tog tbl, K11, K2tog, K1, K2tog tbl, K11, K2tog, K1, K2tog tbl , K9, K2tog, K1, K2tog tbl, K7, K2tog, K1, K2tog tbl, K to end.


Working edges as before, work 2 rows stst in Pomegranate,

4rows stst in Blush, one row in Candy Floss

(7 rows stst in all)

Change to size 10 needles.

[To Make the buttonholes:

on the right hand side of the Jacket with RS facing: SlP, K1, yfwd, K2tog, K to end.

Work 7 rows.

In the next Row, make another buttonhole.

Work 7 rows.

In the next Row, make another buttonhole.

3 buttonholes in total.

[I hope this means one buttonhole in the Candyfloss stripe, one in the Soft Peach stripe and one in the Cream, I have not made one with buttonholes yet, I will make button loops for mine]

Work 4 more rows stst in Candy Floss, and 4 rows in Soft Peach

(8 rows stst worked on Size10 needles in all)

Change to size 8 needles

Work 3 rows more st st. in Soft Peach. (7 rows in all in Soft Peach)

Change to Cream and work in Cream from now on.

Work one row.


Next Row: RS

SlP, K23, cast off 4 sts, K46, (there will be 47 sts on the needle in this section)

Cast off 4 sts, K to end.

Left Bodice: SlP, K3, P to end.

Wind off 14gm of wool from another ball and join wool to the set of 47sts and cont in st.st.

Join yarn to Right Front and P to last 4 sts, K to end.

Work across all three sections in st st for 5 rows, keeping selvedges and garter st borders.

Shaping the fronts:

Row A:

Right Front (RF): SlP, K3, K2togtbl, K to end.

Back (B): K

Left Front (LF): K to the last 6 sts, K2tog, K4.


Row B:

LF: SlP, K3, P to end.                           B: P                              RF: P to last 4 sts, K.

Row C:

RF: SlP, K to end                                 B: K                             LF: K

Row D:

LF: SlP, K3, P to end.                         B: P                              RF: P to last 4 sts, K.


Repeat the last 4 rows once

RF: 22sts                B: 47sts              LF:22sts


Keeping garter st and selvedges repeat Rows A and until RF and LF have 17 sts.

Next Row: Right Side facing,

RF: SlP, K3, K2togtbl, K to end

B:   K16, K2togtbl, K1, K2tog, K5, K2togtbl, K1, K2tog, K to end.

LF: K to the last 6sts, K2tog, K4.

Next Row: as Row B

Next Row: as Row A.

(Armholes measures about 10cm)

Next Row:

LF: Slp, K3, P to end.

Fold LF back so that the RS is next to the RS of the back and with a 3 needle cast off, cast off 6 sts. Put remaining 8sts of LF on to a stitch holder (or safety pin).

B: P

RF: Fold RF so that the RS faces the RS of the Back and with a 3 needle cast off, cast off 6 sts. Put remaining 8 sts of RF on a stitch holder.


K across the Back, and then working across the 8 sts from the LF stitch holder, K2, K2tog, K2.

Next Row: SlP, K3, P to end of the Back, and work across the 8 sts from the stitch holder: P4, K4.

46 sts


Change to number 10 needles and SlP and K to the end of the row.

Starting with a P row, work 8 rows of stst. (without the garter st edge)


free knitting pattern

Size 10 needles.

Cuff edging: Picot Point Chain:

If doing the Sweet Pea Colourway, Start with Candy Floss

Cast on 6sts using cable method.

* Cast off 4 sts, slip the st. on RH needle onto LH needle, cast on 5 sts* rpt from * to * until you have 28sts on needle.

Next row: K

Sweet Pea: change to Clematis and work one row P, one row K

Change to Cypress

Work 1 row P

Moss st for 8 rows.

Change to size 9 needles and continue in st st.

Sweet Pea: Work next 4 rows in Meadow, 2 rows Pistachio, 3 rows Wisteria,

Next row: K

Next Row: P

MK1 st each end of the next and following alt K rows.

After 10 rows using No 9 needles, change to size 8 and cont in st st and continue increasing at beg and end of every alternate knit row.

For a straight sleeve: Continue in this way in stst and increasing on alt K rows until there are 44 sts.

Increase each end of every K row until there are 48 sts.

Next Row: P

Next row: Cast off

Sleeve measures approx. 16cm (6¼”)

knitted buttons

Buttons (optional)

Make 3 buttons.

With size 13 needles cast on 3 sts

Knit into front and back of each st. 6sts.

K 2 rows.

Next row K into front and back of first st., K3, K into front and back of next st., K1. 8sts.

Next row K

Next row: K2tog, K4, K2tog. 6sts

K 2 rows

Next row: (K2tog) 3 times.

Cast off.

Thread the end of the yarn around the edge of the work and pull thread tight to form a ‘ball’ and fasten off. Leave long thread for securing onto the jacket.

Making Up

I sew in the ends diagonally at the back, they are less obvious that way.

Sew the sleeve seams together, making sure the colour stripes match. I like to sew them with the same colour using mattress stitch from the Right Side.

