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DSC_0001washed through with bright hope

looking up at Summer skies

drinking in the rays




Cee’s Flower of the Day

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge, prompt words: HOPE and UP

Our Weekly Photo Challenge: SUMMER

I was wondering which photo to choose to represent Summer and walked out of my front door to be greeted by the first Stargazer Lily to open this year – mmmmm that scent – mmmm those colours – says Summer to me.

What would your SUMMER photo be – to join in, leave a link in the comments.

Click here to see the prompts for the coming weeks

Next week’s Photo Challenge Prompt


Another one for you Lizi

Look who came to visit today

zmothAnd sat very obligingly on the lily, that is just outside my front door, while I went to get the camera and didn’t seem to mind being photographed at all



I wouldn’t be surprised if it has Zebra somewhere in its name,

but boy is he handsome!

OMG! this is just the best thing!

I can’t write too much as it’s late and I really need to wind down or I will never get to sleep, but I just had to share this Kaleidoscope programme from iHanna’s blog

click here to see her post.

Follow her instructions and it is so easy!

It should come with a potential addiction warning though

After some mandalas, I was playing around and this little

creature appeared:


it came from this photo of mine of a lily


I’m in danger of staying up all night creating a whole Lily family – NOoooooooo  I must resist!!!!!!!

(You can see more experiments here and here)