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A Passion for Permaculture: Part 1


I first came across Permaculture in the late 1980’s and it has led me a very merry dance ever since! Almost every decision I make is based on Permaculture Principles. Masses of stuff has been written on the subject and you can find out more by clicking on the links – but  here are MY PPs:

1. Earth care, people care, fair share.

2. Live simply so that others might simply live.

3. Make each thing you do as energy efficient as possible: minimum input for maximum output.

4. Make each task or item as multi-functional as possible.

5. Think in zones and start with Zone 000 (your inner and/or spiritual well-being) – more about Zones another day.

I might think of more later, but they are my main guidelines for decision making.

And tonight my Permaculture in Action moment is ‘Lighting the Fire’:

I have a wood-burner with a flat top, so that I can cook on it, and on the right of it is a cupboard for the logs (note the 2 kettles for heating water, which I store in vacuum flask pump pots to use next day)cupboard



so easy to get at




and holds masseslogs2 of logs because it goes back and back,

and is fed through a hatch on the


outside!storegenius eh!!!       (not my original idea) but absolutely PERFECT for log store efficiency …..

store2every wood-burning home should have one don’tcha-think!