Pin the sleeves into the armholes, Right sides together, with the sleeve seam slightly to the back, so that it does not show at the front. Pin and sew using a back stitch.

Sew on the buttons opposite the button holes.


Ta Dah!


The Cocheted flower on the Bluebell hat is a pattern Flora Flower designed by Lucy.

I do hope you have enjoyed this pattern.

Please let me know if you have any difficulties.

You can buy a patten for a toddler size here.


Hairy Fairy

knitted fairy

In Nanacathy’s Knit and Natter on Friday she told us about a book that had grabbed her attention ‘Knitted Fairies’ by Fiona McDonald – I have this book and have made a Hairy Fairy. Cathy said she would like to see her – so here she is.

I made just one Fairy – but I was not pleased with the floppy limbs – they need pipe cleaners in themhairy fairy

and I couldn’t get the face to work

sad fairy

she looks a little sad, or bored, or fed up!

She probably needs a friend.

I haven’t tried any of the great characters from the other book yet,  but one of the jackets inspired my Fairy Jacket patternfairy pattern for sale

which you can find in my Etsy shop

Have you made any fairies, wizards or pirates? If so, I’d love to see them – it might spur me on to give my Hairy Fairy a playmate.


Woodland Fairy Jacket

Little Miss M beautifully modelling my latest pattern to go live.

Oh my word I’m so excited to be publishing this pattern today! It has taken years for me to develop and test.

Special thanks go to Sheila at Sewchet for test-knitting it for me. And here it is!!!!  Hurray!



and Etsy:


The pattern is for a toddler Aged 1-2

But as you can see in the top photo it has lasted well. I always make the arms a generous length and all my grandchildren seem to get a few years wear out of their yarny  tops.

The inspiration came from this amazing book:

‘Knitted Pirates, Princesses, Witches, Wizards and Fairies’ by Annette Hefford

The publishers kindly gave their permission for me to develop and sell the pattern so long as I credited the book. There are so many fabulous patterns in the book – well worth a look.

I have set up a Facebook page for sharing progress, finished articles and other favourite faerie patterns


I do hope you like it. I’m planning to publish the pattern in other sizes as soon as I have tested them.

Just published in time to put a link on Cathy’s  ‘Knit and Natter Friday’  post


Rachell’s Yarn Along.


New Year, New Pattern

Ta Dah!!!

New year, New Pattern! I am proud to announce a new pattern for my Ravelry and Etsy stores!                                 Exciting!


This fun Chemo Cap or fancy dress wig joins 5 other designs and ishatw

modelled here so beautifully for me, back in the summer, by my lovely niece. h

It takes me absolutely ages to get a pattern from idea to online shop.                                This one was requested by a customer in America. All my patterns were in Chunky weight yarn, but she wanted one in Double Knit.


It took a while to work out something suitable and then  knit it – those are the two easy, fun stages.



The hard part is writing a pattern for others to follow. After that painstaking, brain-aching procedure, I have to put the pattern aside for a few weeks or months and come back to it afresh to test knit it – it always amazes me how many mistakes there are! A punctuation mark in the wrong place and it can all go horribly wrong!

This one has been waiting in the wings for a while as I needed a few quiet days to test-knit and put the finishing touches to it – and this mid-winter break has given me that vital quiet time – hurray! I love my hibernation years. (I only ‘do’ Christmas in alternate years!) You can see what I did with these precious days 2 years ago here.

These knitted wigs are such fun to create and I get such lovely responses from knitters and crocheters, who are often making them to cheer up a loved one who is going through chemo. It is heartwarming to know that a pattern I created just to see if I could, and for a laugh, is larking around the world cheering people up and bringing in some lightness during a difficult time in their lives. We never know what we are really doing do we – we just have to keep doing what makes us feel happy, or what we feel compelled to do as artists, and see what happens – sometimes with happily serendipitous results!!

Happy New Year one and all!

Black and White

Looking back at photos of my recent stay in Pembrokeshire I found this photo of a wonderfully vibrant lichen




found on rocks at Whitesands beach



where we went for a wonderful paddle one evening when the sun came out after a grey and rainy day.

Looking at the white lichen on the black rock inspired these doodles

0doodle 0dooa


and now I’m thinking of adding some gold and silver – hmm – Christmas cards maybe?

The black and white theme continues with my Cruella Deville Hat Wig selling this week and now speeding it’s way off to be worn for a Halloween Party – must knit another quickly – luckily it only takes a total of 4.5 hours to complete a Hat Wig – a couple of evenings and it’ll be done.



You can find a pattern in my Etsy Shop  if you too would like to be Cruella.

I’ve done it!!

Ha! I’ve done it – created a PDF knitting pattern – what a task! – hopefully I have learnt a lot and the next one will not take so long!

Flick Wig

and it is now in my Etsy shop – this feels very exciting!

The file is still 2MB (better than the original 8MB) – if anyone knows if I can reduce the file size without compromising the quality, I’d love to hear from you.

Phew! A coffee and a bit of calm easy knitting is called for.